Growing Together

I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend RePlay

 Saturday Emma was just so excited {talking about it from the day the invite came in the mail} to go to Shayna's Birthday Party.  This was Emmas first Birthday Party & she was a little shy to go try all the fun stuff at the tumble gym.  After a few minutes she warmed up to the idea.  Of course the boys went right over and got in on the fun.  A party at the Tumble Gym.  Seems like a great idea.  Kids get to play, just enough time for cake & your done.  Miss Emma was happy as could be to give Miss Shayna a bracelet that she helped Mommy sew, a skirt & a Monkey too.  What Lil' Birthday Gal wouldn't love a cupcake covered monkey friend to cuddle with?  
Later Saturday night after the party & shopping for last minute school stuff.  {Yes.  School starts Monday.}  I made this apronHow cute is it.  Slots for crayons at the bottom.  Perfect for keeping your little artist clean.  & Happy Too!
 Sunday I crafted up this cute reversible apron.  I have enough fabric to make one more just like it.  Or I can of course customize it for your lil' one in fabrics of your choice.  Feel free to check out my fabric selection on our facebook page.  I think it would be really cute in the cupcake prints too.  
I intend on making matching Mommy {half} aprons to go with.  What do ya think?  
I can see lots of fun to be had in the kitchen around the holidays.
And another Apron with Crayon Slots & This time I added a top pocket.  Perhaps a pad of paper - or better yet some snacksEvery lil' artist gets hungry along the way. 
The rest of this day will be spent returning movies & doing our typical library thing.  
It is a rainy Sunday afternoon after all.  Frappes & Dvr.

I Linked this post up to ~Sarahndipities Blog "Make Something Mondays"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend RePlay {Birthday Edition}

 We woke up Saturday morning.  Well - I got up early.  Finished up orders that needed to be shipped & cleaned the entire house.  I was fearing it was starting to look a little a lot like Grandmas house.  {My Grandma should be on Hoarders.}  Once the house & orders were wrapped up Mr. L came down to check out the fantastic cards the kiddies made for Mr. L.  After that we headed over to the North Hills for the Farmers Market.  The lovely Diane from Twisted Sisters Barkery gave us some tasty treats for the pug.  I think he {LOVES} them.  Yes.  He does.  Sweet Potato.  Pug Yummies.
 The kiddies outside of 
Sparians the Bowling Boutique.
 The Winners.  Jack & Emma.

 Back at home we had a giant cookie cake.  Mr. L has been wanting one of these for years.  AndYes there is an and.  Brownies. Oh. Yeah.  With Ice Cream.  Super Yumm.
On Sunday I made this belt.  Asked Lil' Jackie Beans to model it for me & then he claimed it.  The price I pay for this super cute model.  He loves it.  Tucks in his shirt just to show it off too.  How fun.  {Psst.}  Want one for your lil' guy or gal too?  You know I can make them for you.  Custom size.  Custom colors.  
Stop over and check out the shop.   
Of course on Sunday we also did our typical library trip.  New books.  Free coupons for Mini Golf, Curly Fries & Milk Shakes. Yumm.

Pretty good Birthday Weekend.  I love my Mr. L.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

On The Trail

The Kiddies & My Grandma On The Nature Trail in Town. 

I am NOT Fat

I am becoming one of those.  You know those.  The ones that say "I am going to start excercise-ing next week."  "On Monday.  No one starts on a Thursday."  "As soon as the kids get back to school, I have no time right now."  

But the thing is every time I remember.  Or have the urge.  It is right before bed {I hear it is not ideal to exercise before bed} or after a HUGE glass of wine. {You don't want me to get hurt do you?}

Yep.  I am working on a glass right now.  A glass a day is healthy right?  Yea.  Maybe if your glass didn't hold half a bottle.  Oh well.  I am NOT Fat. 

Seriously though. I am going to get in shape.  The back of my leg is starting to make me gag.  Watch out Mr. L I am going to get my abs back.  Woot. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything....

Caught Jack Singing & Dancing to this popular hit. I guess its one of those days...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Upstate New York Summer 2011

 First trip North in the Summer that I can remember since we lived there.  And my gosh.  How we do take for granted the little things, such as A/C, Ceiling Fans, Health Foods & Conveniences of Paved & Lit Roads.  Worth the trade?  For Mountains, Hayfields & Old Country Dirt Roads?  I think. Not
The Pug didn't stop panting the entire trip.  He may have for a minute when he took a dip in  
The Roaring Branch.  But I am not even positive on that one.  
Hanging out by a BIG tree in Great Grandma & Grandpa Pfieffers Yard in Greenwich, NY.

Wouldn't be a trip to Gra-Pas house without a ride on the tractor!
To get out and do something I found & bought tickets online prior to our arrival to go on the  
Lac Du Saint on Lake George.  Fireworks the night before the Fourth Of July. 
 Everyone was so excited to go on the Boat Cruise.  I am pretty sure Grandma, Gra-Pa & Aunt Amy all had a fun time too.

EAT {Dirt}

Jack taught us how to make {DIRT}Pudding for Dessert.  
He had it at school for the last day of school. 
So simple the kids can do it all by themselves.
What You Need:
1 Package of Instant Pudding {Vanilla}
2 Cups of Milk
Gummy Worms
1 Sleeve Oreos

What To Do:
Crush Oreos in the blender Mom, while the kiddies whip {stir} the Milk & Pudding Mix.  Spoon pudding into serving dishes.  Mom top with the crushed Oreos.  Kiddies add the worms to your {DIRT} dessert.
Now.  EAT {Dirt}!


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