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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

This week is flying by. Funny how missing a Monday makes the week go so fast. Baseball last night & again tonight. Yay. I am a true Baseball Mom - If you didn't know. It is my time to watch the game & not think about work. No sewing machine calling for me. No emails. - of course with this damn smart phone... I am still being bugged, but sometimes I leave it off. Peace.
 Layered Two Tanks - Pink from Old Navy - White from XXI
NEW Long Maxi Skirt - made by yours truly {And a little one for miss Emma too!} 

Before you ask, "will I be making them" the answer is --- probably not - atleast not for adults.  2 yds of fabric later I got a mom sized skirt & a kid skirt.  I have seen many etsy shops making them though.  And this was just another of my "just wing it" attempts.  No patternJust do it.

To the machine I go.  12 monsters getting stuffed this morning. 
Happy Wednesday.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend RePlay {Memorial Day}

It was a long, but busy weekend. On Saturday Morning I whipped up a skirt, just for me. Yay I have had this knit here for a couple of days.  I washed it.  I bought the appropriate needles.  And then, it sat.  I think I was scared, at least a little hesitant on trying my hand at the jersey knit.  Not sure why, sewed just the same as any old woven cotton.  Lovely.  I even whipped up little Emma one, we wore them out the the bookstore.  Jack bought himself a series of 5 books & then proceeded to read every last one in less than 24 hours.  I guess they were that good.

The littles were invited to a POOL PARTY! So you know that was fun! Emma ranked it in her top two parties attended. ha.  Busy Saturday.

Sunday we had planned to have no plans. {That never works.}  Mr. L went to the gym, got home and asked if we wanted to go over to a friends house for a cook out.  So in our most flexible fashion we quickly grocery shopped & grabbed a simple desert to bring.  The littles had fun playing with their girls & we enjoyed a yummy barbeque.  Late Sunday night I whipped up some little mini cheesecakes, that were pretty tasty, for the next days get together. {See what I mean, busy!}

Somehow, someway, I squeezed in some  more PERSONAL sewing on Sunday morning.  Little Lizard King asked me to do a quick pattern test for her.  It was super quick.  Like 10 minutes quick. - Perfect.  A Swim Suit Cover Up.  I am always happy to help LLK out.

Monday we had lunch & pool time with friends.  - Mr. L was pulled away almost immediately for work.  Boo to that.  We are back to on call.  Those two weeks off are so short lived.  Monday night we grilled for dinner & the littles played outside - until I said BEDTIME! 

Everyone loves a Monday night that feels like a Sunday night - but whats better, a Tuesday morning, that feels like a Monday morning - BUT - its Tuesday!  Woot.  One day closer to the weekend. 

Our first weekend on the market without a showing.  It worked out for the best, as we were out most of the time & the house was a wreck with the three littles home for a mere three days.  Not sure what we are going to do if this place doesn't sell by the time track out happens on June 28th!  {We don't have summer, year round school!}  Pretty sure the lack of showings was due to the holiday weekend, people are busy & out of town.  And what realtor wants to show properties on there days "off" Hmm?

Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day & Weekend.  We sure did.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

 I love Wednesday. For Reals. I used to really love them, because I took them off from sewing.  I did house work, I caught up on dvr.  But, not anymore. - I don't have time to take off from sewing.  Trying to keep up with orders.  Today I will be working on a few skirts from this weeks Skirt Sale!  Then hopefully a diaper bag this afternoon.  Emma snapped this shot of me this morning, with my coffee. Obvy.  Well time to get this day going.  Three littles off to school, then back here to sew, sew, sew.  Happy Wednesday.


Stripped Salmon Top by Old Navy
Khaki Skirt by Old Navy {Love it, for the last 3 Years or More...}
Aqua Strappy Sandals by X-Appeal @ Rack Room

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tips for Selling - While Still Living In Your House - With a Family of Five! And... Lucky #13

Tomorrow we have a showing scheduled here at the house! And it will be the 13th scheduled showing. Um. Lucky #13! Maybe. Number 13 has always been my lucky number. I am not positive why. Maybe because I look to go against the "grain" and everyone thinks #13 is bad luck - or maybe because as a kid I couldn't wait to turn 13! A teenager! - It was just always my lucky number - always.
So lets hope for the best.  Send some positive vibes.  Mr. L & I are getting super antsy.  We want to live in our new house!  It would be a pain to do all this work and not get to move.  I mean we are already jumping through hoops with the mortgage company.  Ugh.


