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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Last Saturday while spending long hours browsing the blogland I came across ..."What I Wore Wednesday"... on The Pleated Poppy's Blog.  Yay.  What excitement.  I am not sure why this attracted me.  Some of the clothing these ladies own are amaaazing.  From this I am realizing that I need to branch out a bit.  Try new colors.  And patterns.  Eek {That scares me!}  Patterned clothing are not hanging in my closet.  I apparently love solids. - Gap, Old Navy & Target.

That said check out what I wore this week... (since Sunday... Atleast!)

Top: Stretch Tee from Gap on top of Tank from Target
Bottoms:  Draw String Lounge pants from Old Navy  
(They didn't do my hips justice!) Glad I didn't go out!


Top:  Tank from Target  layered 
with a Beige "Favorite Tee" from Gap
Sweater from Ralph Lauren (it was a rainy day!)

Bottom:  Jeans from Gap 
Socks from Target with one of my favorite 
pairs of flats from Target! 


Top:  (My comfiest shirt ever!!!) From Target (of Course!!)
Bottoms:  Yoga Pants from Old Navy with Target Socks <3
{It was laundry day.}

Top: Cami from Old Navy layered with a Green Henley from Old Navy (Closest thing to patterns I own!)
Bottoms:  (FAVORITE JEANS), So from Khols Department Store.
Socks from Target.  I {L O V E} the color of this blue. 
With my faithful flats.  Target.

Excited for my first link up with The Pleated Poppy!  Hopefully many more to come... this may or may not make me get out of yoga pants! hehe.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am Crafty

Did you know that this isn't my first go at being craftyOkay.  So it may be one of those things that all moms are meant to be. Crafty.  And maybe in that aspect I am filling the shoes.  But I have always been this way.  I am Crafty.  Did my mom teach me?  Is it somehow embedded in my DNA passed through genes?  Will Emma get this Craft Gene?  

When I was a teen I used to steal  {You cannot steal FREE CD's} from stores that were offering you AOL on disk just so I could paint them.  Apply glitter & hang them from my ceiling.  I painted packing tape.  The bottom of my shoes.  I took art class.  And I loved it.  

Crafting now is something I do for my kids & you.   For my kids I am able to stay home be here for them and the way I see it, be a good mom.  Perhaps even teaching them my crafty ways.  For you I have my ButterBeans&ChicPeas business.  I love making you all these handmade, with love items.  I love reading how much you {L O V E} your items.  How everywhere you go you get compliments on your lil' ones new shirt, dress etc.  Simply amazing.  The friendships I have created through being Crafty are fabulous.  I could not ask for a better online community of ladies.  I know a lot of you are crafty mommas... is it in your DNA too?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Ah, where to start?  Mr. L & I have been sick or allergies whatever it is.  {Just awful.}  By some miracle the kiddies haven't gotten sick. Yet.  After Friday afternoon with a friend over & some pasta & meatballs we all settled in for the night.  I enjoyed a glass a couple glasses of wine & a movie with Mr. L.  Saturday morning we somehow managed to exit the house rather early.  Hit up the library. (A day early!)  And headed over to the dreaded Verizon store.  Oh how I hate thee.  The kids are bound to be bad.  The lines are bound to be even badder (is that a word?) --  To my surprise we were greeted with being number one on the list & seeing as the kids just got new library books that entertained them for a minute.  Once Mr. L was called he got right to what he wanted - a dock for the Droid.  Forget about my issue.  (Not sure when this became MY issue?)  We now have THREE. Yes -THREE lines on our plan.   {Side Note:  When this phone pops up on Mr. Ls phone as an incoming call... it reads - Fenway Calling.  Yes.  Our Pug has his own line.  Whats the world coming to? }  Back to it here.  I have to speak up on our my issue.    We. do. not. need. THREE. lines.
Not what curly haired foreign guy wants to hear.   And he is not telling me what I want to hear.  Apparently I cannot cancel one line and change the number of the other - because that would be like giving him a calculator and then asking for it back.  Yes.  He did use that analogy.  I didn't want to deal or listen to him so I was short and said "I'll talk to Verizon on the phone about it.  They will get it done for me."  And I know they will.  Maybe he just didn't want to do his job today? ha.   I am pretty sure I embarrassed Mr. L.   He told me to calm down.  Oh I was calm.  He hadn't seen me excited yet.  (I'll save that for the foreigner I have to speak to when the time comes!)

So after getting not much done at Verizon we made our way over to The Factory.  I had seen a kids sale - I was hoping to find some pants for the boys.  Which I didn't.  But.  We did get 3 nice button up shirts, a polo, 2 pairs of pants for Emma & a top all for $24.  Pretty much a win.  From there Mr. L took us out to lunch at the Ale House.  Yumm.   We even had a HUGE dessert.  May sound a little weird.  And it was.  Tortilla chips, cinnamon, ice cream, whipped cream, oreos, hot fudge & caramel.   
The kids {loved} it.

I stopped off at Costco to grab some K-Cups.  Vital.  Just brewed myself some.  Seriously.  Heaven in A Mug. :) MmmMhmmMmm.  Working away on a couple pairs of BOY loafers & still trying to gather the hardware to create this pattern test for suspenders.   Come on mail lady.  Bring me my goodies.

