Growing Together

I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

 Tops:  Aqua Tee from Old Navy paired with Long Cardigan from Khols.  {I love this Cardigan!}

Bottoms:  Jeans from Gap
Feeling "Fallish" today - broke out the green clogs.  - from Target.

- Oh!  And check out that stump I am standing on.  Yep.  We got the tree down.  $100 {The guy asked for $50 - but it was worth more than that!}  He was helpful & we appreciated him in our time of need.  Happy to have that stress out of the way.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend RePlay

 We had a very much inside weekend.  While Hurricane Irene showed her face through the Carolinas.  We stayed inside & had a tasty crockpot dinner.  The kiddies helped me make some rolls.  They were incredibly tasty.    As Mr. L was getting the breakdown costs of our car getting its 100,000 mile services done -- the big pine in our backyard split in half and just missed the shed & neighboring fence.     I am feeling my bank account get lighter & lighter.
 We are now left with a 30 ft danger in the yard & $500 less in our bank account.  And because its hurricane season the local tree companies are wanting $1,000 an hour. I don't even think so.   
Sunday I got all these pillowcase dresses made up.  Success with the pillowcase dress sale.  {Yay.}
 Hurricane Irene - who was no longer a "Hurricane" hit VT {Our home state} on Sunday.  Making what happened in my backyard look like nothing.   Homes, Roads & Historical Bridges gone & damaged.  Complete shock for the northeast.   Irene hit just about the entire East Coast.  Amazing what nature can do.

Happy. And Blessed Today.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ButterBeans&ChicPeas Fan Appreciation {CLOSED}

{OOAK SKIRT}....................... Ashley Latham
Fat Pack................................... Elizabeth Hanninen
EggPlant Headband.............. Terri Hays
$10 Shop Credit......................  Stephanie "slynnh"

Good Morning. 
   Finally getting on here after a crazy day of sewing & trees falling in my yard thanks to Irene

Lets get on with the goods...
 Someone will win a FREE {OOAK Skirt}  (OOAK=OneOfAKind)  You choose the size!  I choose the fabrics.  It won't look like the one above - hence the OOAK.  
 A free Fat Pack - Three Paisley Shabby Chic Fabrics. FREE. WoW.
 An infant headband or on a bobby pin in Eggplant.  You Pick.

And last but NOT least - one lucky winner will get $10 Shop Credit.  YaY! 

Fill out the google form & wait till Thursday, Sept. 1st around 9:30AM for winners to be announced.  Check your spam folders.  You'll have 24 hours to respond of your forfeit your prize.  Names will also be posted HERE on the blog.  Thanks.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

ButterBeans&ChicPeas 2,500 Fan Celebration: {CLOSED}

Annoucing Our Winners:

Cute Little Patches...........................    Shelly Potter
Bows By Cece...................................   Melanie Briggs
Katies Discovery Toys.....................   Eden Lowry
Comfy Home Creations....................   Linda Hill
Doll Baby Bowtique Boy...................  Sarah Leatherman
Doll Baby Bowtique Girl...................  Sarah Rambeaut
Itty Bitty Designs..............................  Mippy Foofalina
LuckyLu Creations Halloween.........  Michelle Axel
LuckyLu Creations Deal...................  Lauren Bradshaw
Pumpkin Joy......................................   Trista Anderson

Please remember you have 48 hours to contact our sponsors to claim the prize.  Should you not contact in that amount of time you forfeit your prize.  Thanks for understanding.  Beverly.
First I feel like I have to start this off by saying how amazed & appreciative I am to have you all as fans. I hit 2,500 Fans on Facebook & just kept on going. Orders are flying in & you all are keeping me insanely busy. It's days like this that keep me going. Thank YOU for that.

So lets get started. Who wants to see some amazing prizes that some of my favorite shops & fellow crafty mommas have created?
 Cute Little Patches
A {no sew} Vintage Inspired Satin Trio Headband PDF tutorial.
Bows By Cece

 A $15 Gift Card to her shop.  Amazing.
 Katie's Discovery Toys

Katie's new to the blog & facebook scene.  Check her out for sure & show some love.  The Discovery Toys look so smart.

