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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday. II

 Top: Target Tank Layered with Old Navy Hooded Henley.  {I Love it}  The buttons are so cute.. yet useless. hehe.
Bottoms:  Gap Corduroys.  {Are these allowed?}  It was raining and they were comfy that day.  Socks from Target. I LOVE Argyle.
Top:  Ruffled Top from Khols Dept. Store with a 
Green Cardi from Old Navy.  {I've had it for 4 years!!}
Bottoms:  Jeans from Khols.  {SO}  With ribbed socks from where-else?  Target.  Paired with a super cute flat from Payless.  I love the plaid look & the buckles.  Amazing.
Top: Grey Racerback tank (not that you can see it) with funky designed shirt from Old Navy.  All covered up by my comfiest sweater yet.  I love the collar & big buttons.  (I can't remember the store I  bought it at.  It was at the Outlets in Smithfield.)
Bottoms:  Khaki Lounge Pants with a comfy yoga waist from 
{Twenty One.} Stripe socks from Target with my 
"go to" flats also from Target.

Tops:  Rust Orange tank from Old Navy with my new cardi from Khols.  You can't see it but the back has a lace fabric all along the shoulders.  Super Cute.  
Bottoms:  {new} Jeans from Khols {SO} brand.  Yes.  I bought a pair of pants that I already own.  But go me, they are a size 3.  (My others were a 5)  They are snug at first.  Then stretch to PERFECT after a few minutes wearing.  The amazing thing is that I am not constantly pulling my pants up {ALL DAY!!!} 
 {Cody captured a shot of me with my Vera Bradley mug.  
I even did my nails this weekend. PINK!  

  I won't lie.  I wore that outfit above (with a different tank) in the morning for a parent/teacher conference.  But later in the day it became so warm out.  Upper 80s.  Couldn't help but grab out a pair of capris & tee.

Tops: Pink Tank with built in bra from JCPenny layered with a yellow & white floral tee from Gap.
Bottoms:  Dockers Capri style pants.  Dark brown with drawstring leg.  They sorta make my leg look TOO skinny in this picture.

I was bound to skip a day?  I wore yoga pants & a comfy tee
all day until Mr.L got home and ran up to shower 
and change so we could go car shopping.

Top: Plum Purple Henley from The Gap.
Bottoms: {Sz. 5} SO Jeans.(Yep.  I am pulling them up.  All day.)
Brown socks with plum purple toe & heel from The Gap.  
{Amazing. one of my only pairs of socks not from TARGET!} 
With my ever so lovely plaid shoes from Payless. 
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stephanie said...

love it! my favorite is the first with the old navy hoodie! looks so comfy but cute at the same tim e ; )

Whimsical Creations said...

Cute!! I adore your shoes! =)

Kimberly said...

Love the sock and shoes! Feels like spring!

visiting from SayHiSunday!

Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

Those plaid shoes are too cute! I will have to check out Payless!!

I'm a new follower from the Sunday Hop - hope you will stop by & follow me too! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Aimee @


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