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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend RePlay

If you have been following my blog and know that all I ever talk about is my kiddies, pug and what trails we hit on the weekend or how many sewing projects I got done on the weekend.  This is not your average weekend replay guys.
How fortunate I have a minute to blog. I am stuck in Tampa Airport delayed with Southwest Airlines.  I have sworn by Southwest and these fuckers have fucked me hard disappointed me this whole trip. I may never travel with them again... until next time.  You know that saying we all say the morning after drinking... "I'll never drink again."  Maybe this is like that?  Well see.

Speaking of drinking.  I had my first Club experience this weekend.  I am not sure if I would do it again. -- Or I won't do that again... until I do that again.

Mr. L was so thrilled out in Las Vegas getting to see all the Olympia finalists in person.  Shake hands, take pictures the works.  He even met Jessie from Big Brother. 

If you don't know Jay Cutler, you probably know Jessie from BB.  So anyways as advertised Jay had his after party at Blush in the Wynn and of course we had to be there for Mr. L's vacation pleasure.  This was told to be his best vacation ever.  Seriously though why people stand in line to get into a room the size of my kitchen & dining room put together with people always having to touch is completely beyond me. Oh. And then pay money to do so.  Luckily we got in free with our Olympia ticket stubs and I got a free glass of champagne.  Since I do not ever drink. That was almost enough for a buzz.  Add a couple more drinks and I was seeing fuzzy.  Once Mr. L & Malcolm got pictures with The Champ, Jay Cutler we were out this piece.

-- Made it back to our own hotel, The Palazzo and enjoyed a much more relaxed and not so touching experience at a little bar in the middle of the casino with a dj playing some tunes.  Much better time then the club by the way. -- What happened from here shall not be discussed.  "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Sunday after recovering from our night in Vegas we walked seven, maybe 8 miles.  Good idea right, in the 102 degree temps?  Yeah.  Not so much, we were feeling that later.  -- Still actually my back hurts, my legs hurt, my knees ache.  Ugh.  I am such an old lady.

 We got the kiddies all the gifts we promised them.  Cody - sword & shield from Caesars Palace.  Jack -- Cards from Vegas & a "Glass" Airplane.  Emma -- a Princess Bag & Matching Pen.  Oh. And Great Gramma. -- A Vegas Mug. (Of course!)

Sunday night we went out to eat at The Lux Cafe.  I apparently was oogled by teenage boys.  But definitely ate too much pasta & chicken and then dessert because our waiter would scold us if we weren't eating every-time she walked by!  I feel a little sick just thinking about how much food I forced into my body that night.   We watched the "show" they put on outside of the Treasure Island hotel & casino and tried to get everything packed up & to bed early for our day of travel in the morning.

 What a weekend right?  Not my typical weekend.  But my weekend none the less.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My First Blog Award

I got my very first blog award.  (Two days ago!)  Just now getting around to blogging about it.  How lame of me.  I was truly pleased to find that I was given this award.  (As it is my first!) But I  have just been so busy that I haven't had the time to type about it.  There is after-all  lot of work that goes into accepting this award.
So, here it goes.
First off, Thank You Lindsay from Our Ordinary Stories for honoring me my blog with this "One Lovely Blog Award" Thanks Lindsay.  Your blog is just so lovely.

The rules for accepting the award:

1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered.

3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they've been chosen.

Here is My Picks:
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I follow all of these blogs.  I love them each... all so different that they each deserve the "One Lovely Blog Award."

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    Weekend RePlay

    Saturday was supposed to be Mr. L taking little Jackie beans out to do the parachute run for the first time ever. BUT.  Instead Mr. L was out for a few hours in the middle of the night working.  Yah for overtime. Boo for no sleep.  That said. No parachute run.  So to make it up to Jack (after letting Mr. L get a little sleep!) we all went out bowling & then went out for pizza buffet at Cicis.
    The kids were so exciting to go bowling.  Cody & Dad just about tied. But. Cody won by 1 point in the end.  Cody got a 116!
    Later Saturday Great Grandma came in from the airport.  After a super delay keeping her sitting at the Baltimore airport for 3 extra hours. Ugh.  Finally she got in and Mr. L & Jack went out to pick her up.

    Throughout the weekend I was just swamped with all kinds of custom orders I was trying to get done.  I really strive to get everything done good & in a timely manner.  I know for me I just get so ANXIOUS waiting on the shipping when I place an order. I don't want my customers to have to wait any longer then they have to.

    I made 3 Pinafores, a Bunny, several crayon rolls,  and a pair of loafers.  I love how it all came out. 

    Sunday Grandma & I took the kids grocery shopping.  Scary.  They were all grumpy and tired by the time we got home.  The kids took baths & got ready for bed after a game of baseball outside with Great Grandma.  I read Jack his library book before bed.  It was the longest book ever.  Even he got bored with it.

    I want to thank all of my customers for all the business you have brought to ButterBeans&ChicPeas.  (Maybe staying up till 1 am the other night paid of with all the new fans I got on my facebook site.)

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    Weekend Replay

    This ones going to be short & to the point.  It was the weekend.  We needed one. 
    Saturday morning Mr. L, Cody and our neighbor Fernando went on the parachute run in Raleigh. 

    I cleaned the house all morning.....  

    Then I sewed & I made this.

    Emma modeled it perfectly with her "fall boots."

    Here she is posing next to our new "Welcome" sign for Fall!
    I love fall.  This was such a comfortable weekend.  The weather was just right.  We turned off the central air.  Opened up the windows & aired out the house.

                                                                        The Pug turned TwoHappy Birthday Fenway!

