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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Top:  Salmon Colored Tank from Old Navy.
Cardigan in Khaki color from Old Navy.  Both Christmas presents {from me to me.  That's how us Moms roll.}

Bottom:  Everyday Jeans from Gap. {Can't be seen!} 

Ok - the dust has settled & I need to clean my mirror. But I wanted to give you all a glimpse of this fab mirror my Dad made for me.  Rustic goodness right there.  We painted the bathroom over the Thanksgiving holiday & I just put the switch covers on.  They look great.  I still want to get a new vanity & perhaps a tiled in shower?  hmm.  Its a work in progress.

I am linking up to The Pleated Poppy  - er I would be if she had a post up today. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Five Year Check Up

Little Miss Boozy Doo is going to be FIVE soon.  Can't even believe it.  Off we went today for her five year check up.  All is well.  Actually we have to go back for a hearing test {the machine was out for repair} and she wasn't acknowledging any beeps from the old fashion one.  Then she had to get her immunizations.  That said; tears were shed & mommy had to give in.  Nothing a Icee drink from Target can't fix.  
 And of course the boys got one too!
I am not so sure this icee drink trick will work for me the day I send her off to school. Hmph.  It will be here before we know it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Click it Twice

I typically get to bed around 10ish.  Not too early - not too late.  By the time I get my teeth brushing routine over {brush, waterpik, floss the bottom around retainer, rinse & decide if I want to wear the top retainer or not} I finally lay down & bam.  Right on schedule the neighbors boyfriend/brother - who knows what pulls out.  And really.  Really.  Why wouldn't he drive a truck with a huge exhaust system on it.  

Oh.  And then every-once and awhile if were really lucky our other neighbor will get home and grace us with something that we can almost hear clearly in our upstairs bedroom.  I mean why wouldn't you want to listen to talk radio so loud everyone on the court can hear it. {Typically you would blast music.  But whatev.}  As if that wasn't enough once you exit the car lock it.  - don't just click it once.  Click it twice.  That way everyone can hear that chirp & we know not to go trying to break into your car.  Then you must have gotten in the house.  Took off your shoes, and remembered oh, I had a cup of Bojangles sweet tea out there.  Can't waist that.  Back out to the car you go. *Alarm noises.* Fumble around. *Chirp. Chirp.*  Way to make an entrance a-hole.

Don't even get me started on the fucking dog behind the fence.  He {or his owner} needs to be put down.  Howling all night - not ok.

*Disclaimer:  Should you read this - wonder to yourself - "Is this my neighbor talking about ME?"  Then yes, yes it is.*

Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend RePlay

 So.  {or should I say; Sew.} How do you think I started off my new sewing weekend.  Yep. You got it.  Sewing.  Friday night I sewed up this messenger bag.  I love it.  {Good thing I didn't take a no sewing vow.}  

Saturday we got up early.  Took care of the car.  Oil.  Tires.

Then we were off to shop.  I got all the kids stuff taken care of.  Yay.  Then Mr. L & Cody shopped together & Emma, Jack & I shopped.  After a full morning of shopping we were all starved.  After a year of NOT going to Golden Corral.  We went.  Huge line.  Blah.  Crowded at 11:53AM on a Saturday.  But.  Delish.  Seriously.  Its like a freakin' candy bar over there.  Cotton Candy.  Donut Machine.  Chocolate Fountain.  Yumm.  

The rest of the weekend we spent relaxing at home as a family.  And of course - I was sewing.  

 Sunday I did some baking.  I delivered a package of cookies to our neighbors.  So what if she is the HOA Pres.  I am totally not sucking up.  I just felt in the giving mood.  And lets get honest here - do I need this many cookies in my house.  No.  I don't. 
I spent my Sunday morning drinking coffee & keeping warm by the fire.  Thanks for the warmth Mr. L.  Aren't the littles so cute with Daddy?  {Jack didn't want in on the picture.}

 And for dinner... This.
 I've also been working away on this Matryoshka PDF pattern.  Get ready to see these cute faces in my shop soon. Its in the testing phase at this point.   I am  l o v i n g  them. <3

No sew weekend.  Fail.  Can't even believe it's Christmas next weekend.  Woah.  Who's ready?  I have LOTS of wrapping ahead of me.  Bring on the wine.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Letter: 2011

From Our Family To Yours...

This year we did our family photo... in the backyard. Mhmm.  We are lame.  Oh well.  It was easier with three kids & the pug.  Grabbed out the handy dandy tripod.  Even had an outfit change.  We were pretty happy with the outcome.  I did a good job, if I do say so myself. And. I do.  I have gone paperless this year.  Ok. So not totally - for those on my list who don't know how to surf the inter-webs I have sent the paper copy.  But for the most part its a simple Christmas.  And I am going green right?  Think of all the paper I saved. Hmm.  Well it did save me a stamp or twenty!  
{So don't feel sad if you don't see one in your mailbox from us.  That just means I thought you to be smart enough to know your way around the net!}  Enjoy.

