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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend RePlay {Weekend #4 on the Market!}

Thursday night we had our scrimmage & lost. But it was competitive & fun! Its so crazy with all of our select players on different teams for rec league. Us Moms are cheering for BOTH teams. Too funny. Cody & Carson {opposite teams!!} giving each other high fives! One on the bag the other playing second. Funny Stuff. 

Saturday morning, bright & early kicked us the Spring Baseball Season with two pre season games! We WON our game!  

Sunday we surprised the littles - took them out to the movies.  I squeezed in some sewing time & got the camera bag done.  I am so excited about it.  No really.  I love it.  Sometimes I make something, and really amaze myself.  This is one of those times.... Check it out!  Padded with 1 inch foam.  Snaps to keep the camera snug. Swivel Clip Straps - Adjustable & Removable.  Three exterior elastic pockets. Its delicious in this rainbow chevron print by Robert Kaufman. Love Love Love IT! 

So.  Seriously how has it been  4 weeks {on wed.} on the market already?  We haven't given up keeping the place clean & ready to be shown, but Mr. L is starting to give up hope.  The stats show our house should sell in 3 months.  We are only 1/3 of the way there.  This is our first weekend since being on the market that the house has not had a showing.  Ugh.  We did however have a showing scheduled for Monday.  It happened.  They bought a house they had looked at earlier in the day.  Double ugh.   To make matters worse, our friends in Durham county are selling their home, its pretty much our houses twin, just add a garage.  They got an offer this weekend.  Triple Ugh.  {Yay for them.  Enjoy your rental living till the house is built in September. hehe.}  

So I am totally hoping - best case scenario our house sells in June.  It will give us time to finish out the school year & get relocated to a RENTAL, blah, in Raleigh & be ready to start school there... That would be just to freakin' ideal.  Wouldn't it?

Alright - its back to my machine!  I have 21 monsters to stuff.  Trying to beat the mail lady. Ready. Set. Sew. 


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Chilly morning today - but supposed to be up in the 80s this afternoon! Going to enjoy it, this crazy spring we are having has us back to the 60s again the next few days. I am suffering through allergies & weather changes. Drank a big ol' glass of emergen-c last night in hopes to kill this cold I feel coming on. It didn't work.   Please don't mind my just woke up look - I just woke up!  Trying to get my blogging done early today.  And - oh!  I still can't get up high on The Pleated Poppy's linky list!  Ugh. I made it in at 128.
White Tank Layered w/ Neon Salmon? Pink Ribbed Tank from Target
Soho Dark Denim Jeans from Khols
Candies Sandals from Khols
Happy Wednesday
& then I realized my lil' lady picked the same color shirt as me today!  Twinsies! ;)  Look how she is looking up at me - she loves me so.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend RePlay

Third week on the market - one house showing this weekend, no feedback as of yet.  House is still somehow staying clean, but not the sewing area.  I mean its not super dirty... and I always put things away when a showing comes up, but its a workspace, so yeah!  Hoping this week ahead brings showings & lots of productivity.  Keeping the house in order & having to stay flexible with the showings has made me a little less productive work wise.  But - I am not too far behind.  I am currently stitching up monsters on the embroidery machine.  Six for one order & 12 for another.  Busy, busy!  These monsters are super popular in the shop right now! 


This week I had an order to try something new --- I adjusted my own tote pattern a bit to create this cinched purseI love it.  Such a fun new look.  And of course its chevronsMhmm.  There are a few more of these in my future & perhaps a pattern one day soon too!  What do you think of it?

Of course you know we had a busy weekend full of baseball!  Friday we went to a birthday party for a couple of boys from the team.  A limo ride to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park was the highlight, being that the game was rained out.  

Oh!  And how could I forget?  My Birthday!  And Mr. L & I celebrated 10 Years Married.  Where did the time go?  And how is it that the littles rode in a limo on my birthday & anniversary?  ;)

Saturday & Sunday we had away games in Smithfield/Selma area.  First win of the season with Knightdale Select!  Woot.   Proud of our Knightdale boys! 

