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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review {Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg} And a Giveaway too!

Early this week I was contacted by Author & Artist Jason Sandberg to do a book review. What's even more fabulous is that he has offered to giveaway a copy to not one but FIVE of my amazing readers.  Yes!  What a perfect time for it to come, little miss Emma has been home sick for three days & she read this a time or two, ahem, by herself.  Mhmm.  My little can read.  And she loves it.

Of course I read the book over myself as soon as Jason sent it over, I thought it was super cute!  A fun & entertaining read.  Emma & I snuggled in on the couch the next morning & I read it to her.  By the second or third time the line..."the first rule no biting" came up Emma was saying it right along with me.  She then proceeded to read it again two plus times later that afternoon!  Its a hit.

-Wanna know what the book is all about?  You know besides how preciously cute that front cover is?  Well here it goes.  A daddy who is overworked buys his little girl Candy everything a girl could possibly want.  But she has a neighbor who is very competitive.  {Sound familiar?  "My room is bigger than your room!  "My bike has pink on it!"  All kids do it!} And he always try's to out due her.   Candy's dad thinks he knows what she needs, a companion.  Perhaps a pet? - yes - a dinosaur!  The competitive neighbor can't compete with that.  He steals & sells that dino off to the circus!  Once he realizes how sad Candy is they set off to find Cank, the dino together.  Seems all he wanted was to get Candy's attention.  It worked.  In the end Candy finds herself with more than one companion.

The pictures are crazy cute.  The wording is easy enough that my 6 year old was able to read alone.  Perfect. We recommend that you check out Jason Sandberg's website.  He has written a few kids books we will be sure to check out.  Emma has already asked for The New Crown

Candy and the Cankersaur
Ready to win your copy?  As with all of my giveaways its easy peasy. Follow the raffle copter app below.  The copy will be in PDF form from Amazon/Kindle.  Don't have a kindle?  No problem... you can view it on the kindle app for your smart phone.  If all else fails I am sure the wonderful Jason Sandberg will send you a copy via email. Just enter! You can't win if you don't enter. Good Luck.
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jessica towsley said...

I'll read it with my lo Hayden!

Danielle Henriquez said...

I will read this to my 4 year old :)

Anonymous said...

Both my 4 & 6 yr old bitties love reading new books! Thank you for the chance. Melissa Sankey

Elle Arias said...

My baby is 4 and the littlest is almost 1!!

Stephanie P. said...

I will be reading it to my 4 year old who absolutely loves dinosaurs!


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