 I've gotten pretty good at getting the house into shape.  We have a real routine down.  - First off we have bare minimum going on in the kids rooms.  A few toys - the rest we have donated, thrown away, or stored in ONE BIN each out in the shed.  Amazing.  The littles have fallen into a routine of getting there beds made before school.  Being that we have hardly no toys in the house there is not much to pick up.  Except shoes.  We have a lot of shoes.  For a family of five I think 50 pairs is too much.

When we have a showing this is what goes down... 

 Tips for Cleaning


*Adjust the beds {no 6, 7 & 8 year old are PERFECT at this art of bed making.}
*Empty Trash Bins
*Clean Sinks & Toilets
*Wipe Down Bathroom Floors
*Vacuum Up Stairs.
*Dust Banister & Rail


*Load any Dishes into Dishwasher
*Clean Counters
*Dust Tables
*Put a Clean Tablecloth Down
*Take Out All Trash
*Remove Dog Crate & Dog  ... & littles! {They aren't allowed in once the floors are happening!!} 


*Mow {If needed}
*Sweep Decks
*Sweep Walkway

Daily Chores  

{...these will keep your home in a condition so that you can handle a showing scheduled in the next hour! ... And keep your sanity!}

*Minimum Toys
*Make Beds Every Morning
*One Load of Laundry per Day
*Run Dishwasher & Unload after Dinner - This way the littles can put there dinner dishes in & breakfast dishes the next morning.  Eliminating the sink mess. 
*Keep A Coordinating Set of Towels in Bath at All Times.  {Don't use them.  Tell husband & kids. Do. NOT. Use. Them.}

Be prepared & flexible.  Ready to leave the house at anytime of day & any weather.  I have sat out on my neighbors porch for an hour in the heat, with the pug, only to find the showing was canceled.  I have been  my family has been incredible flexible.  They get excited when we have a showing & we all pitch in to keep the house clean - yet functional.  When we all have the same goal in mind, a new home, its easy to pull together.   Below you can see our goal, its amazing, that its reachable - if we can just sell this house. 

Bayfield V - Highland Creek by Centex Homes

 Bayfield V - Highland Creek by Centex HomesBayfield V - Highland Creek by Centex Homes
 2733 Cashlin Dr, Raleigh, NC 276162733 Cashlin Dr, Raleigh, NC 27616

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Busy morning - a couple of etsy orders just came in! I am going to be creating the first Tilly Top for a client. Can't wait. Emma approved last night.  --  What  a fun top made with a brownie goose pattern. Love. Love. Love. It.

Now on to the What I Wore Wednesday Outfit.  It went from cold, {YES! 70s is cold to me!} to 91 degrees for a high today.  Rockin' some shorts & a tee - keep it simple today.  Trying to stay cool & super busy.  I am breaking away from the house today to grab lunch with the lovely Erika of Comfy Home Creations.  We haven't had a lunch date in awhile.  Time to catch up. 

 Aqua Tee from Old Navy
Green Khaki Shorts from Old Navy
Strap Sandals by XAppeal {Rack Room}

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My baby sister is getting married and I need a dress!

Um. Wasn't till this morning that I realized I had to wear something nice for my baby sisters wedding. Hadn't even crossed my mind, its not about me, its about her, we have been discussing her hair, her dress, her shoes. But wait, I have to wear something to this beach wedding. I mean, your baby sister only gets married once - right. err. {We hope!} So I am on the phone with her this morning & she is questioning what I am wearing! Seriously. Um. Hadn't even thought about it. The wedding is on June 30th! Guess I better start thinking about it. Her color scheme is fuchsia & orange. And I won't be wearing white... ovvi. So I am in search of fuchsia. I don't like orange.  Its a beach wedding.  In late June.  In Florida.  This dress has to be cool.  Oh!  And something cute to match my lil' Emma all fancy with me. 

 This dress is pretty fun - not loving the jacket, don't need it anyways. {Summer Beach Wedding.}

Maybe this - I do love a little bit of a sleeve - Even if it is Summer.  
I love that no bra straps will be seen. 
What do you think?  Weigh in down there in the comments & check back to see what I end up picking & of course lots & lots of pictures of my baby sisters big day!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend RePlay {Mothers Day} & Our Eleventh Showing...

