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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Saturday The L Family went out to the NC State Fair.  We haven't gone in three years - and we might just wait another 3!  We did see farm animals & eat kettle corn.  Yumm.  We didn't get to see the pig races or the stunt show.  Why?  Because the place is so crowded you just get stuck in people traffic on the midway and cannot get to anything.  Hmmph.
Since all the little's were super bummed we didn't get to see the racing pigs - we let them all get haircuts.  Three haircuts & $33 later!
Sunday we took da pug out on the trail & did the typical library thing.  Then when we got home we gutted & carved our pumpkins!  To bed early.  Its been a long three weeks.  But they have come to an end.  Tracking back in and Momma can't wait! 

 Emma and I did a quick and fun little craft.  Check out our "pumpkins" on the table for cute fall decor.  Toilet paper.  Yes.  A roll of toilet paper wrapped in newspaper & then fabric.  Add a  stick in the tub part. And Done.  
Simple. Fun. & Oh So Fall Cute.
Hope you all had a fun fall weekend too.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't State Fairs oh so fun?!!? ---hear my sarcasm!??
I made some cute fabric pumpkins this year too! {Thanx to Eleanor Burns=Quilt in a Day lady}
Emma looks cute with her new haircut! I miss those babies!!! love, Nanna~


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