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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

 Top: Tank from Target with a tank hoodie with lace trimmings on top.  From JcPenny.  Cute.

Bottom: Jeans from Khols "So" Brand. 
 My {Old} Well worn jeans = Comfort.
So maybe I am bored.  I am stuck in a hotel room for two weeks.  Love It.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Replay {And A Little More}

So here we go.  Time for a Weekend Replay.  Its been a minute {And I am late!}  So I will add in a couple things too.  Like my Birthday! Yea, it wasn't on the weekend.  But it happened & I am 26 now.   Have I mentioned that I have met some of the nicest most thoughtful women online?  Well.  I have.  Cecelia was so wonderful as to give me a gift card to  Now to just figure out what I want to buy & when I can designate time to sew MYSELF something.  I refuse to let the gc to the business.  It was after all a Birthday Present. Yay!

I made myself angel food cake with strawberries & whipped cream of course.  This is by far my favorite cake.  So good. 
I bought myself this super cute pair of "fancy" flip flops for my Birthday.  They are just so pretty.  And of course I bought them at my favorite place to shop... Target.   Mr. L & the kids got me Super Mario Galaxy {I am pretty sure the kids got this for themselves!} hehe.  Mr. L got me the perfume I have been wanting.. for years.  
Rock Princess by Vera Wang.  
We went out to dinner at Chilis to celebrate my 26th & Mr. L & I's 8th Year of Marriage.  All in all a pretty Happy Birthday for Me & Anniversary  too.

Easter Weekend:

 Since we were on the road all day Easter Sunday we decided to take the kids over see the Easter Bunny on Saturday.  They were pretty excited about it.  Happy to have Balloons & I think even happier to see the Chic-fil-a Cow.

 Being out of town for two weeks meant lots of things to get done.  Shopping.  Library. & lots of Packing.  But we got it done.  And after the library on Saturday night we went on the trail.  Fed the turtles/fish & the boys went running. 
 The snakes are out now on the trail... so creepy & gross.  But a sign of SUMMER for sure. I {LOVE} Summer.

 After they ran 2 miles... tired out but still all smiles.  
I love my boys!
 So I thought it was sorta interesting that the flower for Eight Years of Marriage is the Clematis.
 Grandma bought this & planted it for me last year... It had maybe two flowers on it all year.  It wasn't looking that great this year & then out of nowhere one day I noticed that it was just covered in buds. 

  I counted the buds one day there was 19.  Kinda neat too because our Anniversary is on the 19th.  I watched it everyday waiting to see one open!  Finally the day before our anniversary it had two open up.  What excitement.  Seriously.  I didn't want to miss my plant in bloom while I was up in Jersey for two weeks.  And then Saturday the day before we left just about all the flowers on the bush were in bloom. 
How amazing does it look?
Sunday was all driving & we made it to Jersey.  
And this began two weeks of the North East.  This is sure to make any girl miss the south.  
Yep.  I already do.  Sweet Tea & Happy Faces.  How I miss thee.

Friday, April 15, 2011

2,000 Fans "Bite Me!" {CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!}

And the winners are...................
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Congratulations Gals!  Thank You All For Being a FANtastic fan!

We are Jumping for Joy at ButterBeans&ChicPeas
 & we have alot to Celebrate.  2000 (plus) Facebook fans & 150 Sales in our Etsy Shop.  A-Ma-Zing.  Seriously.  I am so thrilled to have so many Moms that are eager to help out with our Celebration too!

First to hop on board was one of my favorite bow makers & the lady that got us bow crazy - Cecelia.  From BowsByCece.

Together BowsByCece & ButterBeans&ChicPeas are offering up for a HUGE discount an adorable set.  "Bite Me" {Michael Miller} Pillowcase Dress with coordinating Clippies.  The clippies are just crazy cute.  An apple and of course a caterpillar.  Check out the photos your lil' gal will rock this set!  For just $22 Shipped Priority Mail!  

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Six & Fifth

Happy Sixth Birthday Jack!
-Jack turned Six & we found out he had "Fifths Disease."  So we don't know if for sure.  I didn't take him to the doctor.  
Was NOT willing to pay $75 Urgent Care CoPay - or $150 ER CoPay.  
Gotta love insurance.  - {Atleast we have it!!!} 
That said the following pictures of the Birthday Boy are rather "Slap Cheeked."

