Growing Together

I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Finished up our FIRST week of track out.  Not getting much work sewing done with three kids running around always wanting me to cook something.  Why are they all hungry at different times?  Furthermore why have I decided that this is okay? ha.

Saturday we talked about going to the outlets but I really wasn't feeling that drive (45 Minutes) so we just went right in town and shopped at the local stores.  Didn't find much of anything but somehow spent a pretty penny.  Mr. L got a new gym bag.  He broke the zipper on his old one on Friday.  Miss Emma got a new dress & matching coat, that we later found to be rather detective like.  Then we came home to make some dinner because we were all starving.  Spaghetti.  Yum.

Sunday we caught up on "The Middle" on the dvr & then Mr. L went out to lunch and a movie with Malcolm.  I want lunch & a movie with Mr. L.  So of course I spent that time sewing.  I am trying to stay caught up on orders.  Especially with the craft show in the back front of my mind.
When Mr. L got out of the movie (Fighter) he called asking if the kiddies & I wanted to do the trail.  (I didn't really have the energy!)  But we went.  Why?  Because you have to take advantage of these times when he asks.  The next time I want to, he might not 

We even took the Pug.  {He loved it.}  Oh.  And I am thinking he is looking a bit thinner.  He's my healthy pug!

 Now to begin week two of track out.  And I just found out this morning.  Due to weather conditions in the lovely northeast  Great Grandma is flying in tonight.  Everyone is excited.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Few

...... Of My Favorite Things

 I am sew (hehe) ready to make something just to put these tags into use.  Watch for wash cloths.  I have TONS cut. 
But didn't sew any yet just because I was waiting for my fabulous  "Custom Couture Label Co."  tags to come in.
                      Yep. I {heart} them!

 Lately I have a thing for this color.  I did the vests in this amazing lime green argyle print.  Here is the coordinating thread.   Of course.  Buttons.  How can you not love... Big. Huge. Buttons

    ........Especially when they are in such bright colors.

I also really enjoy repeat customers.  Navel oranges & Happy Kiddies (and Daddy & Pug too!)  Reading little blurbs from you all... like this one...

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I'm beyond words for how wonderful they were & soo beautiful!! They definitely did my princesses justice & you exceeded my expectations. I will be back & shout your praises from the mountaintops! Thank you again!"

or this one....

"I absolutely love this outfit, please make more, i'll keep buying!!! Thanks for the super fast shipment as well!!!"

Its these little things that make me smile.  Keep me going & staying motivated and eager to please!

Little bellies are my favorite too.  Perfect for tickling.  I am a Happy Momma!   

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Haven't bothered with a weekend replay in a bit - mainly because nothing exciting has happened.  You know besides everyone being sick.  Finally a weekend without sickness.  Though it felted "cheated" because the kiddies had school on Saturday.  Yep.  That's right - Saturday school.  Making up for the last "snow day" we had.

Saturday while the big kiddies were in school Mr. L, Emma & I went and had the car detailed (YAY! it needed it) then had the oil changed & tires rotated.  This took the bulk of the day.  Once the kiddies were out of school we went out for pizza at Mama Mias. Yum.  Then Mr. L & I watched Buried together.  This wasn't a great movie.

Sunday (which now felt like Saturday, because we were cheated!) we went to the library, I finally found the lost board book that I renewed THREE times.  Then we headed over to Raleigh and did the Costco thing.  Stocked up on some items & headed home.

I worked on some items for the upcoming CraftShow I'll be doing in Downtown Raleigh March 12th.   Getting excited about it.  I cannot believe how cute these little "Sandals" are coming out.  Don't you just love the open toe?

Short weekend. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lazy Days

Yesterday was so cloudy - the kids had a early dismissal due to snow predictions and freezing rain.  We never did see a flake of snow.  But we sure did get the ice.  It is nasty out there.  Today we ended up having a "Snow Day".  No work.  No school.  Kiddies are still in pjs.  We sat by the fire.  Watched movies, dvr and played a little Super Mario together.   It's so fun being lazy.

