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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Things are moving along with the purchase/sale of our house & new home.  Today we are having the termite spot treatment taken care of & our new home is getting a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection done at some point this week.  More papers to sign.  More money to spend.  Oh joy.  Totally ready for this to be done & over with.  As for our shed, we were dicked around by this one guy & now after all this time waiting for the weather to be good to get it out of here, he emails to say he doesn't want it.  Now with 3 weeks till closing we still have a shed sitting here.  Ugh.  Working on donating it to the fire dept as a tax write off.  This might be our best option.  Assuming they can get it out of here.  Thanks Home Depot for building us a shed that is not on slats & is more than difficult to move.  Thanks for that.

Ribbed Neon Yellow Tank - Target
Grey Skirt - Hand Me Down
Aqua Sandals - Rack Room
Bow Necklace - Screaming Owl

Well time to get this day started.  Coffee.  Bus Stop. Watching Ezra for a couple hours this afternoon.  - Then baseball {weather permitting!}

Happy Wednesday!


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