-- Lets make this week super productive --

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

It a chilly morning, so I have my sweater on for the bus stop run - but its going to be in the 80s today, so I am rockin' the new skirt! I love it. What do you all think?  Found a clover patch in my side yard - might be a four leaf clover in there... somewhere. :)  Would you all believe it, I started this day off with a killer headache - straight to vomiting?  Working on my first cup of coffee, iced, now and feeling much better.  A little sunshine & coffee.  That's what I need. 

Grey Braided Neckline Top - by Old Navy 
Grey Sweater - Target
Chevron Custom Skirt - by ButterBeans&ChicPeas
Polk A Dot Red & White Flats - Target 

Check out what I've been up to - while I had my embroidery machine going, I whipped up a tooth pillow!  This cutie will be Addisons!  I just know she will love it!  I see many more of these in my future... {Made with an UrbanThreads File}

 Happy Wednesday


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Today marks one week on the market. We have our third showing scheduled for later this afternoon. We have all been working together to keep the house in good shape. Its amazing really. With all three of the littles home from school on track out.  Proud of us.  

I finished up a skirt for ME this week - of course I am not wearing it today, being that I was so excited to finish something for myself I had to wear it that very minute.  So its currently in the wash.   Next week...
Today I am still rockin' a skirt - its gonna be mid to upper 80s today.  Skirt season is here!!!  Hopefully to stay this time.  I hate cold weather.  Ugh. 


Black Flowy Tank from Old Navy - Last Season 
Khaki Straight Skirt - Old Navy {Hand Me Down}
Polk A Dot Flats - Target {LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!}

Monday, April 8, 2013

{Mu}Stache XO GiGi Link Up

My Stache - if you will is CRAZY! I have bolts, rolls, stacks, piles. Its rather um, organized & minimal-ish at this time. Trying to sell the house & keep up the business is a bit challenging.  Here is a little tour of my Stache ----

 I think 55% of the fabrics I have instock are from XO GiGi.  And guess where I direct my fabric browsing clients... YES.  XO GiGi.  Her options are amazing.  Friendly gal & delivery is timely!  Off to link up to her Stache GIVEAWAY & back to the machine!!!  Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend RePlay {Baseball - Baseball & First Weekend On The Market}

Our realtor had high hopes wishful thinking, that we would have a showing this weekend.  We sure did!  We had two set up for Sunday evening!  After cleaning up the house and heading out {with the pug in tow} to baseball we got a text saying the first one was canceled!  Bummer.  The second one was till 5:30 so we went out to dinner with our baseball friends.  FUN!  Then I realized with my handy dandy app on my phone, for the alarm system I could see if & when someone entered & left my home!  Genius. --  Ugh.  What a let down.  The potential homeowners today only stayed for 5 minutes.  Could they even see the whole house in that amount of time?   We checked back in the system and saw the ones on Thursday actually stayed for 30 minutes.

Busy weekend.  I am tired.  Still managed to squeeze in time to stitch up 18 teeny tiny monsters.  Tomorrow they will be stuffed and on there way to Canada.   Excited to see what the week will bring for house viewings.  You guys.  I am home with three kids & a dog all week.  Mr. L has work lined up for almost everydayOh!  And Jacks Birthday is in TWO days!  {I haven't bought him a thing!!!!}

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Official Y'all We Are On The Market

 So its been a busy week. Last Wednesday we met with the realtor. This Wednesday we listed our house. Its official y'all we are on the market. No, like super busy.  Painting decks. De-clutteringSome landscaping. Donating FIVE bags of clothes from my closet.  And oh. um. a few trips to the dump.  This selling the house business is no joke.  Hard work.  The MLS went up last night you guys!  And today - we had our first showing.  We were about to step out the door to grab Moes & my head was pounding {yep. migraine.}  We all ran back inside - tidied up {it wasn't messy - just little things you don't want left out!} 

 TIP: When the MLS listing center calls saying between 1:15 - 2:15, they apparently mean 12:28.  

Yes.  That happened.  Scooped up the pug & off we went.  Excited to hear back the "feedback" on what they did & didn't like about the house.  There is no way we could get an offer the first look seeRight?   - I am scared.  I am excited.  I am happy.  I am sad.  All at once.  This is our first home people.  And it won't be our last. 

Photo: It's official.  Our house is on the market.


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