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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I have CYSTS in my breast!

My to do list is, um, huge. - With a move there comes lots of phone calls, address changes, and even though we are moving a mere 10 miles away, it involves a school change.  This morning we had a conference with Jacks teacher to check up on how amazing he is doing.  Of course.  He is above target level & he has the COGatt tests next week, monday, tuesday & wednesday.  {We close one Wednesday too!} Busy. Busy.   If Jack scores well he does the IOWA test.  From there they decide on placement for the Explorers program & next year, 4th grade begins the AG programs. Fingers crossed he gets in.  He is a child that needs these enrichment classes just to keep him interested.  Jack tends to be so smart & advanced that he gets bored rather easily.  Ok.  Enough of the mommy bragging.  After that meeting I ran back home to get all of the packages shipped.  No mail on Monday for the Labor Day holiday made for a huge back up & paypal was acting like a real tool, not allowing me to purchase labels.  All is well now.  Phew. 

- I've kept this next bit of info on the down low.  Now that I have answers I can shout it from the roof tops!  I have CYSTS in my breast!  No real info on what, if anything, to do next.  For right now I can just breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I don't have Breast Cancer.  Feel your boobies mamas.  You are never to young.  The lumps I found are HUGE & seem to have come almost overnight, I figured they were cysts, as did my doctor.  But better safe than sorry.  Now I am out $100,  but our health is priceless. Yea. Right.  Psst. That is with insurance. Awesome.

 So if you thought I had been MIA for awhile, now you know why.  I have so much on my plate, glad to take this off of it.   After the ultrasound, that confirmed everything we had a quick stop at Joanne fabric for some solid kona fabric.  - Stopped off at the school, the new school, signed the kids up, almost {have to go back with more info later!}  We did however get our track & teachers figured out.  So yay for that! 

Mr. L got things figured out for the direct tv account & time warner internet provider.  Oh and vivint, our alarm service.  Everything is scheduled to be set up so that we only have a couple day lapse without online.  4G is not so fun. 

Just a little heads up that we will be running a little slow.  Trying to wrap up all paid & current as of TODAY, Sept. 3rd orders by Friday.  All of our house will be in storage from Saturday - Saturday.  Yes.  I am going a full week without my bed.  My sewing machine.  - I am not going without my Keurig Machine.   Coffee is a must.


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