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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday {The Cats Ass}

My Grandparents traveled through and made a stop at our house for two nights over the weekend. They were able to catch one of Cody's Select games.  Knights vs Youngsville.  We totally won.  It didn't look good with a score of 7-0 but, we pulled it off in the last two innings.  Final score 8-7!  Awesome.  
We went home and celebrated with pizza dinner.  My grandma couldn't believe we had such a fabulous shopping center within walking distance of our house {not that we walked}.  We have five restaurants, grocery & pharmacy, as well as some other shoppes in the plaza.  She referred to it all as....  "the cats ass!"  Have you all heard that one?  I mean, I've heard of "the cats meow" or "the bees knees", but never  "the cats ass."  Sorry Grandma.  Well, we totally googled that shit, er, ass, and its a thing.  You guys.  It was popular in the 1920s.  My grandma isn't that old.  Now determined to make it have its comeback.

Top {Dress} by Old Navy
Cardigan by Old Navy
Skinny Dark Denim by Forever 21
Flip Flops by Old Navy
Bow Necklace by Screaming Owl
Butterfly Bracelet {Birthday Present.  Street Fair find from Grandma}
Happy Wednesday.


Victoria said...

nice bracelet!

Rebecca said...

Love that bracelet! And the cat's ass is extremely relevant today with all the grumpy cats and memes every where. Go Grandma!


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