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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Princess Emma is Four

First thing we got up on Emmas Birthday & got ready to go to IHOP!  And we couldn't let Princess Emma go out without letting her open her wonderful gift handmade made by Cecelia of Bows By Cece... Cecelia  does the most amazing work.  I love every bow I have received from her.  Oh. Yeah & more importantly so does Emma.  Look how happy Miss Emma is wearing her new bows & matching necklace.   So Pretty. 
 After our tasty breakfast out with the Princess Emma we got back home Daddy & Emma made cupcakes.  Yes.  The princess wanted to make her own.  {You know she loves to bake!}   While they were cooling we opened presents.  

Emma got a "Silverlicious" game ... probably her favorite present next to her new "Sandbox" from Great Grandma.  Of course this sandbox was meant for a cousin of mine, she is now 18.  I don't think she would enjoy it.  Leave it to Grandma to lose and then find 14 years later a present.   Regardless Emma is most fascinated by it.  Its a little wooden box with a doll, beach chair,blanket, ball, bucket, shovel, rake, a puppy & of course SAND!  Entertainment for hours.

 Mommy & The Birthday Girl 
With Her Princess Chocolate Covered 
Strawberry Cupcakes.
  Can't believe my baby is fourBut she is.   
                                   ...And shes still my baby.


The Wohlleb Family said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I love that last picture!

Cecelia said...

Oh, I love the last picture too! She's just too adorable. Sounds like a great day. Gotta love Great Grandmas!

Victoria said...

I, too, was admiring that last picture! {do you stage these things? It came out sooo good!}

Where's a picture of Shawna's Sandbox? umm, I mean Emma's Sandbox! Hahaha, that's funny, G-ma did not mention that gift, when she was here!...14 yrs later...Yes, leave it to G-ma!

....oh, and you got that right, She is still your baby!!!!

Where's pix of her and her daddy making cupcakes???


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