Growing Together

I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend RePlay

I know I am late... again.  Figured instead of going to bed I better write it now... before I forget.  Not to write it, but what I actually did this weekend.  Mommy Brain.
Umm. Yes. I already forgot.  Good thing I took a few pictures.  This should refresh my memory.

Friday after the kiddies got off the bus we loaded up in the car & went to Rack Room Shoes.  Mr. L had some big plans for Cody & himself for bright and early Saturday morning.  Too bad he forgot his alarm was too cool for him & doesn't go off on weekends unless you tell it to.  Cody was up with his super cool internal alarm clock.  (This can be a good or bad thing.  Depending on how you look at it.  TodayGood.)
So bright & early, err, after they rolled out of bed... they went for a parachute run.  It's just how it sounds for those wondering.  There is a parachute & you RUN!  Attached to your back.
I am sure Cody was so proud and happy to be out there running with his Daddy.  I bet Daddy was proud of him too! Cody LOVED it
He was trying to rub it in Jack & Emma's faces all day.  But Princess Emma didn't seem to mind.  Why? Just because she got herself some "Twinkle Toes Sketchers." 
                ...And they will make her super fast at running.

Then to console Jack from all the face rubbing.  As promised the night before we all went to the park in town.  Emma decided that this would be the perfect time for us to have a picnic & so we did.  Guess what!  I didn't bring my camera!
 Sunday was our typical lazy day.  Only going out to return & pick out new library books.  Steak & Chicken out on the grill.  Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Salad.  I personally love Sundays.  Yummy food.  Lazy Days.  New books to entertain the kids at bed time.  Baths for the kiddies.  And perhaps best of all.... Early to Bed.

Mr. L hates Sundays.  It means Monday is in the morning. 
                                                                           I love Sundays.  It means Monday is in the morning.

Jack planted this from seed on his birthday.  
Its the biggest plant in our shade garden this year.

...These are my carnations.  Wasn't till this year that I even realized you could grown them here... outside.  Actually I have just never seen them for sale.  Only as cut flowers...

Sunday was a true "Sun" Day.  We had lots of fun in the kiddie pool & the kids even helped me clean up the yard... mowing in the morning.  They didn't want to lose a toy!

This hangs in the tree in my shade garden.  I think its cute. Even if it is dirty! 
That's Emma's sweet little bird house that Aunt Steph bought her.  No birds have even flown near those boots.  They have hung there for three years untouched.

Well now that I refreshed my memory on what I did this weekend and gave you all the replay it's time for me to go to sleep.  I have lots of custom orders to do this week.  And have to find time to fit in a pattern test that I am just too excited about.  Its a vest.  I cannot wait.  Just wish I had some fabric that I loved.  Why is all the fabric so girly?

Until my next post....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Autumn Styles

 I've been crafting like crazy the last couple of weeks ... and  I feel I have come up with some real cute items here.  I am seriously in love with these boots.  Then pair them up with a super cute 3/4 Length dress and look what you get.  An outfit any little girl would feel like a princess in!

This set is made from the Robert Kaufman Chirp designed by Katie Hennagir. 100% Kona Cotton.  I love it!  Its in size 6-9 Months.
You can view this exact set for purchase in my ButterBeans&ChicPeas shop.

I've been told and I must humbly agree... these boots make the outfit!  I love that they are lined with flannel so they are comfy with or without socks.  I know my princess have never been a fan of the dreaded SOCKS!

The Brown & Creme Damask Print again lined with flannel is perfect for fall.  Boys or Girls will be cute in these.

I love these... Halloween Candy for your Babes Feet.

*shoes are ithinksew & sweetpea patterns.  *the adorable dress is a littlelizardking pattern.  

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Re Play

What a much needed weekend. Mr. L has been completely bombarded with work all week.  I am pretty sure he put almost 2,000 miles on our already high mileage "new" car!  Too bad we can afford to trade it in. Not sensible when we owe more then double what it is most likely worth.

So. Yes. This weekend was needed.  Not only for Mr. L but for all of us.  Mr. L came home one night and said he had something planned for us all to do as a family on Saturday morning.  Hello.  I hate surprises.  It's like he doesn't even know me. Aren't we married?

