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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Day of School 2012-2013

Another school year gone by. We have grown so much. I am a momma to a 1st, 3rd & 4th grader now. How exciting. Its all a blink.  I love every minute of my blur called life.

Its always fun to compare the littles first day of school with the last day of school.  

 This year we were able to attend Emmas last day of school to see her & her classmates get awards.  Emma was awarded with most attentive.  It was a fun filled last day of school for all three little L's.  Pizza Parties.  Movies.  Tye Dyed Tees. Awards.  AND Report Cards.  Perfect Report Cards.  One proud mama.  Can't wait to see what the new school year brings. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {And an Influx of Showings}

I am up! We had a Deal or No Deal on the facebook page last nigh. Drank a little wine. Sold a little product. Cleared all but THREE items of our instock inventory. Success.  I am so ready to hit the road for my sisters wedding first thing Saturday morning.  The forecast looks like crap.  But. Of course the "Sunshine State" would show rain. every. stinkin'. day. Yes.  There is nothing sunshiney about that state.  I don't like it. 

So we have had a infulx of showings here.  Which should be a good thing.  And I am sure it has a huge amount to do with the interests rates on the rise & people wanting to buy NOW & lock in at a "good" rate.  What this means for us?  Our rate went from 3.25% to 4.25% over night.  The next day 4.5% and the very next day, 5% Let me break it down for you. Our mortgage of $1,200 just jumped to over $1,400 per month.  Not good I say.  Do able.  But not comfortable.    Seems like we picked the wrong time to buy - by about 2 months.  And.  Whats more, if our house doesn't sell by July 15th our new house contract goes null.  I best get my $5K deposit back.  I think I saw tears swell up in Codys eyes when I told him we won't get the new house if we don't sell in time.  This house selling thing is an emotional roller-coaster ride.

 Neon Pink Top by Mossimo from Target
Yellow Shorts by Merona from Target
Strappy Aqua Sandals by X-Appeal from Rack Room

Happy Wednesday!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {Another House Meeting...}

Another week gone by, another What I Wore Wednesday Link Up!  Its a nice cool refreshing morning after the crazy amount of rain that fell last night.  I love it.  To walk outside and not be slapped in the face with humidity.  Heaven I tell you. Straight up heaven.  Yesterday my sister noticed a position open at the Goodwill here in town, so we went straight over for her to apply in person.  You know we had to do a little shopping while we were there.  I found myself a new skirt.  Perfect length.  Super stretchy.  And still looks new.  Oh & its XXI.  Not that I am a label whore or anything.  {Well I kinda am!} 

Coffee in hand & ready to kill this day.  I have a meeting with our contractor this morning, have I mentioned we are having a house built?  Well we are.  And I can't wait, but first we have to get rid of the one we live in.  Um.  Had house showing number twenty something the other day.  Yet again we were second choice for the client that was viewing!  But.  I got my new cabinet in place and I am hoping to get this giant L shaped desk out of here after my vacation.  Maybe even use my childhood dining set while my sister is in the process of moving.  {Not sure how she ended up with that item and not me??}  Yes.  Its Operation Office into Dining Room up in here.  Alright.  Gotta get my littles off to school.  Pack up my sisters littles and get to our meeting.  Another interview for my sister today.  Fingers crossed.  Girl needs a job.


Comfy Tank - Mossimo for Target
Comfy Knit Skirt - XXI {Found at GoodWill}
Black Flip Flops - Target

Happy Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {75 days on the Market. 20 Showings. 40+ hours of Cleaning.}

I am running a little behind this morning. Popped out of bed when I reached over and grabbed my phone to find it was 7:38 am. {We leave for the bus at 8:18} Holy rush. Still squeezed in time to take a few selfies for the WIWW post. You know I love having self sufficient children. I raised them that way. Of course I had to pick out Emmas outfit, but only because my sister is in town & her bedroom is in use. Anyways. I am behind right from the start today, popped over to see how many had linked up with the amazing Pleated Poppy - only to find, there is no link up yet! hmm. I guess I am not the only one running behind today.

Emails are sent. Shipping is done. Now I am going to sew up this grey & white chevron camera bag for an etsy customer - {maybe I will beat the mail lady to the box!} 

We have been tossing around the idea of turning my office into a dining room, just for show, we need to sell this house.  Apparently potential home buyers don't have an imagination and can only see that this room, my office, is to be used as such.  When I look at homes, I imagine my furniture, my set up.  Oh!  We also begrudgingly lowered our price!  We are now asking $134,900. {Was $136,500}  Not a huge drop - but our realtor informed that we WOULD see more activity and get it sold, oh, was she wrong, its been almost a week since we dropped our price, and we have had two showings.  One of which last a mere 4 minutes.  I have spent 40+ hours just cleaning this house for showings.  Yes.  Last night was our 20th showing.  And 75 days on the market.
I am wore out.  For reals.

 Flowy Jersey Kni Coral Dress by Forever XXI
Strappy Aqua Sandals by X-Appeal {From Rack Room}

I love this outfit for hot summer days, {yes.  I know its not summer yet - but in NC it's summer.} Upper 90s today & tomorrow.  Today is a perfect day to dry laundry.  That's right two weeks of hanging clothes.  I am not sick of it yet. Though I wouldn't be mad at a nice fluffy towel to dry off with. - I hate stiff towels. 

To the machine I go.  Happy Wednesday.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Its been a lax week. But its flying by. Tomorrow my lil' sister & her two littles are getting into town. And we have a baseball game at the same exact time. Isn't that how it works. We have had so much rain here it had to get rescheduled to tomorrow, and honestly I won't be surprised if they reschedule this game, tomorrow, as we have thunderstorms & heavy rain moving in to the area.  Here is one time I am sorta hoping it works out that way...  Cody is excited that Aunt Steph will be here for the tournament games!   I am ready for two weeks of Ezra!  And helping my sis find a job in Raleigh & a place to live.

 Today I am wearing jeans, its going to be warm later, but its a little chilly & refreshing this morning.  Perfect coffee weatherHa.  Any weather is perfect coffee weather.  Carry on.

Pink ruffled top by Eddie Bauer{super old!!}
Dark denim jeans by SOHO for Khols
Aqua strappy sandals from Rack Room {This season, get you some!}

Happy Wednesday!
wiww banner
Linking up to The Pleated Poppy.
{um. hey! look @ that - made it in at number 95!  Under 100.  what-what!}


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