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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {Inspections & Appraisals!}

Getting things done around here on the home front. We had the Appraisal last week on our sale & it appraised right at price. Awesome. The inspection was Monday afternoon - still haven't heard back from the buyers agent if they are wanting us to make repairs. Maybe we will get lucky and they won't ask for a thing. - Yeah. Probably not.

Yesterday was our Inspection on our purchase. It checked out really well. Lots of awesome features that we didn't even know about. LIke a full attic space. Lots of storage. You know for all that stuff you don't even need. ha. And Mr. L is impressed with the water system. It has a shut off system similar to a fuse box. It doesn't amaze me. But you know. Men.  Our Appraisal has been ordered - now we just have to wait, um 2 weeks.  Seems crazy.  But getting a VA loan is a process in itself & not having to pay mortgage insurance monthly will totally be worth it. 

School started back up on Monday.  Yay.  We have 1st, 3rd & a 4th grader.  How did this happen?Getting nervous for the kids having to move schools one quarter into the year.  But I am staying positive.

{Totally didn't realize it but I am a walking Target ad today.} 
Button up denim 3/4 top by Mossimo from Target. 
Long Navy Short by Merona from Target. 
Black & White Polk A Dot shoes by Merona from Target.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I Wore Wednesay {The Appraisal}

Today is the appraisal. Making this house look a million bucks 135K! --  Really its vital.  If this house doesn't appraise, it won't be sold.  The buyer has no cash to make up the difference, should there be one, and they are doing the cheesy USDA loan - so no room for error here.  Fingers Crossed.  Monday is the lovely inspection where we will find out all the knit picky things that are wrong with this house & have to try to fix them by Sept. 11th.  Yes.  We close on Sept. 11, assuming all goes smoothly. 

We found our new home last Friday.  The offer was accepted 12K under asking price.  Awesomeness.  And we ended up finding a house in the community we originally were looking in.  Yes.  All the same amenities & location we wanted just a different house.  A bigger house. Only four years old/new.  So come on universe let something just go our way.  Haven't you put us through enough?   Here is the house that we hope to call home.  The house we are under contract to purchase.  Lovely isn't it? 

Now on to the WIWW part of this post!  I can't link up with The Pleated Poppy.  The link isn't put up correctly again this week.  Boo.  Says postings can start on July 31!

Neon Pink Top by Merona from Target
Hand me Down Skirt from my Lil' Sister
Aqua Strappy Sandals from Rack Room
Bow Necklace from Screaming Owl {just pay shipping deal}
And I am drinking coffee from my Vera Bradley mug this morning.  Yumm.
Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday. My business is suffering from selling this house and vacation. I see things getting back on track. Orders are flowing in and I have lots to do today. First I need COFFEE.

on the house front we are under contract to sell the house we are currently living in. the house we were buying... not so much.  The closing dates didn't line up, by about a week and Centex wasn't willing to be flexible at all.  So we work with our lender... but in the end we were not able to borrow the amount we needed and still technically own our home we have now, even for the week. AND of course our buyer is borrowing through a USDA loan and that takes forever.  So close but not close enough.  The house hunting journey continues....

tank from target layered with a comfy tee by forever xxi 
navy shorts with belt by merona from target
black shoes by rocket dog from rack room {last year}
Bow Necklace in Teal {Mr. L doesn't like it}


Monday, July 15, 2013


Screen Shot of our house marked Contingent.  That's right!  We were totally losing hope too.  And if you remember right - I was totally ok with staying in our cute little house.  I mean look at it.  Its not awful.  Not at all.  Just a little small for our needs.  A family of five in 1,340 sqft is do able - but add in trying to squeeze two work at home office, it gets a little tight.  100 plus days, over 40 showings, two super lame offers & lots & lots of cleaning hours we are finally under contract.   We are under contract.  Let the hard work begin.  The moving process.  The inspection & the dreaded appraisal.  Fingers crossed we appraise at sale price - {$135,000}!  And house sshopping.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Three More Days

Ugh. Three days remaining. We have the pre drywall meeting on Tuesday. This should be exciting. Our house is a month from being done. Instead we are still rollercoaster riding. Mhmm. We came to terms with staying here, not getting the new house.  Then our realtor said she could get it done. We got two offers in two days. One was crazy - the other doable. AND we may go with it. - Then we got a renter that put in papers. We took two hours to respond and they rented elsewhere. Bummer. Now the buyer may fall thru being that they offered 135k but only are approved for 130k.  See what I mean. Rollercoaster ride. For reals. I can't take it. And honestly I still do not care if we just keep on staying here. No really. I just need to know. Don't you hate not knowing? I do.  Three more days. And this rain needs to stop too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - {Everything is Broken}

Skipped a week. Last Wednesday I was sitting poolside. This Wednesday its back to reality & my tan is already fading.  Back to reality.  My reality sucks right now.  If you remember, my dryer died about a month ago.  Yep.  I've been hanging clothes out to dry ever since.  Stiff towels suck.  Well, we got home from vaca only to find our fridge was not too cool.  Repair man is coming tonight.  Dryer & Fridge getting fixed.  I can't live without a fridge.  Can't wait to see those two bills.  Seriously.  Everything is broken. What the fuck did I do to the universe to deserve to be shit on this way? 

On the sale front nothing is going smoothly.  We decided to offer as a rental as last resort.  Two houses in our community have sold for asking price with absolutely no updates.  Apparently people don't know whats good.  Let me inform.  Hardwood floors, tile & a brand new HVAC system is good.  Yes.  I have that.  You silly buyers down the street have a 14 year old home with all original flooring, appliances & that giant HVAC unit outside isn't going to make it past the next 100 degree day here.  Good luck with that.   I am not usually such an angry person.  Ok, ok.  Maybe I am.  I am known to put my bitch pants on once in awhile.  Hubs says I rarely take them off.  Some-days I just have them pulled a little higher.  Tuesday can't come soon enough.  A single day decides everything.  - We either get our new house, that's coming along way to fast & looks amazing.  Or. We don't. And we get 5K back in our pockets.  At this point I just need to know.  Come on Tuesday.

Anywho - Woke up early, that's right 8 o'clock is the new early guys.  Littles are out of school till the 28th.  Enjoying every second of not making lunches, rushing around & getting up early.  Got my coffee.  Took a couple of quick instagram pictures for today's post & I am ready to sew.  Will be making a quick trip out for supplies.  Need snaps ASAP.  Two camera bags on my table today.  Wasn't too hard getting back into the swing of things here.  My machine & I are like this. {see crossed fingers in head!}

 White tank from Old Navy layered with a comfy tank from Jockey.  {I need to get more of these.}
Striped maxi skirt by BB&CP - that's right by ME!


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