Saturday morning finally came.  I was not able to get out of him what he had planned.  And he wouldn't tell me what to wear.  Which came to be an issue.  Lucky for him I didn't wear jeans. 

We pulled up to a nail spa. Yes.  We are married. He does know me.  Though I still don't like surprises & I could of not been wearing shoes, but flip flops.  It was still a great surprise for little Emma & me.  The boys and Dad went off to starbucks for drinks & then to the HUGE golf store.
Emma picked out my polish color. A shiny pink.  Sat down. Had a coke. Soaked our feet. And enjoyed each-other.  Though Emma didn't know if she should look at the man rubbing her toes, the big lady who I can't believe fit in that massage chair or the nail file & buffer she was given to take home.  Everyone thought that she was just the cutest & most well behaved little thing.  Well yeah.  She is a girl.  She wants to soak her feet and be pampered. Duh.

After waiting a super long time to make sure those toenails were dry (Because remember this was a surprise & I wasn't wearing flip flops.) Did I mention I don't like surprises? we were off to our next destination. Emma was as happy as could be in the back seat with her freshly painted pink toe nails & the boys with belly's full of chocolate milk.   At-last we were there.  Adventure Landing.  Mini Golf & Arcade Games.  Daddy knows his kiddies well. 

They were all so excited & I don't think I heard the typical complaining.  "Ugh."  "It's to hot out."  "I am thirsty."  This is either because we are learning as parents & thought to bring waters for each of them.  Maybe because they are getting older.  Or simply because they were so happy to be out of the house & golfing they forgot to complain.

After all that fun.  We were starving.  Time for lunch at Moms favorite.  Hibachi Grill.  Everyone loves a buffet.  Something for everyone.  All the kids ate good.  Emma even had "pink fish" with her mac & cheese, pizza & fruit. 

What a fun day Mr. L.  You are such a great Daddy and Husband.  We LOVE You.

Sunday was our typical library day.  New books for all the kiddies & me returning a couple of those books I should of known better then to get in the first place with the kids tracked out for 3 weeks.
We grilled steaks. Had them with rice & asparagus. Delish.  I did some sewing.  Created these sweet little loafers & these perfect for Autumn Boots for boys or girls. How great are they.  Seriously they are so cute.

Cleaned the bedrooms upstairs Sunday night. Bath-time.  Teeth.  Nails clipped,  fresh smelling kiddies.  Stories from our new library books & off to bed.  Back to school in the morning.  Track back in.

Time to Relax. On the couch with my sleeping pug putting one arm to sleep & a plate of Doritos with melted cheese by the other. How unhealthy of me.  Trust me its been a long time since I have touched a Dorito.

This week I have new fabric on the way & an order for two pairs of  my ruffle pants.  Things have been picking up in my Etsy shop.  Last Tuesdays Giveaway was so much fun.  Thank You all who participated and congrats to the winners.  Hope you all like your items.  For those who have purchased something if you get the chance can you please leave me a review on the "review" tab on my ButterBeans&ChicPeas Facebook Page? Thanks.  And thanks to those of you who already have.

Well what a fun weekend Mr. L planned.  A great way to wrap up our 3 weeks off.  Now back to reality. School & Work.  This means a "vacation" for me & Emma. Hopefully lots of sewing & reading.  

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wet Pug

I woke up to a stinky pug this morning & Jack was taking the blame.  
Time For A Bath.
After Fen's Bath. 
Even Wet Dog Was Better Then How He Smelled.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend RePlay

It was such a busy week.  I got a couple Etsy orders in my ButterBeans&ChicPeas Shop (So exciting!!!!!!) & having the kiddies home all day everyday I was so ready for a relaxing weekend at home.
To which I mainly got.

Starting off with a movie night at home after pizza out at Cici's Buffet.  We watched Death at a Funeral.  Pretty sure I puked in my mouth a little when that one guy had shit on his hands & face!  Not cool.

Saturday morning Mr. L went on a parachute run.  When he got back I made some pancakes for all of us & since it was still only 8:30am we were able to hit the road early to get down to Joann fabrics to find the perfect coordinating fabric for the outfit I was intent on making for my Princess Emma.

