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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Not only was it the weekend - but it was Fathers Day Weekend.  {When did I decided it was a weekend affair?} Hmm.  Well Saturday we did some random shopping & browsed for basketball hoops.  Finally at the Super Walmart we were able to find one instock & worth buying.  $260 & two car trips later we had a giant box in our driveway.  Almost 100* outside & Mr. L is ripping this thing open & getting right to work.  {For future reference - Black + Sunshine = Burning Hot.}  While Mr. L worked away in the hot sun I was in & out of the house making Sweet Potato Hummus Dip & keeping everyone hydrated.  The kiddies splashed around in the hose.  Don't ya just love some summertime fun?
Four hours later we had a usable hoop in our driveway.  Yay.  
Happy Fathers Day Mr. L.
Sunday {Fathers Day} we went to the trail for a picnic lunch.  Yumm.  One giant sub made by me, fruit & some of the sweet potato hummus dip.  Which by the way will be in the next post.  I am too lazy to go grab the recipe & get it all down for you guys.  Sorry

I also fit in time to catch up {again} on my customs.  This camera strap cover turned out great.  Feels good to have everything wrapped up.  What to do in the morning?  Hmm.  Probably just jinxed myself & will have lots of customs in my inbox when I wake up.  {One can hope?}  Bring 'em on. I {Love} Customs.

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