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Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend RePlay: Fathers Day

Fathers Day Weekend. Somehow the whole L Family slept in on Saturday morning. It was amazing. Until. We turned on the Keurig and found it wouldn't brew. After fucking with it for over two hours & getting nowhere I contacted them. They basically told me to fuck off. Didn't attempt to say there was a FIX for it. But I can purchase the same machine for $79.99. What a fucking joke. The machine is around 2 years old. Apparently it is right on to pay $100 per year to have a machine to brew over priced coffee in. That said I am using the cheesy keurig we have owned for 3 plus years. Somehow it is still working. Pretty sure the more electronics they put in these thing the less time they work. Ok. So end that rant. Hmph. I am planning on a regular brewer. Something simple. Maybe?

After a lovely start to the weekend Mr. L dropped the package off at the post.  Yay.  So happy to have those out & on the way to Ashley Latham Photography.  13 outfits to be photographed all in one day.  It will be amazing to see them all professionally done.  Excited.  Mr. L brought home Starbucks.  Yummy.  Finished our Saturday off with Smores at the fire pit.

 Lots of baseball this weekend.  We are trying to get Cody good enough to be the team first baseman.  The team had 4 first baseman now they are down to two.  Cody is one of the two.  Yay.

Sunday, Fathers Day we went to the field again, more practice.  Shopping & Five Guys in the North Hills.  Fun day & weekend with the L Family.  - And Miss Emma was rockin' a jersey to impress her daddy on father day.  Ain't she sweet?

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