A versatile, open-ended puzzle friend with countless opportunities for math exploration and configuration. Your child will have fun counting, sorting, mixing and matching colors, geometric shapes, and patterns. 13 pieces  from 2y - preschool.

 Comfy Home Creations
A pumpkin applique shirt available in sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T or 5T.
Doll Baby Bowtique
Flannel scarves. {Fabric may vary.}

 Itty Bitty Designs

A 40% Off Discount Code.  
Check out her Etsy Shop.  You won't have any trouble finding something cute there. 

  Lucky Lu Creations

A Buy 2 Cards Get 1 Free Deal in her Etsy Shop.

Free Halloween Card 
{Reads: "Happy Halloween" Inside. Envelope Included.}
 Pumpkin Joy
Another super new - but super crafty momma to facebook.  Be sure to show her love with the "like" button.

Visit her Etsy Shop:
Halloween Puppy in Soft Minkee & Cotton.

Below you will find the Google Form to enter to win all of the above prizes. 

Please don't forget to show your love & support to the sponsors.  I've made it rather simple with all there links here on the blog.  And you have probably noticed the shout outs on our facebook page.  Simply hoover over the name & like it!  Simple.  

Wondering where all the BB&CP items are - I am going to do them separate.  Why? Cause the power is fading in & out thanks to Hurricane Irene's  w-i-n-d-s --- and I want to get this up before I can't.  Be on the look out for another post later today or tomorrow with the BB&CP items.  Thanks for being a FAN!   

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pink. Polkadots. Princess. Pepperoni. Picnic.

A new pink dress with polkadot trims - fit for a  princess 
ready for a pepperoni sandwich at her  picnic.

All those "P" words were rather fitting.  Today we were working on the letter "P."  How it sounds, what starts with the letter "P" & how to write it.  Perfectly Pleasant "P."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Here we go again.  We try to hurry the week by just to get to the weekend & then it flies right by.  Glad I got some pictures to capture the blink of an eye we call "The Weekend." Anyone else feel its more of a week beginning?  For us its when we try to rest & at the same time get groceries & such for the week.  I feel like it starts our week. - or at-least Sunday does Freshly bathed kiddies.  To bed early.  Mommy & Daddy time on the couch catching up on the dvr.  Relaxing to start the week off right.   

I got my new machine Friday night.  Yay.  Had lots of catching up to do with the two days without.  I love how this sun suit turned out & the simple black girls top with the flutter cap sleeve.  Just beautiful.

Try not to rush your week by just to get to the blur of a weekend we get.  Enjoy each & everyday.  Make the most of it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Da Pug

 Da Pug is one lazy boy today all the time.  I thought I'd get a few pictures of him.  I mean he's part of the family & he hasn't been seen on the blog in-awhile. 
Didn't take much to wake him up.  
{"Wanta Treat?"} Huh? Me. I am Up.
 Said treat in this post is from the wonderful  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Friday night we headed out to Five County Stadium for a Mud Cats game.  Free - courtesy of Time Warner Cable.  All three of the kids LOVED the game.  Usually its ..."Is the game over yet."  {Before its even started!}  Not this time.  All Smiles.  We even stayed to the end to see the fireworks.   

Saturday we all slept in from the late night out at the game.  Later we did some grocery shopping at Costco & Aldis.  Stocked up on food for the week.  Came home & made super good Chicken & Veggie Quesadillas. Yumm.
Sunday I re-covered this pillow for the front porch rocking chair.  Of course I have another chair - so it looks like I have more work ahead of me.  Of course we later did our typical Sunday thing.  The Library.  {Which after all these weeks of going every Sunday - Jack just caught on.}  ... "Of course we are going to the library Mom.  Its Sunday."
I just finished up this dress that I started Friday.  Happy to get it done before Emma went to bed.  I got a couple good pictures of the dress & her. - I can sew one for your lil' gal too!  Check out my etsy shop here: 
You can convo me on Etsy for details.  
By the way - this is a TenderFeetStitches Pattern & I am linking this post up to Sarahndipities "Make Something Monday" post.

I am thinking I had a pretty productive weekend.  


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