First weekend in awhile with no baseball & no plans. Didn't know what to do with myself. Yeah. Right. I found lots to do. Got up early Saturday morning cleaned up around the house. Did lots of yard work. Mr. L mowed the lawn & our neighbors lawn.  Took a trip over to Starbucks to enjoy half priced frappes.  Yumm.   Then Mr. L had to go to bed. Early. He had to work in the night so crazy.  Three weeks on call.  I am so ready for a break. Like a real break.  At a resort.  With the beach.   And a drink.

  Mothers Day - we cleaned big time!!!  Had a showing - so we spent the afternoon out strawberry picking & shoe shopping for me & little Em's.  Later on at night we got feedback for the showing & yay They didn't give negative.  Well - not really.  "They just started there search & they didn't rule it out.  The only thing they didn't like was the dark hardwoods."    --- A little surprised.   I thought dark woods were nice & the in thing.  Ugh.  So we will see.  All I wanted for Mothers Day was to sell the house - I'll take some positive feedback!!! 

I was able to get all the wet bags done from preorders.  They shipped out today!  I love how they turned out.  And we are already getting word from mommas on how great they are!!!  "Got the wetbag late last week and used it over the weekend. GREAT size. I love it. Perfect perfect perfect."  - Caroline 

Time to run out the door and grab my littles!   Heres to a productive week.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {Week 6 on the Market}

Time is flying by! This is our sixth week on the market. We have a showing this morning & while prepping the house for it we got a call for another one tonight! Woot. I also happened to find a four leaf clover today. Double Woot.  Its my lucky day - Mr. L & I stopped off to buy some guitar strings during our grocery store outing.   -- Had breakfast at IHOP.  Took a trip to the dump. Now, back home for a quick bit of sewing before grabbing the kids & keeping ourselves out of the house till the last showing is done.  Busy. Busy.  I am tired y'all.   We had a late night of baseball last night.  Got home a bit before 10!  Wasn't easy getting the kids up & moving this morning.

Striped Longsleeve Tee from Old Navy 
Cable Knit Sweater from Eddie Bauer
Dark Denim Jeans by SOHO for Khols
Flip Flops from Target

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend RePlay {On The Market - More Negative Feedback}

Friday we kicked off the weekend with half priced frappes at Starbucks! Then baseball. I think we were having with-drawls again... no baseball all week. Played wilders grove in Raleigh & got a win! 8-1

Saturday I had a yard sale in the morning, Mr. L took the pug to the vet & Cody to baseball practice. Made some $$ but certainly didn't get rid of stuff. Ugh. The shed doesn't look much different. I see a trip to the dump & a trip to the donation center in town.

Sunday we had a showing here at the house. Mr. L & I felt good about this one. We thought  maybe this was the one.  Until this morning.  - We got the feedback.  Ugh.  Another one that didn't like the neighborhood.  Are you freakin' kidding me.  You are buying a $136K house.  You aren't going to be living in an upscale community.  - And a "chop up" layout.  mhmm.  So it wasn't the one.  Not even close.  Sending Mr. L & I feeling even less hope in selling this place. 

So get ready for this one.  Our realtor wants us to meet up.  Its been a month, time to rethink our price.  Um.  No.  I am not rethinking anything.  The price is staying firm.  Especially since there is now a house just like ours on the market for 1K more & none of the updates we have done. Like, the tile, hardwood, new appliances & a brand new HVAC system.  So no.  We are NOT lowering our price.  Apparently, I am not a motivated seller. 

I've done my research - there are four properties {including ours} in the price range & square-footage in our town.   We are not overpriced.   Finding it hard to continue to stay positive.  - Something funny that has come out of the feedback.  I am loving letting my neighbors in on the feedback, ha, how do they like living in our awful community?  Maybe the HOA president next door could enforce some the rules... 

It might all come down to us renting our house outI. do. NOT. want. to. rent. my. house. out. 

We had our last game for the Select Season -  but, spring baseball is just getting started!  - Hopefully the rain can clear for some our games this week.   Here is Cody catching. He loves it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Four Weeks On The Market - Updating our Photos

 Decided to get in touch with my realtor & suggest I retake some outdoor photos now that the grass is green - the trees are super green & I like to think I am handy with the camera... I am no pro. But, heres the shots! {The little ones are the original, realtor shots - the big photos are the ones I did today!} 

I took the pictures above today - thought it was a better angle of the porch & also we didn't have one of the backside of the house at all!  -  Seriously lets sell this thing!  We want a bigger home! 


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