Saturday night the door bell rings.  I come downstairs.  Where Mr. L is sitting (sick) on the couch not even thinking about answering the door.  Nor should I.  And sometimes I don't.  {Gasp!}  But for some reason I did. {Hmph.}  It was a salesmanboy.   "Are you the lady of the house?"  Me - "Yes."  {Holding my overweight pug that was about to dash out the front door and make this guys leg his dinner.}  "Oh. Wow.  Are you taking youth pills?  You look so young.  But very sophisticated."   Burst out Laughing.  I am wearing striped pajama bottoms with slippers holding a pug.  This is not my idea of sophistication.  And the whole youth thing.  Ha.  Maybe I would appreciate it if I wasn't... well ... so young.  
All in all I am not buying your organic cleaner that you just cleaned my door with and licked.  Yes he licked the cleaner.  Ewww.  It was "Sweet & Bitter, Just like his ex-fiance."  Where do they come up with these lines I am thinking.  Seriously?
What an eventful Saturday.  This caused us to have a very laid back at home Sunday.  Completely. At Home.  We did not leave our house.  I did get one pair of loafers done.  Go Me.  Incredibly cute & oh so small.  They are size Newborn to 3 Months.

It was a rainy weekend but I was able to get some pretty shots once the rain stopped.  I love the drops on the flower petals are just so crazy wonderful to me.  I think it came out rather well.  Oh and I just love how green the grass is becoming. {In patches!}  But still.  I can't help but enjoy the green.
                    Mr. L is off to the doctor in the morning.  Thinking sinus infection.  Lovely. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Egg-cellent" Easter Deal {CLOSED}

{ C L O S E D }
It was my pleasure hosting this deal on my blog with Comfy Home Creations.  Always willing and LOVING to pass along an awesome deal to my fans & followers.  Why?  Cause you all are awesome.  Thanks so much...  
Google Form says it all!  Ashlee Cook is our winner.  Thanks.  Really is a win.  You scored an amazing deal and your little gal is sure to be super cute this Easter.  

Okay.  So the title is a little cheesy. But well, that's me. I am really pretty excited about being able to offer this "Egg-cellent" Easter Deal for you all to get your hands on.  

So here's what we are offering at a huge discount.  A Knot Dress made by Comfy Home Creations with matching Ruffle Pants.  I, ButterBeans&ChicPeas will be offering the coordinating Mary Janes & Stuffed Bunny Friend.  All are made in coordinating Designer Amy Butler Fabric 
Perfect for Easter & Spring.  
This is a $101 Value.  We are so excited to be able to offer this whole set just for you for at a huge discount...  $80 Shipped.  This set is being offered in the following sizes:  6-12 Months or 12-18  Months.  We will also offer a 2T set.  ***The 2T Set will NOT include the Mary Janes as they DO NOT go that big.  I will replace them with a crayon roll for your lil' gals Easter Basket.   

***At the time of  filling out the google form you will be able to pick your size.***

Here's what you have to do to enter to win the rights to purchase this set:
First off if you aren't already a "Fan" on facebook of ButterBeans&ChicPeas go be one. 
Also since I am teaming up with the ever so wonderful Erika of Comfy Home Creations you will need to be a fan of her page too!

Fill out the google form.  By filling out the google form you are agreeing that if you are the "winner" of this discount package Easter deal you will purchase the set for $80 within 24 hours of the winner being announced.

The winner will be chosen and announced on March 27th at 8PM.  If we don't hear from the winner by March 28th at 8:01PM we will be forced to choose a new winner at that time.  Thank You for understanding.  Reading all the rules & being a fan!  I hope you all LOVE what we have to offer you.
Thank You.

The First & Last?

My First Show.  I think the setup was looking pretty cute. Not too much stuff.  But enough to fill the table and shelf to the side.  I prepped for way to long for this event.  The Designers Downtown in Raleigh.  I really had high hopes for the day... I was hoping I would sell LOTSThat was not the case.  We didn't have much competition at the show which was possibly not a good thing.  Being that maybe this wasn't the place for us?  Most of the shoppers on Saturday seemed to be older woman, and they didn't have grandchildren.  Hmph.  
Business cards are in the hands of many & I did make a few sales.  That said.  I have lots of inventory built up.  Mr. L thought that meant I could have a few days off.  What was he thinking?  I have a crazy amount of custom orders.  I cannot afford to get behind.  Though I did take Sunday to relax.  And treated myself to some super unhealthy Five Guys burger & fries on Saturday night.
Hopefully this won't be my First & Last show.  Really going to search around for markets geared toward the audience my items seek.  Hopefully I find something good.  If not my online fan base will do.  For sure.
Thanks for teaming up with my Erika of Comfy Home Creations.  If we hadn't split it, it wouldn't have been worth it.  At least we got our FIRST SHOW out of the way.  On to bigger & better things?
Speaking of better things... next post will be an awesome discount for you all.  
Think Easter & Spring.  
Think Comfy Home Creations & ButterBeans&ChicPeas.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Princess Emma is Four

First thing we got up on Emmas Birthday & got ready to go to IHOP!  And we couldn't let Princess Emma go out without letting her open her wonderful gift handmade made by Cecelia of Bows By Cece... Cecelia  does the most amazing work.  I love every bow I have received from her.  Oh. Yeah & more importantly so does Emma.  Look how happy Miss Emma is wearing her new bows & matching necklace.   So Pretty. 
 After our tasty breakfast out with the Princess Emma we got back home Daddy & Emma made cupcakes.  Yes.  The princess wanted to make her own.  {You know she loves to bake!}   While they were cooling we opened presents.  

Emma got a "Silverlicious" game ... probably her favorite present next to her new "Sandbox" from Great Grandma.  Of course this sandbox was meant for a cousin of mine, she is now 18.  I don't think she would enjoy it.  Leave it to Grandma to lose and then find 14 years later a present.   Regardless Emma is most fascinated by it.  Its a little wooden box with a doll, beach chair,blanket, ball, bucket, shovel, rake, a puppy & of course SAND!  Entertainment for hours.

 Mommy & The Birthday Girl 
With Her Princess Chocolate Covered 
Strawberry Cupcakes.
  Can't believe my baby is fourBut she is.   
                                   ...And shes still my baby.


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