Growing Together

I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday


Top:  Dress from Old Navy.  Cardigan from Old Navy. 
Bottom:  Leggings from Walmart. {Gasp.} - They are from the "Miley Cyrus" Collection.  Can you believe this? - I do have have a few Walmart finds mixed in!  Its OK. Flats from Target.  I am in total need of new flats.  Seriously.  These are like 3 years old now... at-least.  Hmph.

Loving this summer like weather.  Tomorrow - 80 degrees.  I'll take it.  As always, linking up to The Pleated Poppy.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elephant Roof Cleaning

Sunday night I sent a contact us form to Elephant Roof Cleaning out of Raleigh, NC.  To our surprise he responded & scheduled appointment the very next day.  Amazing.  He said it was the "off season".  I guess we lucked out.    Below are some before & after shots I took of the house.  I am pleasantly surprised at how AMAZINGLY clean our pavement is.  Oh My.    We had the "No Scrub" roof cleaning done & as you will see in the photo down there it worked wonderfully.  Being that we had the house & roof done we got the driveway for FREE!  Can't beat that.

Spring Cleaning.  Now I want to plant flowers & trim the shrubs... eh, not yet.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brag Much?

So the other night it was so nice out, I was enjoying my wine & letting the kids ride bikes!  Of course nice weather = neighborhood kids all come out of the wood work.  Ugh.  We decided that Jack would get his training wheels off {I know we are totally behind.}  He is almost 7! He was really rockin' it.  Didn't run into anything.  Well just me but I was trying to get a picture and... then... ouch!
 But back to the little hellion child from next door.  He is riding his bike & sees Jack getting his training wheels off & is all... "I have had mine off since I was 5..."  In my head I am screaming "Good for you you little shit!"  Outloud.  Nothing.  As he rides away down the road showing off.  I say to Mr. L ... "I should have said yeah, well Jack has been reading 150 page books since he was 5.  Not such hot shit now are ya?"  Ugh.

Two weekends ago we went to the library & Jack decided on Here Be Monsters a 544 page book.  I decided we could have a "Ice Cream Party" if he got it done in TWO WEEKS.  Last night he finished it.  Yes.  My 6 year old read a 544 page book in two weeks.  Brag much.  Um.  Yep!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

3,500 Fan Celebration {CLOSED}

Little Lizard King: Samantha Faith

Katies Discovery Toys: Amy Craft

Little Angels Boutique: Sarah Hales
Crochet Crafts by Jen:  Kc Vaca
Mommaloha:  Shelby Williams

Wisely Crafted Originals: Khrystal Benites
Comfy Home Creations: Carrie McClaine

Bows By Cece:  Michelle Wilkerson

Lucky Lu Creations:  Cecelia Fruik

Doll Baby Bowtique: Sarah Brushaber 
Designs by Meghna: Rachel Dawson

BB&CP $5 Credit: Erin Smith

BB&CP $5 Credit:  Rebecca Lamb

BB&CP $5 Credit:  Elizabeth Snyder
BB&CP $5 Credit:  Jaclyn Rhodes


Its Here.  The ButterBeans&ChicPeas 3,500 Fan Celebrations.  We won't host another till we reach 5,000!  Read the Rules. - Like the sponsors & Good Luck!

You can find more details & photos on the prizes here.  And find ALL of the sponsors pages UNDER each photo there too! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

I tend to feel I am a pretty old fashion girl when it comes to love, marriage & such -- BUT.  I am totally NOT into the hype of Valentines Day.  It seems to be JUST me.  Our friends & acquaintances seem to have a budget set.  For reals?  A budget.  Your kidding me.  Its not fucking Christmas.  Nor is it your anniversary.  {Ok some of you have this fantastic day as your anniversary.  AND go you!  Two days over in one.  Fucking right on!}

At this point in the post my mother is shaking her head.  "My daughter doesn't swear."  Well I do. Proof.

 So back to the Valentines Day Budget.  This seems to be a real thing.  I've heard as much as $1,000Jaw dropping.   I am a tad bit annoyed that Mr. L bought me chocolates this year that cost over $15.00.  All I bought him was a fucking .68c Cadbury Egg.  And he LOVED it.  Better yet, I totally was within budget.

Do we really need to designate ONE day of the year to proclaim our love for our sweetie?  Hmm.  

Valentines Day is for KIDS.  Well maybe that's just because I have them.  Ha.  I bought them each a little notebook activity book deal-e-o.   Tonight we will have a special dessert.  Secretly because Moms craving it.  Probably would of made it regardless of Valentines Day.  They are passing out little cards to their classmates & of course we are eating CANDY.  I mean what holiday doesn't revolve around fucking candy.  Seriously.  The dentists must be in cahoots with this shit holiday.

Whats your intake on this Valentines Day thing?  Do you really go all out.  Fancy dinner out, $1,000 present?  Hmm.  Don't buy into the faux holiday.  Don't. Do. It.  {Its sure to save you some money!}


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