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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,
How I have neglected thee.  I have had the best intentions and thought daily of you.  Have made it in my plans to sit and write all over you.  And then... nothing.  Just nothing.  I feel oh so bad.  Please forgive me.  I promise to never treat you this way again. I will attempt to write more frequently.

Here is what I have been doing -- while NOT blogging.

I got to have a wonderful tea party with this sweet little lady. :)  She was a fabulous host. We had animal cracker "soup" and raspberry green tea.  And just look at how happy she was to be hosting a tea party with her mama.

 Emma gave the pug some driving lessons. 
 I spent an entire day cleaning and organizing my "sewing studio."  It came out looking real nice & I can find the fabric I am looking for now.  Not have to rummage through boxes of folded fabric.  I also had so much space on my desk that I was actually able to lay out the fabric and cut the pattern to make these simply adorable black ruffle shoes for one of my most frequent ButterBeans&ChicPeas SHOE shoppers. :)  She has one stylish babe.

Last Saturday night Mr. L took us all out to the drive in.  We saw Alpha & Omega and the next feature was You Again.  They weren't the greatest movies... but we all had a super fun time.  Eating too salty popcorn, candy & sitting out under the stars, staying warm under the blankets.


I even seemed to find time to trim the shrubs.  Now my mums have room to grow.

 I made this super cute set for a great customer that provided me some photos of her cute lil' guy in his new boots!!  Can't wait to see him in this set.  It is so stinking cute!  Look at the appliqued tie.  Amazing.
 -- I love it.
Others must love it too!  I almost immediately was requested to make one for someone  lil' guy &  two ties for her bigger lil' guys!!  They too came out GREAT

This apple pie was the BEST apple pie I have ever made.  I used several different types of apples squeezed lemon on them and cinnamon, sugar & brown sugar.  No butter.  Eggs & milk on top to make it "brown."  We all LOVED it.
So now that I have caught up on the last two weeks. -- Hopefully I can "find" the time to blog about this last weekend... You know before the next weekend sneaks up on me!


Ron Cooper said...

I’m already following you from Relax & Surf Sunday. Wishing you & your family a great autumn! Check out my new Facebook fan page with inspiring quotes.

Victoria's Voice said...

Well if you ask me, these are all great reasons to forgo blogging for a bit. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time just being together.

I am your newest follower just relaxing and surfing on this beautiful Sunday.

I hope you are having an excellent day!


Beverly said...

Thanks Vickie. I am following your blog now too! :) Have a great night.


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