It’s that time of year again. As always it seems to have snuck up on me, which I cannot believe since I have three little countdown to Christmas clocks named Cody, Jack & Emma in my ear.

Cody is a 2nd grader now. “Seems like just yesterday…” No, but really. This year he played in the community Little League Baseball. He had so much fun & Ray even got to do a little coaching with the kids.

As for Jack he is in the 1st Grade - but reading at the end of 2nd grade level. We are all really proud of our little bookworm. Socially he has improved so much in the last year. Next year Jack wants to join the baseball team. I am seeing some very busy week nights in our future.

My little Emma Lou. Where do I begin & why do I have to fill out the forms for her to go to Kindergarten? How did she grow up so fast? Now that she has glasses, just like Mom I have noticed her interest in learning has grown. We have been working on letters, numbers & writing short words. We have 8 more months together & then it’s just me.

At least I won’t have to ask myself - “What will I do with all my free time?” What free time? I have a full time work at home job. I love it. I more than doubled my profits from last year & went from 1,200 fans on Facebook to 3,300 plus. ButterBeans&ChicPeas is growing. What’s more is the relationships I have gained from doing this. So many amazing people.

Ray – is still at it - the same job, Senior Field Engineer. The same 5 days a week working out like a crazy person at the gym. Oh. And he gets out of bed before the sun comes up. Not sure how he does it. But I love it. I am so proud to have a husband with such super ethics.

Fenway is finally down to 28lbs. Last year he was 33lbs & the vet wanted to see him down to 30lbs at this time. He did it. – I am sure he felt starved. But apparently that’s all dogs. We are just happy to have a healthy pug.

We just returned home from our annual Myrtle Beach trip. We enjoyed the parade, shopping, football, the pools, cookie baking/decorating and this year we went to Pirates Voyage dinner show. It’s always a fun time for us & the littles. I can’t wait for the several nights ahead sitting by the fire with a cup of cocoa & Christmas movies playing with the family. Isn’t it such a wonderful time of year? To me, it’s all about the family. Enjoy yours.

Happy Holidays From The  L Family.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Afternoon Coffee Break

Whom I kidding.  No time for an Afternoon Coffee Break.  Would be nice.  Maybe after the holidays.  Care to join me?  

Until then - in the words of the great,  Uh. Me.  
"I am like an Espresso Machine;  I work best under pressure."

**Disclaimer:  I grabbed this vector of the espresso machine NOT THE WORDS from 123RF.  Please give them due credit for the graphic.  Thank You.

Bokeh: {Love}

So I super love looking at Bokeh photos - and how can you not love it with all the holiday lights?  Hmmmmm.  Had to give it a go

So.  Obviously I am not a pro.  Fun & Pretty none the less.  Try again in the dark?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Things have been - uh, busy to say the least here at the L house.  Mr. L has been working like a crazy person.  The extended weekend trip to Myrtle Beach was amazing - but as always, short lived.  We are all looking forward to the Christmas Holiday.   I have been sewing up a storm here.  It's always busy this time of year.  Yesterday I completed 6 skirts in a variety of  fabrics from my facebook {12 Days of Christmas} deal.  Also made these super cute clippies for Emma's best pen-pal - Addison.

 This morning - I caught Whimsy Couture Sewing Patterns was doing a pattern test & I wanted to jump on that so I added that to my to do list.   They came out super cute.  BUT.  Miss Emma thinks they are too big so I may be offering them up for sale soon. :)
Also loving these Whale Boots I just finished up for an Etsy Customer.  Super cute in size 12-18 Months.
 Now on to the What I Wore Wednesday part of the post... I started out wearing all of this.  Its windy here today - so the scarf came in handy... but now its 72* out there and I am no longer wearing the scarf.  That & it is super itchy.  The shoes didn't stay on long either - who sews with shoes on?   I love this hair clip - yes.  It is supposed to be Emma's.  But doesn't it look super cute in my hair as well?
 Top:  White Tank layered with a printed long sleeve top both from Old Navy.  On top of all that - a grey light sweater from Khols.

Bottoms:  SO Jeans from Khols, Grey Socks from Target - And new flats from Khols.  Loving the plaid.  {Of course!}  Not loving that they are rubbing my heel the wrong way.  Ugh.  

Accessories:  Poppy Clippie from WCO by Nancy.
Scarf - something my sista gave me.  Not sure where she got it.  But I like it. 

Linking Up With The Pleated Poppy. 



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