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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brag Much?

So the other night it was so nice out, I was enjoying my wine & letting the kids ride bikes!  Of course nice weather = neighborhood kids all come out of the wood work.  Ugh.  We decided that Jack would get his training wheels off {I know we are totally behind.}  He is almost 7! He was really rockin' it.  Didn't run into anything.  Well just me but I was trying to get a picture and... then... ouch!
 But back to the little hellion child from next door.  He is riding his bike & sees Jack getting his training wheels off & is all... "I have had mine off since I was 5..."  In my head I am screaming "Good for you you little shit!"  Outloud.  Nothing.  As he rides away down the road showing off.  I say to Mr. L ... "I should have said yeah, well Jack has been reading 150 page books since he was 5.  Not such hot shit now are ya?"  Ugh.

Two weekends ago we went to the library & Jack decided on Here Be Monsters a 544 page book.  I decided we could have a "Ice Cream Party" if he got it done in TWO WEEKS.  Last night he finished it.  Yes.  My 6 year old read a 544 page book in two weeks.  Brag much.  Um.  Yep!


Anonymous said...

Arianna and I just read your post. Love it! Jack is such a smart boy!
love, Nanna & Ari!

Katherine said...

Awesome!!!! It is more important to be an amazing reader than to get your training wheels off your bike early! :)

OrangeHeroMama said...

haha! i totally could have written this post! both my girls are very avid readers(starting at 3)..and both didn't ride 2 wheels till 7! (my youngest is 7 now, this will be the year!!!)


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