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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend RePlay

As you may or may not have known blogger has been down.  Not allowing us to post & of course during that time I had actually had the urge to blog.  Is it said that sometimes this feels like... dare I say it... workNow sewing.  Put me in-front of my machine any day.   Any-hoo.  I am finally able to get up the post from last weekends events now that this weekend is about OVER with.  Lets see if I can keep the stamina for TWO posts in one day!

 Friday we traveled home ... at long last from New Jersey.  We got in at a decent time.  Stop at the post office only to find that our plates were still not in for our "new" car.  Just lovely.  It still sits parked with no plates & no real answers as to... when.  Ugh.

Its probably bad that I don't really remember what we did Saturday... & it feels like well over a week ago.  I am going to assume we bought groceries as being away from home for two weeks we had nothing in the fridge. 

Sunday, Mothers Day!  I woke with a lovely migraine.  We did a whole lot of nothing.  I attempted to get an Elephant Teapot at Target that I realllly wanted, but they were sold out.  I checked online... sold out everywhere in a 100 mile radius.  They must have been really nice? ha.   Finally when my head wasn't killing me we went for a walk on the trail.  A picture of me & my three kiddies on Mothers Day.
 Cody is still working on his tooth.  His teeth are so crazy right now.  So many loose ones. 
I love this SOOC shot of Miss Emma running through the grass.  Shes a cutie!

I had so many customs & orders come in while I was on "vacation" in NJ.  I couldn't waste anytime getting to work on them.  Here is one of the customs.  I love this fabric on this piggy.  I am pretty sure others did too.  I ended up making one more shortly there after. 
Sleepy Piggy.  Psst.  This is a BitofWhimsy Pattern.  (I am just trying to cover my ass here!)  
I was caught up by Wednesday with my customs.  Go Me. 

Here is another SOOC shot I wanted to share.  I am not a huge dandelion fan... but they are everywhere right now.  While on the trail on mothers day I got this shot.  You know me & my feet shots.  
This dandelion spruces the shot up a bit!


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