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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday

I met my husband at a young age and I am so proud of his decisions at the age of eighteen.  Though at the time I remember crying that he was leaving me for three months. To go through hell er, boot camp.  I by the way was the most loyal girlfriend a boyfriend could ask for.  I wrote Mr. L one letter for every single day he was in boot camp.  (And he kept them all!)

I won't say that three months flew by, but I was able to finish about a year of homeschooling because I didn't have my ear glued to a phone all damn night chatting about nothing for hours with my first (only) true love.
Seeing him. After three months. Was one of the happiest days I can remember.  I wrapped my arms around him.  He felt like bones in my arms.  (Did they feed him there?) But I knew he was mine. Again. For a few days. 

Of course after a short leave it was back to training & then it happened he received orders to be stationed in California.  Luckily I was a responsible working 15 year old.  (haha) No really. I was. And I saved all my money and paid for myself and Grandmother to fly to California to see MY MARINE!

The next 3 years... which felt like FOREVER was us seeing each other every 3 months.  I am not sure why it worked out this way. But it did. Either I was there or he got leave.  Of course during the  3 months my ear was attached to the damn phone again.  I even had an extra ringer installed on my phone for the hard of hearing... just in case I fell asleep. I didn't want to miss a single call from him. 

While he partied away got great training and grew into a MAN! I was able to finish my homeschooling completely at age seventeen.  I then became a live in nanny for my aunt and uncle.  And I waited.  Seriously I just waited for Mr. L to tell me I could be Mrs. L.  I wondered if it would happen.  But since I was 15 I knew that he was mine.

Then it happened he called me. Asked me to the Marine Corps Ball, we had been on the outs. Distance will do that to a couple.  The moment he had me back in his arms at Cherry Point, I think.  Or atleast I like to tell myself.  He knew too.  He couldn't lose me.

Three months later... (see I told you it was always 3 months) I went down for valentines day to visit again.  If he didn't know I was supposed to be his forever in November he must have now.  We went for long drives together.  Talked about me moving there.  And how we could afford (or not) me living in North Carolina with him.

March 17 2003 Mr. L made a surprise trip to Vermont to ask me. To Marry. Him. Yes. It finally came.  And I truly was surprised.  The year of 2003 Easter fell on April 20.  Which meant he had a 96.  Just enough time to have a wedding.  We were married on April 19, 2003.  (Also my birthday! Though this wasn't ever a plan of mine.) I married MY Marine. I am a Marine Wife.  For two more days he was MINE.  Then he had to return to NC without me. His bride.

As soon as housing was available I was there. Thanks Mom & Dad for all the help in the move and getting us started in our lives together.

In true military fashion we were married and started popping out kids!  That's how we do.  Did I think this day would come?

Now to the point. I am fairly certain if it wasn't for Mr. L making the decision to join the Marine Corps we wouldn't be here today.  Everyman should join the Marine Corps (or another branch!) Forces you to grow up.  But that's not a very good selling point to the young, now is it.  It's just a big party!  Like college but better.  And you get PAID.  And money for college too.  Hello.  Win - Win.  Now go join.  

Happy Birthday USMC. Ooh Rah. 

Now for the small print:  There is rough times too.  Like when your spouse is overseas for a tour that lasts 9 months, 12 months or even more.  And even worse for those who never come home.  Or come home and aren't the same. 

I am blessed to be able to say that My Marine completed his five years without having to go overseas and is still here by my side today.  I am proud of My Marine. My Husband. My Best Friend.

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Sarah wohlleb said...

Such a beautiful love story!!!! We are thankful for men like Mr. L and for wonderful wives like you! You all make the world a better place :)


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