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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Call Me Doctor Mom

I opened up our nightly homework folder.  My first grader Cody usually has some worksheets on the "Keep At Home" side.  This time I was sort of impressed with how colorful his pictures have become.  He doesn't usually take his time and add much detail.  He leaves that for Jack.  With Cody, everything is a giant race... even if he half-asses it gives it his best, in his book he wins!

So behind this lovely piece of artwork I find out that I am... a Doctor.  Yes.  A doctor & I am married to a cop!  When I read it out-loud Cody immediately runs off and hides.  Telling me, oh wait I forgot you don't do anything.  Gee thanks.  I liked the doctor title better.  And as for dad being a cop, well I didn't know what he did for work so I just wrote cop.   

                                    Hump.  You think his teacher now honestly believes this?

I explained to Cody that I do make them feel better, fix boo-boos & remove slivers with pins!  So I guess I am like a doctor.  You can just call me Doctor Mom.  While Dad does "police" the kids so he is like a cop. Right?

Well Jack just hit the top of his head on our overhanging sink.  Ice Stat. I am off to be Doctor Mom.
*Disclaimer:     For those who are about to call social services I have already taken care of my child back at sentence #2.  Then continued to write this after calming him & putting ice on his boo-boo.*


The Wohlleb Family said...

Dr. Mom, I like that. I just asked Judd and he said I don't know, I guess Im just the titleless maid :) Glad the boo boo is all better!

Teigha said...

That post was hilarious. I actually found myself lol at the several parts. Such a great insight to a childs frame of mind.

Little Lizard King said...

Dr. B, This is adorable! Aren't kids the best?

Little Lizard King said...

Wait, I'm working on a doctorate. If my daughter draws a picture of me as a doc, can I quit all this grad school work and bail on the dissertation? Please? Pretty please??/

Victoria said...

Well, Cody certainly got that right! He's such a smart boy! I like how you figure that Ray does "police", and you do "doctor"....
Now, what does it say that he and Jack are???

That is a great picture! {How times have changed, huh?~~~here you can keep a copy of his school paper forever! and it'll never get lost!!!}

Beverly said...

Cody & Jack are Students nana. Yes, I know, just scan and save... or photo to document and throw it away... um, I mean save it till you "lose" it. lol.
Little Lizard King. Yes! That's all it really takes! ;)
Teigha... I know. I love the way they think!

Sarah... Jack his a big lump on his noggin. I hope that he will be okay. We iced it gave him ibuprofen and read books. All better I hope!?


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