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Friday, May 11, 2012

She Makes Porn

So my laptop is on its last leg. Its a dell. Its five years old. Ancient in the world of laptops. I have been slightly speaking of how I should get a new one. Browsing the costco ads is about my extent of saying I want a new one. Well. Apparently that is more than enough reason to stop into Best Buy. Mr. L doesn't need much of an excuse does he?

After being greeted by the door man we went straight to the laptop section.  I should of known I was just thrown into the snake pit.  Um, I mean sales area.  Seriously.  Eight sales reps on the floor.  All in the laptop section.  Usually I do my best to avoid them by having a toddler on my hip.  Today was different.  The kids were all behaving.  How dare them.  The sales men approached.  Phew.  He went to Mr. L.  He'll get rid of him.  Yeah.  Not so much.  "I am not looking actually, she is."  Pointing at me.  Thanks Mr. L.  

Sales Man: "What do you typically do with your laptop?" 

Mr. L: "Watch porn."
Me:  "Well besides that - I use it to run my entire online business."
Sales Man:  "Ok.  Well what is your business, if I may ask."
Mr. L:  "She makes porn."
Me: "I don't make porn. - I need my laptop to upload photos & network.  All day."

Exits Mr. L.  {Thanks!}  I am now stuck here with this guy who wants to sell me a $395 lenovo.  No thank you.  I had my eye on the $795 hp right next to it.  Apparently they don't make commission? 

Pretty sure the sales man now believes that I make porn.  And is it bad that I am not even slightly shocked anymore by the words that come from my husbands mouth?  Didn't even bat an eye.  Didn't even get flustered & no reddening of the face.  This is what 12 years together has done.  The sales man on the other hand.  He was a little flustered. 

That said.  I think I will get my laptop at costco. 


Katherine said...

Oh my gosh!!! I would kill my husband!! :)

mommymaidit said...

Sounds exactly like my husband. And yes, eventually you just deny and move on. Not time to try and explain their behavior, LOL!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!!


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