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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Urge To Purge

Anyone else ever get the "Urge To Purge?" (No, I am not talking about becoming bulimic or having a mad case of the flu!) I often just want to get rid of things, things I don't like, use etc. BUT! Something I have found about myself in the last well 2 or 3 years since having my own home really is, that, well I have issues. I feel the urge to purge not only when I have to many things and just flat out want to get rid of things but when I feel like I am broke financially, wish I had something I don't have, or even when I feel stressed out and mad. Now the things I get rid of are not all valueless to me or other... and probably someday soon I will wonder why I threw them out. (Like when I might realize I actually did want to brew a whole pot of coffee & not just use my Keurig machine.) Or I could have one super yard sale.
Funny thing is that I want more whether it be items or money, yet I am really throwing "it" (money) away. How is this sensible at all? I can't figure out why I do it, and I am probably not going to stop doing it either.

So please let me know that I am not alone in this crazy "dis-order" I seem to be having. Off to go purge something...

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