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Monday, October 10, 2011

And we're back...

The L family just had the most enjoyable time in the mountains of Tennessee.  Our first time there in fact.  Not only did we get to relax & enjoy each-other - but we got out into nature & did a little bit of the typical tourist stuff too!  Our first night in Gatlinburg was spent with the sweetest family I know, The Wilburns.  There girls are super polite and all our kiddies get along great.  {Makes for an amazing time!}  Always fun to meet up with The Wilburns.  Yay! 

To the left is a photo of Miss Emma  & Sara.  Aren't they just too cute?

Day One

 Within five minutes of being in Gatlinburg & out of the car to stretch our legs on a trail running along the river we saw a bear.  
"Theres a bear." says Cody all nonchalantly - sure enough there he was.  A baby in the river & as soon as we saw him he saw us and ran off into the woods.  *Phew*  I was totally not prepared to fight off a bear. 

On our third day into our vacation the rental company "upgraded" us to a new cabin in Pigeon Forge do to BUGS in the house.   Now, let me tell you the only upgrade to this home was the elevation in which it sat on the mountainside.   It was scary on that mountainside.  We much preferred our original cabin.  BUT appreciated the "upgrade" & free tickets to Ripleys Aquarium.  

 Once we were settled into the new cabin we went down to the pond and skipped rocks.   -  After a quick walk around the pond we hit the road.  Nascar Speedpark was calling someones name {and it wasn't mine!}
 The boys were all so excited for Nascar Speedpark.  Cody & Jack both got the drive the Go Karts on there own this time & Emma had her first ride in one.  There was also other rides for kids, mini golf, arcade, rock wall & indoor playarea - all included in the $12.95 each we payed to get in.  Pretty good deal, I think.  Five hours later we were back to the cabin for the night.   What a long day...
 Check out the view from our mountainside cabin... "Eagles Perch."
Day Four
Aquarium, Shopping, & the Car Museum.

 Jack & Emma got a souvenir from the aquarium - Cody decided to wait.  And boy was he glad that he did.  Actually of the the littles were.  Cody paid for a photo INSIDE the Ghostbusters car from the set.   All of them were so excited.  This is something that they will never forget.

Day Five
Forbidden Caverns -  A pretty dark & amazing place to check out.   Once was were Indians went for warmth in the winter & to cool off in the summer.  At 58* year round.  Also the place early Moonshine makers hid out & made the moonshine.  
 And then after to come out and realize it was a nice SUNNY & Warm day.  Yay.
 Letters to Santa at The Incredible Christmas Place.
 And then after a super FUN day.  ICE CREAM!  Yummm.
Day Six
 Our hike to Grotto Falls in Gatlinburg - National Park.  2 1/2 miles up & back.  The kids did really well.

 And when we got down off the mountain walking back to our car we saw this baby bear.

After our hike we went out to eat at Shoneys.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either.  Being that we hadn't ate since breakfast it did the trick! 

Shoneys was right next door to The Dixie Stampede and they had a huge display out front for fall.  Cody took this picture of the four of us. 

Day Seven {Our Last Day}

 We hit up the outlets {again!} and worked on packing up the cabin to get ready to go home.   Hot tub & S'mores.  To bed early & up early the next day to get home in time for kick off.  Yes.  I did just type that.  It is true.  We scheduled what time we left based on a football game.  Oh living in a house with boys

Six hours later... And we're back... Back to sewing... Back to work...

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Anonymous said...

Wow looks like an amazingly fun time. Love the look of the cabin. Brings back memories of my childhood at the cottage.

Anyhoo you have a new follower on GFC and networked blogs from the Blog Hop. You can follow back if you wish at

Take care have a great weekend.


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