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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

 Top: Old Navy 3/4 Length Top with Hood. Super necessary today. Rainy. Rainy Day. I have a bright yellow tee on under & a solid blue tank both from Oakley. 
Bottom: Jeans from Khols by SOCO. Flip Flops. Finally. Some new ones. From Target.

You feeling that photo of my reflection in the door.  Yeah.  So I don't own an actual full length mirror.  It got the job done...

Of course I am linking up to The Pleated Poppy - As always. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend RePlay: The Grandover

Seriously. Fantastic. - A bit pricey - but worth it. Weekend.  The Grandover  is a superb resort.  Honestly you don't have to leave to go eat, or play.  But.  You  will pay for it.  Sitting by the pool.  Free.  A round of golf - $69.  Driving Range - $8.  Room service dinner for 5 - $35 {not bad!}  The Grandover has a game room, tennis courts, racquet ball, full service spa & a gym.   The L Family had an amazing time - and we hope to be back!  As you will see from the photos - it was alot of time spent poolside.  Mr. L hit up the golf course with an old Marine Corps friend -
{Is that not perfect for Memorial Day weekend?} hmm. 

 Would you believe Mr. L took more photos with his droid than I did on my dslr?  Honestly -  it was enjoyable -  Not being behind the camera.  Sorry Grandma.  {psst.  My Grandma is a freak about photoing everything.}

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Its always fun to do this post - I've been pretty good at keeping up with it too. If you haven't done so already, make sure you pop over to The Pleated Poppy to check out her & all the other gals outfits.   Oh and link up your own too!

Top:  ButterBeans&ChicPeas "Mom Top" 
Bottoms:  Dark Denim SOHO Flare Jeans from Khols

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

Its Giveaway Day!- Who doesn't love a good giveaway -  And better yet a mass amount of them all on one day?  Thanks to Sew Mama Sew for again, hosting this all on her page.  Alright.  Lets get to it.  This adorable Robert Kaufman Fabric is in pink & blue.  The cutest print.  The winner will receive 1/2 yd of each.  Totaling one full yard.  I will ship to the United States only.  I will pay shipping.  The winner will have 48 hour to respond via email to claim the prize.  I am using RaffleCopter to host this giveaway.  Thank You for Visiting.  Be sure to head back to Sew Mama Sew to check out all the other fab giveaways!  Go!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I am inside today, sewing & crafting away. Trying to stay on top of things & get some time to work on my summer-line. So excited about it. mhmm.

Top: Or should I say tops, plural.  Um, when did it become so awesome to layer?  White simple tank & a racerback lace tank from Forever 21.  Cardigan from Old Navy.  Its 81* outside.  I am wearing a cardigan.  True North Carolinian now.  
Bottom:  Jeans SOHO from Khols.  Old Navy Flip Flops.  From last year - I still haven't bought new flip flops for this year.  I must.   But, I do love how my toenails totally match my flip flops. Fun.


Bellanonna Boutique Review & Blog Giveaway

I was pretty excited to get this in the mail last week. Anyone who has been around the blog and or my facebook page knows that I love me some coffee.

After browsing - himing & hawing over what to get from Bellanonna Boutique I finally spotted the Coffee Scrub pop up on her facebook page one day.  Um.  Yes please.  And totally awesome Mother's Day gift too.  Win.

Here is what Samantha has to say about her Coffee Scrub:   

"Did you know when coffee is applied directly to the surface of your skin, it helps redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of cellulite? The caffeine in the scrub acts as a vascular restrictor … shrinking blood vessels, which helps to reduce varicose veins. Try a morning “pick me up” Coffee Sugar Scrub."

Samantha carries scrubs, lotions, lip balms, lip scrubs, bug spray, anti aging, {gonna need that in a few years!} and so much more... You have to stop over and check it out!  

My thoughts on Bellanonna Boutique - First of the speed of delivery was right on.  The scrub is in a plastic container perfect for keep near the shower & the scrub itself is amazing.  But honestly anything with COFFEE in it has to be.  My skin feels silky smooth after using it.  Hoping that the whole shrinking blood vessel thing is true - varicose veins run in my family.  I ended up purchasing not one but four of these coffee scrubs.  One for my Mom, Grandma, Sister & of course - Me.  Happy Mother's Day to us.  

