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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend RePlay

I missed my typical Monday post.  Why, because Monday was Labor Day so I considered it to be part of my weekend.  Why I didn't then write this on Tuesday?  I was caught up in a sewing project.  (Of course!) I made 2 pairs of pants for a customer who has twins!  How CuteTwins wearing my adorable aqua circle pants.  Who would of thought?  Well now here is it Wednesday night and I am finally getting a minute fitting it in between sewing and putting the kiddies to bed.

Saturday we went to the outlets.  Spent too much money on clothes.  Mr. L has dropped 2 pant sizes so he needed new khakis & why wouldn't we go to Ralph Lauren to get them?  The boys each got a shirt from Tommy & Emma got a cute little cardigan sweater from Tommy too.  Now we just need some Autumn like temps to wear these items.   I bought a bunch of fall decor items for outside.  Have a mentioned that I just love Autumn?

The kiddies spotted a "Merry Go Round" ride at the Outlets.  It was broken but you know they still enjoyed.

We had big plans of hitting up the town pool on Sunday morning.  But it was a bit chilly to be sitting poolside.  So we decided to take the kids out to Shelly Lake.  Or "the big trail" as they call it.  Mr. L came downstairs sporting his new white Ralph Lauren shirt and off Emma ran to get hers!  She was so proud to be matching her Daddy.

Cody is getting so grown up & he is about due for another hair cut!  His hair grows fast, just like mine.

Emma & I pose on the bench for a picture.  
(You all don't see me much do you?)

Here is a typical Jack photo.  He always does this.  Sometimes with acorns, those spikey things that fall from the trees & in this case a piece of a pine tree.

How cute are they.  We just love this trail.  Its about 2 miles and I think next time we won't even bother with the stroller.  Miss Emma walked the bulk of the trail.  (I think she wants to do what her big brothers do!)  Of course if we bring Fenway along, the stroller may will for sure come in handy He's a lazy pug!

Emma Lou With Her Walking Stick!

Monday, Labor Day.  One holiday Mr. L is actually entitled to we decided to go to the nature trail at the library.  It felt like our typical Sunday, but we didn't get to get library books.  They were closed both Sunday & Monday.  Ugh.  What book will we read tonite?  We still haven't made it to the library for new books.
Dad & Cody are getting ready for a run in this side photo.  They ran for 23 minutes.  I guess they were getting set for the Fun Run at school this Thursday 
(Oh. That's Tomorrow!)

I let Emma & Jackie Beans bring scooters and bikes!  They loved it.  We fed the fish & turtles and I even read a few pages of my book while Cody & Dad ran.  Jack did run a couple laps.  But he doesn't get the whole "pace yourself thing..."  he just RUNS!  Then he is to tired to go on.  We will see how tomorrow goes at the Fun Run.  Hopefully we can convince him to "jog." Not Run.

Wait. What. Another Picture of Me In The Same Post?

I just love these shoes.  I got them at my fave store. Target.  For only $4.

After being out in the sunshine all morning playing on the trail.  And the big men running.  Mr. L decided it was a great time to go check out the town pool.  (Oh it was the last day of the season!)  Glad we went over to check it out though.  We will be back next year for sure.  It is bigger then we thought.  Cleaner then we thought.  And for $7 for all of us, why not?

Jack even got into the water.  There are no steps & the shallow end was 2ft deep.  But he did it.  He got in and walked out to the 3ft area.
As you can tell from my butt load of pictures from this labor day weekend we had an awesome time together as a family.  I failed to photo our grilling.  We grilled and had pasta salads two nights this weekend & had ice cream floats.  Played baseball in the evenings and just enjoyed each other. 

I Love My Family.


Reagan's Mommy said...

Aww - your kids are adorable!

Victoria said...

Pa-Paw Art thought that Cody looks like a teenager in the merry-go-round photo!! He sure is growing up~ getting so tall, it looks like, by the pix of him and Dad running!!!
I love the pic. of Jackie with his pine needles! Funny, how he always does that same thing that your father did, huh?
And Little Miss Priss, look at her, she's becoming quite the model, it seems!!!! Love the pix of her!!! {Nice to see you in pix, too!! your feet look like Aunt Michelle's!!! And Em sure looks like Heidi-Ho!}

I love the laying at the lake pix!!!! Hope you're making some photos for me to frame... {Hint, hint!! I just got a little hinged 3 pix frame... I'll have to get ya the dimensions... I'm thinking wallet size...}
Looks like the town pool could have been a fun place... Too bad it was the last day!


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