It has been drizzling ice and rain from the sky all day.  The cars are still iced over and the roads, of course!  The Pug didn't enjoy his time outside one bit.  Slipping and sliding all over.

Being that the kiddies have been at home the bulk of the last four days my sewing has been little to none.  I am starting to feel bad about it.  It's the new year and I have had like four sales.  I am so lazy. (But I kinda like it.  The holidays took a lot out of me!)

This year, actually soon - April.  I am hoping to do a craft fair.  It will be my first.  So I have to get my booty into gear and get creating.  I really hope that the craft fair goes well and possibly turns into something I do more often!  Yah.

We shall see what tomorrow brings?  Another "Snow Day" or perhaps a delay?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Doll Baby Bowtique

The wonderful Katrina over at Doll Baby Bowtique held a contest on her blog to help inspire her new - catch phrase if you will.  Guess what ... I won!  Katrina decided on  "Doll Baby Bowtique ... Handcrafted Creations for all the Guys and Gals in your life!"  and I think it is just plain - cute!  So for my PRIZE - she sent me Miss Emma a beautiful package.  Seriously.  When I got it in the mail I was so surprised to see how wonderfully packaged it was.  It was like I was getting a gift!  Besides how great the packaging was - I couldn't believe how many bows / clippies she sent.  I think 8 or so?  Emma loves every - single - one of them and immediately set them all out and informed me that she would wear "this one today, this one tomorrow, then this one the next tomorrow, and the next tomorrow..."  She is so silly.   
Below is Miss Emma in the new dress/top I am making for ButterBeans&ChicPeas {Spring Line} sporting a Doll Baby Bowtique hairbow.  We are officially hairbow lovers.  (Never would of thunk!)   A Huge Thank You To Katrina.  Go check out all her cute stuff.

Weekend RePlay

This weekend was bound to be - um. Lame-o.  Mr. L knew he had to work first thing Saturday morning.  But due to weather conditions in the south things got delayed and everything was up in the air.  Leaves us basically clueless and wondering if we should attempt to leave the house.  Once Mr. L found out that the work wouldn't be happening until SUNDAY morning we decided to venture out for the day.

We went to the OutletsDetermined to buy SHOES.  I thought to myself I will not come home without SHOES.   Mr. L has been in dire need of work shoes.  Somehow we left the plaza with not one but Six pairs of shoes!  A little crazy.  We do have five people in our family so I guess not really that crazy.  But.  Three of the six pairs were for Mr. L.  A work shoe.  A workout shoe.  A slipper.  I think he is set.  Plus he got the new Zigtech.  So he is happy.  Nope, I don't have the crazy shoe addiction that some moms have.  I didn't get a pair.  Just the kiddies.  (Though I have looked several times for a pair for myself.  The styles I find are just not me.  And the ones I think are cute and me.  Are so not comfortable.)

Sunday - Mr. L finally goes to work.  The kids and I have breakfast and brew the coffee.  Take the pug out & play a little wii.  When Mr. L returns (at a early hour! Yah!) with coffee & donuts from Krispy Kreme. 
In the words of Emma - "At least I didn't just have breakfast."

I suppose the rest of the day will have the typical library and making sure we have what we need food wise for the week in store.  Perhaps a minute to sew?  Oh.  I need to get fleece.  I am out of fleece.  How can I sew boots without, FLEECE?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So I actually missed the date.  I so didn't think I started my blog until late Jan or even into Feb.  But I actually Started it on December 26, 2009.  
That said - Happy Blog-a-Versary to Me!

Some fun lil' tid bits:
My blog has been viewed  3,853 by you fine people from the United States (of course), Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine and Kuwait.

I blogged 90 times.  My number one viewed post was actually My Very First Blog Award. I have received 258 fantastic comments from you all.  What Joy! You all know how I {love} comments!

Surprised at this stat - 39%  of you use Internet Explorer on your Windows based device to view my blog -  while a close 31% use FirefoxI {Love} Firefox.  A mere 6% viewed from a Macintosh.

I gained 144 followers.  And lots of new friendships.

I have only had one blog facelift And I did it myself.

Here is to another fantastic year.   Thanks for being part of my first blogging year & make my stats.


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