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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Teacher Apprecation Week

Tuesday was "Bring Your Teacher Flowers Day."  
How cute are my little guys with fresh picked flowers from Mommy's garden all tied up with a ribbon? 
 We {LOVE} our teachers.  Mrs. Mitchell has been great - hoping she is still around for Miss Emma in two years.  Getting to know Mrs. Donaldson throughout 1st grade has been grand.  I know Cody has enjoyed her.  Hard to believe Kindergarten & 1st Grade are coming to an end.  Thanks Teachers Around the World.  
The L Family Appreciates you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Friday Mr. L got to come home a bit early being that the night before he was out till 2 am.  That said we hit up the grocery stores Friday night rather than Saturday - good thing too cause 1 the fridge was EMPTY & 2, we went to The American Idol Party for our own  
Scotty McCreery.
So check out the picture of my receipt above - I knew that the Pizzas were BOG3 Free.  What?  Yes.  Lowes Foods has some amazing sales from time to time.  I don't shop here for my typical shopping.  Just when I see an awesome deal.  And I couldn't pass up Palmeros Pizza 5 for the price of TWO!  Also grabbed some ears of corn, apples, almond milk, coconut milk, coconut bars & a few other items.  As you can see it was $43.80 after a HUGE savings of $41.67.  To me this is a huge win & oh ya.  I didn't even have to clip coupons. 
So earlier I was at Costco & had a coupon for Digiorno ... Completely slipped my mind until I was putting FIVE more pizzas in my cart at Lowes.  When I exclaimed to Mr. L - "What did we come here for & what did I already just buy at Costco!!!"  Well that said we have LOTS of pizza in our freezer & waffles

Saturday we got up & got ready for a full day of waiting.  At least we had some overly obsessed teens in our presence to kill the time with!  Of course if you are to ask Mr. L - I {Love} Scotty!!  Which okay, he is a great singer, has a sweet southern accent & is super cute. But. He is Seventeen.  Not even almost 18.  No.  Just turned 17.  Still we are routing for Scotty McCreery at our house.  I certainly can't be worse than the "Grandmas for Scotty" float or the girls wishing to MARRY him!
Daddys Lil' Girl!
 In typical American Idol fashion Scotty received the Key To The City from the Mayor.
 Love this shot of all the Scotty crazed fans (Yeah I was one of them!) with cameras in the air trying to get a picture of there American Idol.  Um.  Hello.  Do you see Josh Turner up there too?  
I mean its no JLo or Steven Tyler but we'll take it.  Ha.

 Sunday I ended up having free time to make these super cute clutches.  I just love how they turned out. We also went over to the library - but did not make it in time, so no new books... but we did go on the trail.  The kiddies fed the turtles & fish.  Which never get old.  Ran & Played while Mommy enjoyed a Carmel Frappe from Starbucks.  I swore off Starbucks just ONE Sunday ago.  {See how long I made it.}  Well you have to give me this - it was "Happy Hour" so it was half off.  Can't beat that.  They need to run that deal again.  Sunday was the last day.  I <3 Starbucks - I do NOT love the prices.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend RePlay

As you may or may not have known blogger has been down.  Not allowing us to post & of course during that time I had actually had the urge to blog.  Is it said that sometimes this feels like... dare I say it... workNow sewing.  Put me in-front of my machine any day.   Any-hoo.  I am finally able to get up the post from last weekends events now that this weekend is about OVER with.  Lets see if I can keep the stamina for TWO posts in one day!

 Friday we traveled home ... at long last from New Jersey.  We got in at a decent time.  Stop at the post office only to find that our plates were still not in for our "new" car.  Just lovely.  It still sits parked with no plates & no real answers as to... when.  Ugh.

Its probably bad that I don't really remember what we did Saturday... & it feels like well over a week ago.  I am going to assume we bought groceries as being away from home for two weeks we had nothing in the fridge. 

Sunday, Mothers Day!  I woke with a lovely migraine.  We did a whole lot of nothing.  I attempted to get an Elephant Teapot at Target that I realllly wanted, but they were sold out.  I checked online... sold out everywhere in a 100 mile radius.  They must have been really nice? ha.   Finally when my head wasn't killing me we went for a walk on the trail.  A picture of me & my three kiddies on Mothers Day.
 Cody is still working on his tooth.  His teeth are so crazy right now.  So many loose ones. 
I love this SOOC shot of Miss Emma running through the grass.  Shes a cutie!

I had so many customs & orders come in while I was on "vacation" in NJ.  I couldn't waste anytime getting to work on them.  Here is one of the customs.  I love this fabric on this piggy.  I am pretty sure others did too.  I ended up making one more shortly there after. 
Sleepy Piggy.  Psst.  This is a BitofWhimsy Pattern.  (I am just trying to cover my ass here!)  
I was caught up by Wednesday with my customs.  Go Me. 

Here is another SOOC shot I wanted to share.  I am not a huge dandelion fan... but they are everywhere right now.  While on the trail on mothers day I got this shot.  You know me & my feet shots.  
This dandelion spruces the shot up a bit!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend RePlay

If you aren't aware we have spent the last week in Jersey.  The hotel we are staying at is pretty awesome.  {aloft.}  The kids are loving the pool.  The dog is loving the spacious grassy area. {Hard to find grass at a hotel!}  So we started the weekend off by getting the kids out of the hotel room for a playtime at the park Mr. L found on the way to work.  The kids were overjoyed to be out and able to run & play. 

 Saturday we hit the road and traveled down to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell & Franklin Park.  For Miss Emma the Liberty Bell was a big let down.  The whole time she was waiting to see the "Liberty BELT" and when she found out there was no belt involved... well what a bummer. 
Franklin Park was really cute.  Not only being historical... but FUN!  And fun is just what you need for 3 kiddies.  They have mini-golf, a carousel, a fountain, playground & a hamburger shack.  We took advantage of all but the playground & everyone had LOTS of fun.  
The mini-golf was rather neat being that it was themed around the Philly interests.  

Mini Golf

 The Fountain
The Carousel
 Square Burger
 Liberty Bell
 It was a good Saturday.  Mr. L went out to watch the UFC fights later at night.  Caught up with an old Military friend that was in the area - Andy & had a good time by the looks of the receipt.  
Gotta love the price of beer at a bar. Oye.  
Sunday we wasted our morning waiting on the housekeeping that never came.  Until I made a phone call.  I don't understand how all of these gals can be deathly afraid of a Pug.  Seriously.  I either have him in his house or on the leash about to remove him from the room when they come in.  Its not like he has ever gotten close to them.  I just don't get it.  But.  Because of this they refused to even knock on the door.  And we were out of toilet paper.  After a phone call to the front desk & a 15 minute promise we got service.  
ONE HOUR LATER.  Once the room was done & it was safe to return the Pug to the room we went over to the mall to get Cody a haircut.  He was in dire need.  He looks like a new man & is light as a feather.  Then we grabbed dinner at UNO Pizzeria.  Yumm.  Took the kids for an after dinner swim & let them watch a movie before bed.  I think the late night swim tired them out.  They slept till close to 8 am.  Yah! For me!

Just four more days in Jersey.  The kids can't seem to decide if they are ready to go or wish they could stay.  But in the end Emma misses "Little Lamb" her stuffed hot pink lamb & Cody and Jack can't wait to sleep in there own beds.  While I cannot wait to be back into routine.  Hard to stick to my 7pm bedtime while sharing a hotel room. Ugh.   Hopefully we enjoy our last few days.

Oh.  And lets not forget.  I miss my sewing machine.


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