The Giveaway
 One lucky blog follower will win 50% OFF there Bellanonna Boutique purchase.  Amazing.  Right?  And I am hosting it via rafflecopter.  Simple.  Easy. Done.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  


Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend RePlay: Mothers Day

Nothing like starting the weekend off with late baseball practice. Ugh.  - Saturday we went to the "Pet Show" at the library in town & did a little grocery shopping.  Oh.  And of course - took advantage of the last weekend of the Happy Hour at Starbucks.  Yumm-o. 

Sunday.  Mothers Day.  Cody made me coffee, with some help from Dad.  Jack made a super cute card that was more like a book for me at school.  It had a table of contents. Woah.  Emma & Cody both gave me cards too.  Later we went out to Target & Strawberry Picking.  The kids first time.  They loved it.  6 lbs of strawberries later we were home & making strawberry shortcake.  Delish.  I love strawberry shortcake.  Probably my fave dessert.  Ever.

 And we finished the weekend off with dinner out at our fave pizza place - Mama Mias were I received a pink carnation.  Aren't they sweet?  Back home to play outside - a little game of baseball in the backyard.  Fun.  Pretty fun & relaxing weekend with my favorite people. 


Friday, May 11, 2012

She Makes Porn

So my laptop is on its last leg. Its a dell. Its five years old. Ancient in the world of laptops. I have been slightly speaking of how I should get a new one. Browsing the costco ads is about my extent of saying I want a new one. Well. Apparently that is more than enough reason to stop into Best Buy. Mr. L doesn't need much of an excuse does he?

After being greeted by the door man we went straight to the laptop section.  I should of known I was just thrown into the snake pit.  Um, I mean sales area.  Seriously.  Eight sales reps on the floor.  All in the laptop section.  Usually I do my best to avoid them by having a toddler on my hip.  Today was different.  The kids were all behaving.  How dare them.  The sales men approached.  Phew.  He went to Mr. L.  He'll get rid of him.  Yeah.  Not so much.  "I am not looking actually, she is."  Pointing at me.  Thanks Mr. L.  

Sales Man: "What do you typically do with your laptop?" 

Mr. L: "Watch porn."
Me:  "Well besides that - I use it to run my entire online business."
Sales Man:  "Ok.  Well what is your business, if I may ask."
Mr. L:  "She makes porn."
Me: "I don't make porn. - I need my laptop to upload photos & network.  All day."

Exits Mr. L.  {Thanks!}  I am now stuck here with this guy who wants to sell me a $395 lenovo.  No thank you.  I had my eye on the $795 hp right next to it.  Apparently they don't make commission? 

Pretty sure the sales man now believes that I make porn.  And is it bad that I am not even slightly shocked anymore by the words that come from my husbands mouth?  Didn't even bat an eye.  Didn't even get flustered & no reddening of the face.  This is what 12 years together has done.  The sales man on the other hand.  He was a little flustered. 

That said.  I think I will get my laptop at costco. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quinoa Salad

A much asked for recipe I wanted to share with you.  This was a huge hit at the bbq we attended over the weekend.  So much so that they kept it all & requested that we bring the recipe to the next baseball game.  Of course I completely winged it.  Aren't those the best recipes?  Here is how I did it - let me know what you think! 

"Its so refreshing"


Quinoa Salad 

2 cups uncooked Quinoa                               1 cup water
1 cucumber                                                    ½ purple onion
6 mini sweet peppers                                     2 navel oranges
1 tomato {diced & seeded}                            1 canned corn
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil                 ½ lemon {zest & juice}

 1} Combine Quinoa & water in large sauce pan. Cover & Bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium for 15 minutes. Stirring occasionally to avoid sticking to pan.

2} Combine oil , drained canned corn , zest of ½ a lemon & squeezed lemon juice in sauté pan. Cook over medium until browned a little.

3} In a 10x13 dish combine corn & quinoa . Put in fridge to cool.

4} While quinoa & corn are cooling – prep the vegetables. Dice cucumber, onion, mini peppers & tomato. Peel & chop navel oranges.

5} Combine all ingredients into large serving bowl. Serve cold.



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