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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday {Fox Me}

What I Wore Wednesday always makes me realizes just how fast {or how s  l    o    w} a week goes by.  This week. It's fast.  Could be our total lack of weekend.  Mr. L was out all day & night Saturday.  That means he slept all day Sunday.  We did get him up and moving for some batting practice Sunday evening. 

Wednesday. Already.  I've already got shipping done & I am working on the blog, all before 8 am.  What is wrong with me?  The sun is shining & my shirt says it all.  "Catching Some Rays"  This is like a double win for me.  {Mr. L = Ray}  Ok.  Maybe my humor is lame.  But the kids got it. :)
                                 We also found this funny this morning.   For Fox Sake. 

For Fox sake mug

Yesterday I got new flats. Target. {duh.} Then I went and spilled bleach on one of them.  Fox me. {hehe.}

Top by Old Navy.
Sweater by Target.
Jeans by SoHo for Khols.
Flats by Target.

Happy Wednesday.

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