 Friday Miss Emma & I crafted up these cupcakes into a "Treasure Map" for Mr. Jack.  I was pretty satisfied with it... as was Jack.  But I really love how cute the "Treasure Chest" came out.  It is so cute. Right?
We started the day out with a trip to Best Buy.  Jack got to pick out his Wii game.  Guess what he picked.  The 25th Anniversary Edition of Super Mario Bros.  It has all four of the original games.  Old School.  
Mr. L & I even played.  How nostalgic.  {And it was cheap for a Mario games.} $29.99
At present time... wouldn't you know Nana & Aunt Steph gave music instruments. 
Just you wait Aunt Steph.  You will have all kinds of noisy toys in the future.   
YepMy little sister is going to be a Mom & I, an Aunt. 
 Blow Out Your Candles 
Birthday Boy!
 Can't believe "Jackie Beans" {Which we aren't allowed to call him!} is 6!  He is a smart lil' man.  
Despite the Fifth's Disease - Jack had an excellent Birthday.  How could you not?  
Cupcakes.  Presents. & Movie&Dinner Out.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday. II

 Top: Target Tank Layered with Old Navy Hooded Henley.  {I Love it}  The buttons are so cute.. yet useless. hehe.
Bottoms:  Gap Corduroys.  {Are these allowed?}  It was raining and they were comfy that day.  Socks from Target. I LOVE Argyle.
Top:  Ruffled Top from Khols Dept. Store with a 
Green Cardi from Old Navy.  {I've had it for 4 years!!}
Bottoms:  Jeans from Khols.  {SO}  With ribbed socks from where-else?  Target.  Paired with a super cute flat from Payless.  I love the plaid look & the buckles.  Amazing.
Top: Grey Racerback tank (not that you can see it) with funky designed shirt from Old Navy.  All covered up by my comfiest sweater yet.  I love the collar & big buttons.  (I can't remember the store I  bought it at.  It was at the Outlets in Smithfield.)
Bottoms:  Khaki Lounge Pants with a comfy yoga waist from 
{Twenty One.} Stripe socks from Target with my 
"go to" flats also from Target.

Tops:  Rust Orange tank from Old Navy with my new cardi from Khols.  You can't see it but the back has a lace fabric all along the shoulders.  Super Cute.  
Bottoms:  {new} Jeans from Khols {SO} brand.  Yes.  I bought a pair of pants that I already own.  But go me, they are a size 3.  (My others were a 5)  They are snug at first.  Then stretch to PERFECT after a few minutes wearing.  The amazing thing is that I am not constantly pulling my pants up {ALL DAY!!!} 
 {Cody captured a shot of me with my Vera Bradley mug.  
I even did my nails this weekend. PINK!  

  I won't lie.  I wore that outfit above (with a different tank) in the morning for a parent/teacher conference.  But later in the day it became so warm out.  Upper 80s.  Couldn't help but grab out a pair of capris & tee.

Tops: Pink Tank with built in bra from JCPenny layered with a yellow & white floral tee from Gap.
Bottoms:  Dockers Capri style pants.  Dark brown with drawstring leg.  They sorta make my leg look TOO skinny in this picture.

I was bound to skip a day?  I wore yoga pants & a comfy tee
all day until Mr.L got home and ran up to shower 
and change so we could go car shopping.

Top: Plum Purple Henley from The Gap.
Bottoms: {Sz. 5} SO Jeans.(Yep.  I am pulling them up.  All day.)
Brown socks with plum purple toe & heel from The Gap.  
{Amazing. one of my only pairs of socks not from TARGET!} 
With my ever so lovely plaid shoes from Payless. 
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend RePlay

 We were due for a weekend. {Aren't we always!}  But this one was really needed.  Mr. L has been suffering with his sinus infection & I with the pollen allergies.  We really just need some "down time"  And how wonderful to see some sunshine too!  Mr. L even got out of work EARLY on Friday & the kiddies had "Super Early Release Day" so the weekend officially kicked off at about 1:45 on Friday.  Yay.   We decided to do early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  (Our first time there!)  The wait time is always crazy.  So going at 2:30 meant we got right in.  Everyone had a good time.  Though the kids all thought the food wasn't up to par.  The cheesecake on the otherhand, they {Loved!} 
Saturday I spent sometime outside with the pug.  Even let him off the leash.  He really enjoyed his time... as you can see.

The neighbors finally cut these down Sunday... Pretty but the bees were getting crazy.  
Soon we will have those HUGE "June Bugs" flying around.  Funny... June Bugs.  
They usually show up in May or even April.  Not June.

 Playing outside on Saturday with Daddy.  
Football & Basketball.

 I created this "Perfect Produce Bag"  I just love it.  The fabric is a heavy weight "Duck" fabric.  Like canvas.  The bag is great quality it held a WHOLE bag of apples just fine.   How amazing for the environment too!  Don't you want one?  I would love to make you one.  I am thinking $15 Shipped Priority Mail.  Look forward to seeing more listed in the shop.  I have lots of duck on order. (In some SUPER fun prints You are sure to love!)

 I also whipped up a couple of these little cuties.  You can find the "Bite Me" Clutch listed here.  Just the right size for a cell , wallet & lip gloss.  Great for a night out... or a quick errand run when you don't need your huge purse.  {You know you own one.}

Well I am off to sew more clutches & produce bags.  Stop over at our facebook page and say Hi!   
I would love to customize a clutch or produce bag just for you.


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