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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Letter {2014 Edition}

Every year I make the time to get a letter out in the mail to all our family & friends. Since it has been sent & read by all I thought I would post here too!  Happy Holidays.

December 2014

Another fantastic year has flown by.  The kids are growing like weeds & I decided to do a garden this year.  We were harvesting right up into December.  Gosh, I do love the southern living.  Although, already this year we have experienced some unseasonably cool days.  We recently returned from our trip to the North East - squished as much visiting of relatives in as we could.   And of course some fun too.  The Baseball Hall of Fame being one of the spots we hit up.   You know our baseball loving family would have that on the agenda.

Cody is a fifth grader.  Can't believe we are already half way through the school year here.  Even more, I can't believe our Cody is going to be in middle school next year.  Where did the time go?  Of course he is still super into baseball.  Regular season, select, all stars...

you name it he is doing it.  Bring on the baseball life.  We love it.


Jack is excelling in school.   In the fourth grade now.   Still has a huge love for reading & all things Lego.  He is our little book worm.  He is really growing up too.  Finally gaining some inches.  Maybe, just maybe Emma won't catch up to him as soon as we thought she would.

Emma is in second grade. She is still loving our "new" school since the move.  So happy.  She recently chopped off a huge 11 inches of her hair & will be donating it to the Pantene program for children in need of wigs.   I am impressed with her love of reading & math. 

Following right along with her brothers in school.   Smart kids.


Ray & I have been keeping busy.  Working, coaching, for him not me, lots of sewing, for me not him.  My business has suffered a bit this year due to Facebook's new policies & spending the first half of this year taking care of my nephew Ezra.  We were happy to be able to help my sister & her family out.  We enjoy having them local to us.  Life is more fun growing up with cousins.   My goal for ButterBeans&ChicPeas is to get things back to a flow in 2015.  Launching new patterns & new products.  - Oh! How could I forget, we purchased an investment property this June.  So far, so good.   Great tenants & a realtor to handle it all.


We hope that your year has been fabulous & prosperous.  We wish you good health, joyful times & a very happy New Year.

Much Love,
-The L Family-



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