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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Good Morning Yall! And Happy Fall! It's officially fall & the weather is proving it. Chilly mornings & enjoyable afternoons. No more sweating at baseball. Eeek. I love this time of year. But. It seems I need to go clothes shopping. Not only because my closet is so big & empty, but because my littles are all growing like weeds & need fall clothes to fit.  Thinking a trip to the outlets is in order.

Top {crazy old} American Eagle
Super Comfy Cardigan - Old Navy
Jeans - The Gap
My go to fall shoes - green clogs Target {psst. Cody is not a fan of these shoes. Oh well.}
Happy Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {UnPacking&SettlingIn}

Skipped a week. Last Wednesday I was signing my autograph about a bazillion times to sell the house & purchase our new home. What a crazy busy day. - One week later I have all of my things here with me. Woot. Lots unpacked & still lots more to do.  Boxes in all the corners, but the kitchen is completely unpacked & the office.  We can function with that.  I even created new projects for myself, like staining my log bedframe & stands. Bed done. Stands, hopefully today. And. Of course. I've been playing some major catch up on emails & orders. Three camera bags yesterday. Whew.  Oh & of course I am battling a "cold", seems like a throat thing, easily cured by a morning cup of coffee & afternoon hot tea - but it comes back in the morning.  Ugh.

Photo: Just off the machine and shipping out tomorrow. First item finished in the new sewing room. Woot.Photo: It may look like a mess, but it works. Getting things done today. Three camera bags going thru the machine.
So today is day two for the littles riding the bus, but day three of the new school.  So far, its OK.  We got great impressions from the teachers.  But. Once the littles came home, not so much, the behavior & lack of discipline seems to be too much.  Six to 8 kids from the class getting sent to the office.  Constant empty threats from the teacher... so on.  My kids are the "good kids" & I am not just saying that, if you met them you would know.  They make good choices, for the most part, & especially when it counts.  They don't like to play with the bad kids.  Codys teacher actually said to the class, "Well Cody knows who to pick as friends."  - Yep.  He sure does.  Hopefully things will get better, and its a fluke thing.  Jack is beyond excited.  Today is his first ever field trip.  He has had "field trips" before, that were all in house.  This time he is going out!  Jack will see a house from the 1800s - the cotton gin & experience the ways of the times.  How fun! He could barely sleep last night he was so excited. Eeek

Top - Tangerine Tank from Target
Olive Cable Knit Sweater from Eddie Bauer {LOVE IT!}
Skinny Dark Denim Jeans from XXI
Plaid Flats by SOHO from Khols
The temperature has dropped. Feels like a real fall morning out there. I love it.  Alright going to get my shipping done & then to the back yard to stain the stands.  Maybe get the bed put together too.  Gotta watch little Ezra this afternoon & then its Baseball Time!
Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {One Week Till Closing}

I am up! Watching Ezra till 10pm or later is really cutting into my sleep. I think I finally got to bed around 1130 last night, and popped up out of bed just before 7am this morning. Dear Sweet Coffee, please, oh please get me thru the morning. Had the biggest Little, Cody take my picture for todays post. Getting the three Littles ready & off to school. Then I plan to hit the machine. I've got a camera bag to finish up then TWO peasant dresses in Christmas colors. I guess the Christmas sewing has officially begun. - I have to get busy.  Several orders to wrap up before I pack everything away.  Production will be on hold for about a week while our move takes place.  1 week from today we close on our sale & purchase of our new home.  Long time coming.
- And tonight, kicks off our first baseball game of the season.  Um, Mr. L is not on call & he is still going to miss it.  His job sucks.  But it makes the big bucks.

Top by Merona from Target
Floral Ruffle Skirt from Old Navy {HandmeDown}
Aqua Strappy Sandal from Rack Room
Linking up with the Pleated Poppy, as usual.
Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I have CYSTS in my breast!

My to do list is, um, huge. - With a move there comes lots of phone calls, address changes, and even though we are moving a mere 10 miles away, it involves a school change.  This morning we had a conference with Jacks teacher to check up on how amazing he is doing.  Of course.  He is above target level & he has the COGatt tests next week, monday, tuesday & wednesday.  {We close one Wednesday too!} Busy. Busy.   If Jack scores well he does the IOWA test.  From there they decide on placement for the Explorers program & next year, 4th grade begins the AG programs. Fingers crossed he gets in.  He is a child that needs these enrichment classes just to keep him interested.  Jack tends to be so smart & advanced that he gets bored rather easily.  Ok.  Enough of the mommy bragging.  After that meeting I ran back home to get all of the packages shipped.  No mail on Monday for the Labor Day holiday made for a huge back up & paypal was acting like a real tool, not allowing me to purchase labels.  All is well now.  Phew. 

- I've kept this next bit of info on the down low.  Now that I have answers I can shout it from the roof tops!  I have CYSTS in my breast!  No real info on what, if anything, to do next.  For right now I can just breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I don't have Breast Cancer.  Feel your boobies mamas.  You are never to young.  The lumps I found are HUGE & seem to have come almost overnight, I figured they were cysts, as did my doctor.  But better safe than sorry.  Now I am out $100,  but our health is priceless. Yea. Right.  Psst. That is with insurance. Awesome.

 So if you thought I had been MIA for awhile, now you know why.  I have so much on my plate, glad to take this off of it.   After the ultrasound, that confirmed everything we had a quick stop at Joanne fabric for some solid kona fabric.  - Stopped off at the school, the new school, signed the kids up, almost {have to go back with more info later!}  We did however get our track & teachers figured out.  So yay for that! 

Mr. L got things figured out for the direct tv account & time warner internet provider.  Oh and vivint, our alarm service.  Everything is scheduled to be set up so that we only have a couple day lapse without online.  4G is not so fun. 

Just a little heads up that we will be running a little slow.  Trying to wrap up all paid & current as of TODAY, Sept. 3rd orders by Friday.  All of our house will be in storage from Saturday - Saturday.  Yes.  I am going a full week without my bed.  My sewing machine.  - I am not going without my Keurig Machine.   Coffee is a must.



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