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Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend RePlay

Saturday morning Great-Grandma got set to leave after a two week stay in NC with the L Family.  I am pretty sure she enjoyed her time & that the kiddies weren't too much for her to handle while Mr. L and I were gone to Vegas.  Looks like she survived right.  (And me too!)

Later on Saturday Emma realized she was a little sad.  She was sitting out in the rocking chair and told Cody she was sad because Great-Grandma wasn't here.

They have been talking about moving "south" since I was twelve... maybe one of these days they will just up and do it already! 

After dropping Gramma off at the airport we caught up on our shopping at Costco & Aldis!  Came home and unpacked groceries.  I think we forgot to eat dinner.  (Well the kids had chicken nuggets!)  Mr. L and I ended up having tortilla chips while watching The Killers after getting the kiddies to bed.

Sunday was spent sewing, at the library checking out new books & of course getting some coffees.  Decided to do the dunkin' donuts because we had coupons.  They f'd up our order.  Seriously repeated it TWO times to them.  They repeated it back and then gave us two iced beverages anyways.  Should of stuck with McCafe.  The price without coupon still would of been less then dd with the coupon. 

With iced coffees in hand with the chilly 50 degree weather we headed into Target to shop for PANTS!  Yes.  It is COLD out there.  We have to buy our little Jack some pants.  He grew out of his from last year & Cody ruins every pair of pants he owns.  That said Jack now has 2 pairs of pants & both of the boys have new under-roonies!  Cody was sure to remember this when he got out of the shower all fresh and with a nice new hair cut!  He loves new... ANYTHING!  Even if its just underwear!

Started working on a camera strap Friday & still working out the kinks.  Think I got it this time.  No pattern & customized for a fab customer.  But.  I do now have a strap cover for my camera now.  Why I didn't have one before is beyond me.  This thing rocks.  Its minkee on the back to it is so SOFT around my neck.  And of course stylish.

I bought yet another pattern from the lovely LizardKing.  I love what she does.  Her patterns ROCK!
I am now able to make DIAPER covers for your little ones.  Yes.  They are TOO stinkin' cute.  The girly ruffle version is ridiculous how cute it is.  Can't wait to see it on a booty!  I am sure it will make it even cuter!

Hope you all had a fun fall weekend.  Next weekend I hope to get PUMPKINS.  I need to get moving.


Leila Ellice said...

Awww, Emma is sooo precious!

You have such a BEAUTIFUL family!!
LOL, Cody ruining every pair of pants, i'm thinking Jet will be doing the same thing too!

Camera STRAPS are awesome!! :)))

Teigha said...

I want to see a picture of the camera strap!!

heatherfeather022 said...

Hi Bev,
I have a free tutorial on a camera strap cover

Hayden ruins all of his pants before I can save them for Landen too!

Oh well


lighttraveler said...

I am your newest follower!
Please follow back, I would greatly appreciate it!
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Ron Cooper said...

Already following you from Relax & Surf Sunday blog hop. Want to wish you and your family a great autumn! Please feel free to stop by my blog, “Inspire!”

Mary said...

Hi there! I am visiting from Relax and Surf Sunday. You have such a cute family! That's great you got a little girl. :) There is something special about having a daughter.

And what a cute Etsy shop! You have a great talent. I do a lot of crocheting and I have debated about starting an Etst shop. I am too worried my stuff won't sell! Anyway. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Hope you have a great Sunday

Mary (new follower)

Kristin said...

Hi, Nice blog. Following from the hop.


Beverly said...

Hey to all my new fans! :) Following you all back now too! Thanks So Much!! Have a GREAT day!


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