    There is now three pairs of these ridiculously cute boots for sale in my Etsy Shop.  And I whipped up a pair of minky pants in blue dimple dots.  I got this fabric FREE.  I ordered winter white from & they sent me blue.  I informed them and they told me to keep it for my next project. Score!  Now I am still waiting for... winter white.  Then I will craft up two bunnies for a wonderful customer.

    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

    Tonight (Monday, Sept. 13) Coupon Mommy of 2 is having a Flash Giveaway on her site at 10PM EST.  Yes. It's in just minutes from now.

    One of my products will be given away.

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Fun Run

     Emma, Mr. L & I all stayed out for the whole day. That's right. Seven hours outside in the sunshine & 88 degree heat.  Miss Emma was such a good girl the whole day.  Sporting of course an outfit made by me that got her all kinds of attention!
    This year I volunteered for the whole day.  Last year I was smart  less helpful and did half of the day.  I was calling off names I've never heard of all afternoon. (Missing my morning helper that did the dirty work!)
    But we made it through.  Most of the kids were really into the running.  And even some of the teachers too.
    Jack's class and Cody's class were back to back.   Mr. L and Jack ran 8 laps around the track in 20 minutes. He tied with one other kid in his class for the most laps in his class.  Poor Mr. L just finishing up a good jog with little Jackie had to get right back at it with Cody just minutes later. 
    Cody of course was striving to win.  He wanted to get the most laps for his class.  And he did it!  He tied with his best friend Davey.  They both got 11.  Mr. L did 19 laps in 40 minutes.  Woot Woot.

    As if this wasn't enough effort on his part.  Oh no.  He was talked into becoming Swimmy.  Oh yes.  He wore the drenched in three other peoples sweat Otter suite all to make some third graders happy.  They better had appreciated it.  Unlike Miss Emma.  She wasn't real impressed with Swimmy er Daddy

    And by the way Miss Emma did make it around the track at full run 3 times throughout the whole day.  Most of her time was spent snacking (I was thinking about someones belly the night before, certainly not my own!) under the table avoiding the hot sunshine.

    Second Annual Fun Run at Lake Myra was, in my book a success.  I don't know about the financial side.  We can only hope.  Those T-Shirts were loaded with sponsors this year.

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    Weekend RePlay

    I missed my typical Monday post.  Why, because Monday was Labor Day so I considered it to be part of my weekend.  Why I didn't then write this on Tuesday?  I was caught up in a sewing project.  (Of course!) I made 2 pairs of pants for a customer who has twins!  How CuteTwins wearing my adorable aqua circle pants.  Who would of thought?  Well now here is it Wednesday night and I am finally getting a minute fitting it in between sewing and putting the kiddies to bed.

    Saturday we went to the outlets.  Spent too much money on clothes.  Mr. L has dropped 2 pant sizes so he needed new khakis & why wouldn't we go to Ralph Lauren to get them?  The boys each got a shirt from Tommy & Emma got a cute little cardigan sweater from Tommy too.  Now we just need some Autumn like temps to wear these items.   I bought a bunch of fall decor items for outside.  Have a mentioned that I just love Autumn?

    The kiddies spotted a "Merry Go Round" ride at the Outlets.  It was broken but you know they still enjoyed.

    We had big plans of hitting up the town pool on Sunday morning.  But it was a bit chilly to be sitting poolside.  So we decided to take the kids out to Shelly Lake.  Or "the big trail" as they call it.  Mr. L came downstairs sporting his new white Ralph Lauren shirt and off Emma ran to get hers!  She was so proud to be matching her Daddy.

    Cody is getting so grown up & he is about due for another hair cut!  His hair grows fast, just like mine.

    Emma & I pose on the bench for a picture.  
    (You all don't see me much do you?)

    Here is a typical Jack photo.  He always does this.  Sometimes with acorns, those spikey things that fall from the trees & in this case a piece of a pine tree.

    How cute are they.  We just love this trail.  Its about 2 miles and I think next time we won't even bother with the stroller.  Miss Emma walked the bulk of the trail.  (I think she wants to do what her big brothers do!)  Of course if we bring Fenway along, the stroller may will for sure come in handy He's a lazy pug!

    Emma Lou With Her Walking Stick!

    Monday, Labor Day.  One holiday Mr. L is actually entitled to we decided to go to the nature trail at the library.  It felt like our typical Sunday, but we didn't get to get library books.  They were closed both Sunday & Monday.  Ugh.  What book will we read tonite?  We still haven't made it to the library for new books.
    Dad & Cody are getting ready for a run in this side photo.  They ran for 23 minutes.  I guess they were getting set for the Fun Run at school this Thursday 
    (Oh. That's Tomorrow!)

    I let Emma & Jackie Beans bring scooters and bikes!  They loved it.  We fed the fish & turtles and I even read a few pages of my book while Cody & Dad ran.  Jack did run a couple laps.  But he doesn't get the whole "pace yourself thing..."  he just RUNS!  Then he is to tired to go on.  We will see how tomorrow goes at the Fun Run.  Hopefully we can convince him to "jog." Not Run.

    Wait. What. Another Picture of Me In The Same Post?

    I just love these shoes.  I got them at my fave store. Target.  For only $4.

    After being out in the sunshine all morning playing on the trail.  And the big men running.  Mr. L decided it was a great time to go check out the town pool.  (Oh it was the last day of the season!)  Glad we went over to check it out though.  We will be back next year for sure.  It is bigger then we thought.  Cleaner then we thought.  And for $7 for all of us, why not?

    Jack even got into the water.  There are no steps & the shallow end was 2ft deep.  But he did it.  He got in and walked out to the 3ft area.
    As you can tell from my butt load of pictures from this labor day weekend we had an awesome time together as a family.  I failed to photo our grilling.  We grilled and had pasta salads two nights this weekend & had ice cream floats.  Played baseball in the evenings and just enjoyed each other. 

    I Love My Family.


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