I was unable to find anything to go with some pink fabric or any satin brown ribbon.  Off to Walmart we went.  Only to find they too were out of the satin brown ribbon.  Is this all of the sudden a popular ribbon to purchase? hmm
Mr. L took us out to lunch at Chilis were we all got fat and happy!

The rest of our day was spent catching up on dvr. Currently watching Haven, Eureka & Warehouse 13.  Syfy addict? After the kids were in bed Mr. L & I found that on Netflix's instant play now is Zombieland.  I now feel like I need to hunt down some twinkies. (Even though I think they are completely disgusting.)  And I haven't laughed so hard at the word Prospect before, still not sure why that was so funny. (Yeah. I just laughed out loud again.)

Sunday was spent at home, I mowed the lawn, Mr. L whacked the weeds and I got my sewing done.
Since we had already gotten the library out of the way early Saturday morning we really didn't have much to go out for.  Although later in the evening we did end up running out to grab some lunch meat for the week & some creamer so mommy can have coffee this week.  We picked up a rotisserie chicken & the kids couldn't get enough of it.  Delish.

I gave our lovely neighbors this...  Some Cucumbers, Banana Peppers & a bowl of Green Beans. 

And much to my surprise I opened my door to find these great goodies at my feets.

I think we have a second chance at a watermelon making it in our little family garden! Isn't it cute?

My Pug is Being... Himself.

I broke out my clogs! Woot Woot!

And I have these fuzzy things to look at out my kitchen window.

Oh!  Fabulous news!  I reached my 100 fans, actually I have gone above and beyond thanks to you all!  I have posted that I am going to have my Comment Game/Giveaway on this Tuesday, August 17th at 7PM (EST!)   Can't wait guys, I have a few ideas going around in my head.  And also thinking about a few posts that are "just pay shipping" anyone interested in that?  Looking forward to hearing what you all want to see as the TWO big giveaways!  So, if you haven't already click the like button for my facebook page to become a fan & keep informed on all the giveaways, deals & new product listings. Yes. I am hoping this brings some more sales my way.  Last week was a great week for my little ButterBeans&ChicPeas Shop.

So a successful weekend of relaxation spent mainly at home. But best of all with my family!
Now I am off to my freshly made bed to hopefully have a great nights sleep to start the week of right.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Giveaway at 100

Okay All.  Time to get my facebook fan number growing!  I have been hovering in the 80's for far too long.  Sales are slowing and it seems like as good a time as any for another giveaway.  Ready for the details? 

I've been trying to think... one; what should I giveaway and 2; how should I go about selecting a winner this time?  I am thinking a comment thread perhaps.  ...And I am still figuring what to giveaway... please feel free to give some input on what you would like to see up for grabs in my giveaway.

So heres the deal:
Once I hit 100 fans (or hopefully more! wink. wink.) I will do 2 Picture Posts at a set time to be disclosed once I hit 100.  These will be the items that are up for grabs.  When I post the picture there will  be details in each post... perhaps the listing will say something like this...   "Comment #3 will win the pictured item"  Okay. I hope I am not confusing you all.

Please spread the word to get the fans coming my way & stay tuned on my ButterBeans&ChicPeas Face Book Page for details on the GIVEAWAY!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend RePlay

I am a Mom. I stay home with my kids. While Mr. L went out to play.  Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest. Need I say more?  No. I don't.
Don't get me wrong. Mr. L is a hard working, good loving & caring Daddy.  He doesn't do this every weekend. Not even once a month. Trust me.  I wouldn't put up with it. This weekend he deserved a fun day out which by the way was paid for by a friend for a birthday present & they took a limo... no drinking & driving. 

What this meant for me & the kiddies?  We stayed home.  We made a "Backyardigians" chocolate chip cookie recipe. Watched movies. Played outside. Picked Veggies from the garden & even did a little cleaning.

Sunday when Mr. L got over his "24 Hour Flu" I made a Sunday dinner.  Butternut squash from the garden, a tasty cheesy potato bake with pork chops.  For dessert we had peach cobbler.  Emma loved helping make the whipped cream for her "peach gobbler."

Cody wanted to pose with the tasty dishes of peach cobbler.  This was my first time making it with fresh peaches and it was soooo good.

Because I was home all weekend I found time to cut patterns for booties &
got one pair sewed up.   Aren't they so watermelon-ey & cute.

