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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To Vacuum Or Not To Vacuum

Yesterday afternoon I pulled out the vacuum which by the way is getting heavier ( I am told by the Kirby salesman this means its getting close to time to change the bag! ugh!) then it should be & I began vacuuming through-out. I did the hard woods and then the rugs & because I had the hose attachment already on I vacuumed the pug. Guess what it he didn't like it & it made no difference in the length of time the floor stayed de-haired!
After vacuuming and then steam cleaning (with the shark steam mop! YEAH!) the floors I took Fenway out for his walk and puppy business time. As soon as he came in the door he ran in shuck his head and hair was EVERYWHERE!
I cannot keep my floors clean its shedding season. So to vacuum or not to vacuum? It feels like why bother... but I guess I will because if I don't there will be X2 tomorrow and X3 the next... Right?

A pug OUTDOOR bath is in store for this weekend. Hopefully will rid some of the winter fur he is leaving all over my house.

P.S. Thomasville Dark Espresso Hardwoods look GREAT when they are in the store or in a house that is not actually lived in. (We live in ours!!)

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