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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Wonderful Little Appliance.

The other day we bought a new rice cooker. (That kind of makes it seem like I already had one and I was replacing it. I wasn't.) I got it at my all time favorite store, Target. To which I was happy to find they offered it in red. I have always liked red for kitchen items, even though most of mine are stainless steel. Either way we got this rice cooker & we finally used it last night. Why have I not owned this for the last ... ever? I didn't know that they cooked rice so well without having to hover over it and stir and could do more then rice, we have never been big rice eaters but since Mr. L. is on a "diet" we have sorta started thinking about rice, and steaming veggies. We bought this big wok last week and a bamboo steamer for it... now I wish I had bought this rice cooker before because it actually has a little steamer built in right above where it cooks the rice. Very convenient.
One of my friends has been telling me about how much she loves her rice cooker & then Mr. L was convinced when his friend at work said it is the most used appliance in his house (which I find hard to believe!!) So when it was Mr. L's idea... we got it. Oh by the way, it was ONLY $14.99. Cannot beat that price for a wonderful little appliance that is very attractive sitting on my counter... and hopefully used often too, right? By the way, it better prove useful & I am so glad its so little & attractive on the counter because I am running out of space to put things in my cupboards. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't even keep my toaster out on the counter and until recently the can opener wasn't something to be left out either... but I seemed to be getting a large collection of spices in my cupboard and the can opener was kicked out and moved to the counter-top.

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