This pair is a 6-9 months.  I also have a pair in 0-3 I finished today & will soon be working on a pair in size 3-6 months. 

I think they came out super cute.  Listed two pairs in my Etsy Shop, ButterBeans&ChicPeas.

We made it through the weekend.  Two more weeks of track out. The boys are beyond boredom & can't wait to go back to school.  Say what.  I too can't wait.  Has been nice not having to get up early. But I am yet to sleep past 7:30am.  So I guess I might as well be having to get up.

Oh. And. I have made it half way through one book. 
Slowly. But. Surely.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend RePlay

Friday was our last day of school with a super early dismissal, 1:15.  We kicked off our track out time by going to Target for a special $1 toy from the cheap-y area at the front.   As promised last Tuesday to the kids.  I guess I should fill in on what happened.  So Tuesday morning I set the kids off to school all as normal & told them after school we had to go to Target to get a few things.  I let them know (in hopes to get through the Target shopping experience easily) they could all get a $1 toy if they didn't complain about having to shop and or are we done yet.  Well.  All fine and dandy. Until I opened up Jacks bag and saw the dreadful yellow paper.  Apparently yellow is the first paper sent home... hopefully I don't have to find out what color comes next.  So this note was from the gym teacher.  Jack doesn't like to give this class a full effort, and because he didn't know how to skip or gallop & the other kids were bumping into him he flat out gave up sat down (fought back the tears I am sure) and  wouldn't even get up when the teacher asked him to he was sent home with a note that we had to sign and return.  I was sure to write on it, which by the way the left no room for, I had to write over the small area I had to sign and date.  I let the teacher know that Jack is a shy and not at all outgoing child, but that i have discussed with him that he needs to try his best and not give up & to do what his teacher tells him to do.  We had 3 days till GYM!  I did lots of pep talks.  Taught him to skip. To Gallop.  Even sent him to school for the next three days with "energy undies", "magical shirts" let me tell you this boys had magic dust sparkling out of his eyes.  Day one (Wednesday) Jack galloped off the bus.  Day Two (Thursday) we giggled and skipped all the way home. Day Three (Friday) Gym Day.  He got off the bus.  Happy.  He did it. He made it through gym.  No yellow paper.  And he didn't even have to skip or gallop. They ended up having a fun day of some sort of stations set up, hula hoop, jump rope, basketball, and pull ups.  Jack Loved It.

With that they all got to get a toy from Target. Why didn't the other two get it before, because apparently I run my house like the military, and if one mans down, the whole platoon goes with him. "OORAH."

Friday night my fabric arrived, I was so excited I had to sew something.
This peasant dress came out too cute.  I listed it in my shop. I can make it from 6-9 Months right up 6 years. 

Saturday morning I was at it again. I made  a 1 year size "Birthday Dress" soon to be listed in my shop.  Haven't gotten that far yet.  And I need to have my Princess Emma do some modeling for me in that so pretty snow flower peasant dress.

We went out and did some grocery shopping & mall browsing Saturday afternoon.  It was Hallmarks "Birthday" so the kids got balloons & I got 50% off some tarts.  My house smells like pumpkin pie. Yumm.  Our fridge and pantry are full and I have my menu planned out till next Saturday. Go Me.

Sunday we stayed home most of the day only went out to get some books from the library. I got five. Why I thought I could read five books in two weeks with the kids tracked out is beyond me. It's only day one.  They are stir crazy having to stay inside with the dark rainy looking day we are having & it has taken me over an hour to type this in between making mac & cheese.  Pausing a netflix movie.  Walking the Pug.  Explaining if you aren't coloring on paper, don't touch the crayons.  Yelling for too much laughter & finding a broken bowl in my living room.  (I am not that mean, its just laughter in the tone I was hearing it is never good.)

I also got a custom order for a little guys bow tie.  I think it came out wonderfully and I shipped it out today.  It is such a privilege to be able to have had the opportunity to make something, that just a small part of someones big day.  I love knowing that my items are put to good use & sold. Aren't just sitting on my shelf boxed & ready to ship.

Oh. And I made this bag, for myself. & Isn't my Princess Emma with her Daddy so sweet? 

Another good weekend for the L Family.  The sun is coming out here time to get my kiddies out to play.


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