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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Today's just not about style and fashion. It's about warmth. It's freezing out there & we got snow last night. Doesn't look like much. But remember, I am in NC. We don't get this white stuff often. On a two hour delay this morning. And. It's our last day. Woot. Typically I would be so excited. It's winter and I can sleep in, stay inside. Be warm. Nope not this time. If you recall, I am dog walking. A neighbor asked if I could do it for a few days... turns out a few days is 23 days.  That said I've got another 11 days of taking the dogs out for a walk. Then I will feel like we are on break. Also. Hey. Mr. L is taking a week off of work. Eeek. Can't wait. Come on February 2nd.

What I am wearing... layers. I've actually got cable knit leggings on then fleece pants. Yes. I am even wearing fleece socks. I don't do cold well. I hate it.  And a pair of tall rocket dog boots. On top I am layering a thermal from Old Navy, cardigan by Old Navy and a warm sweater from target.

Time to go out in the cold. Happy Wednesday.

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