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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {Two Weeks Till Closing}

I thought we were closer to the move date, then I gained a week back. Yay. I needed it. I feel like I am getting nowhere & fast.  I pack up a few more boxes everyday, but I think until the big things are out of here, its not going to look like I've done a thing.

So onto it my friends... What I Wore Wednesday!  - Linking it all up to the Pleated Poppy.  Of course.

Blue "Dress" {its a top!}Old Navy
Pink Pants by Indigo Rein from TJMaxx
Polk A Dot Flats by Merona from Target
Photo: Just off the machine and shipping out today to Kathleen H.
Already finished up a skirt this morning, shipping done, now I am out the door with my lovely friend Erika for a little fabric browsing & lunch. 

Happy Wednesday.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Things are moving along with the purchase/sale of our house & new home.  Today we are having the termite spot treatment taken care of & our new home is getting a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection done at some point this week.  More papers to sign.  More money to spend.  Oh joy.  Totally ready for this to be done & over with.  As for our shed, we were dicked around by this one guy & now after all this time waiting for the weather to be good to get it out of here, he emails to say he doesn't want it.  Now with 3 weeks till closing we still have a shed sitting here.  Ugh.  Working on donating it to the fire dept as a tax write off.  This might be our best option.  Assuming they can get it out of here.  Thanks Home Depot for building us a shed that is not on slats & is more than difficult to move.  Thanks for that.

Ribbed Neon Yellow Tank - Target
Grey Skirt - Hand Me Down
Aqua Sandals - Rack Room
Bow Necklace - Screaming Owl

Well time to get this day started.  Coffee.  Bus Stop. Watching Ezra for a couple hours this afternoon.  - Then baseball {weather permitting!}

Happy Wednesday!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {Official Contract}

Good Morning World. Coffee in hand, actually almost half way gone. I am longing for a morning where I go outside & its not hot. Also not getting eaten alive by bugs would be rather nice too. Or as I put it, bit to shit. I have about 10 bug bites on just one patch of my leg. They are awful this year.

So yesterday it became official we got the contracts signed for the sale of this house.  After the inspection process you have to go back to the negotation "table" and there was so much to be negotated.  The buyer asked for ALL repairs, including rebuilding perfect steps based on the bottom one being 2 inches shorter than the rest & a door that swings shut and doesn't stay where you put it, among other silly things... And then big things, such as a termite spot treatment & that scary word, MOLD in the crawl space.  Or as to not cause us any stress just give them $2,600.00!  Obviously we were in complete shock when we say the number being that we had already had our own estimates done by not one, but two mold experts and the number just wasn't lining up.  Our realtor couldn't get there realtor to show us an estimate from their "trusted contractor."  Reason being, there was none.  Pull a number out of a hat and hope for the best?   - So no, us giving away $2,600 on top of the $3k & fridge we are already giving you at closing.  Just not going to happen.  Our realtor kindly reminded them us those little facts when she presented our counter offer.   See below!

Two days later they agreed & now all papers are signed.  Its a win for both parties involved & I am glad they were able to see that.  Now.  To get on to the simple-ish repairs & packing.  Lots of packing.  Four weeks from today.

Dress by XXI {Three or Four Years Ago!  Still LOVE this dress!}
Strappy Aqua Sandals by X-Appeal from Rack Room
Coffee fresh from the Keurig. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {Inspection - Mold & Termites!}

Good Morning! Coffee in my cup! Getting my littles ready to head out the door to school. Then I have not one but TWO mold experts coming today to let me know just how bad my crawl space life is.  Anything that could go wrong with this whole house selling thing, has gone wrong.  It's just awesome.  Termites & Mold in crawl space found on the inspection.  I love that I have been living with this & not even knowing.  Thanks bug company for letting me know we have termites.  I mean why would I think you would spot that when you can't even kill the billion spiders that frequent my front deck.  ha.

So today will be a great day.  {Have you noticed the sarcasm in this post?}  Wow.  We already got the termite quote.  $500.  Lets keep in mind that I am selling this house & we have to pay there closing costs $3,000, meaning I was already only coming out 1K on top.  After the termites I profit $500.  After the mold I go negative.  FML.

Red Top by Jockey
Grey Racer Back by Old Navy
Dark Denim Jeans by SoHo from Khols
Aqua Strappy Sandals by X-Appeal from Rack Room
My fancy cup - Vera Bradley

Happy Wednesday.


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