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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend RePlay

If you have been following my blog and know that all I ever talk about is my kiddies, pug and what trails we hit on the weekend or how many sewing projects I got done on the weekend.  This is not your average weekend replay guys.
How fortunate I have a minute to blog. I am stuck in Tampa Airport delayed with Southwest Airlines.  I have sworn by Southwest and these fuckers have fucked me hard disappointed me this whole trip. I may never travel with them again... until next time.  You know that saying we all say the morning after drinking... "I'll never drink again."  Maybe this is like that?  Well see.

Speaking of drinking.  I had my first Club experience this weekend.  I am not sure if I would do it again. -- Or I won't do that again... until I do that again.

Mr. L was so thrilled out in Las Vegas getting to see all the Olympia finalists in person.  Shake hands, take pictures the works.  He even met Jessie from Big Brother. 

If you don't know Jay Cutler, you probably know Jessie from BB.  So anyways as advertised Jay had his after party at Blush in the Wynn and of course we had to be there for Mr. L's vacation pleasure.  This was told to be his best vacation ever.  Seriously though why people stand in line to get into a room the size of my kitchen & dining room put together with people always having to touch is completely beyond me. Oh. And then pay money to do so.  Luckily we got in free with our Olympia ticket stubs and I got a free glass of champagne.  Since I do not ever drink. That was almost enough for a buzz.  Add a couple more drinks and I was seeing fuzzy.  Once Mr. L & Malcolm got pictures with The Champ, Jay Cutler we were out this piece.

-- Made it back to our own hotel, The Palazzo and enjoyed a much more relaxed and not so touching experience at a little bar in the middle of the casino with a dj playing some tunes.  Much better time then the club by the way. -- What happened from here shall not be discussed.  "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Sunday after recovering from our night in Vegas we walked seven, maybe 8 miles.  Good idea right, in the 102 degree temps?  Yeah.  Not so much, we were feeling that later.  -- Still actually my back hurts, my legs hurt, my knees ache.  Ugh.  I am such an old lady.

 We got the kiddies all the gifts we promised them.  Cody - sword & shield from Caesars Palace.  Jack -- Cards from Vegas & a "Glass" Airplane.  Emma -- a Princess Bag & Matching Pen.  Oh. And Great Gramma. -- A Vegas Mug. (Of course!)

Sunday night we went out to eat at The Lux Cafe.  I apparently was oogled by teenage boys.  But definitely ate too much pasta & chicken and then dessert because our waiter would scold us if we weren't eating every-time she walked by!  I feel a little sick just thinking about how much food I forced into my body that night.   We watched the "show" they put on outside of the Treasure Island hotel & casino and tried to get everything packed up & to bed early for our day of travel in the morning.

 What a weekend right?  Not my typical weekend.  But my weekend none the less.


Leila Ellice said...

You are soo funny!! I'm glad you sorta enjoyed your trip to Vegas, I couldn't tell with all your funny remarks..or am I reading it all wrong...

I really suck at reading people's blogs because I guess I read it as in "ooooh I had fun, sarcastically" or either "bleh it was fun" but none the less, your blog was very entertaining, and looks like FUN!! FUNN!!!! :)

Southwest, I didn't even know existed until I saw it on your facebook, and well on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, wow, I really don't get out much...

Yeah, I should stop blabbing.. but at least it was an experience you might not ever forget!! :) & I'm hoping you had fun in Vegas!

Beverly said...

Leila... I am a very sarcastic person. :) Of course we had fun in Vegas. We aren't clubbers & we don't gamble, smoke or drink... but we LOVE VEGAS! Say What? lol.


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