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Monday, March 14, 2011

The First & Last?

My First Show.  I think the setup was looking pretty cute. Not too much stuff.  But enough to fill the table and shelf to the side.  I prepped for way to long for this event.  The Designers Downtown in Raleigh.  I really had high hopes for the day... I was hoping I would sell LOTSThat was not the case.  We didn't have much competition at the show which was possibly not a good thing.  Being that maybe this wasn't the place for us?  Most of the shoppers on Saturday seemed to be older woman, and they didn't have grandchildren.  Hmph.  
Business cards are in the hands of many & I did make a few sales.  That said.  I have lots of inventory built up.  Mr. L thought that meant I could have a few days off.  What was he thinking?  I have a crazy amount of custom orders.  I cannot afford to get behind.  Though I did take Sunday to relax.  And treated myself to some super unhealthy Five Guys burger & fries on Saturday night.
Hopefully this won't be my First & Last show.  Really going to search around for markets geared toward the audience my items seek.  Hopefully I find something good.  If not my online fan base will do.  For sure.
Thanks for teaming up with my Erika of Comfy Home Creations.  If we hadn't split it, it wouldn't have been worth it.  At least we got our FIRST SHOW out of the way.  On to bigger & better things?
Speaking of better things... next post will be an awesome discount for you all.  
Think Easter & Spring.  
Think Comfy Home Creations & ButterBeans&ChicPeas.


Bekki said...

So sorry to hear it didn't work out like you planned! But, don't be discouraged, you have awesome stuff. Once you find the right venue, you will do great I'm sure!

Beverly said...

Thanks Bekki! :)

Victoria said...

Yum! We love Five Guys!
Your set-up looks great, was the blue tent available or did you girls bring that?
I think you're right, that you need to do some 'research' for your next one, even if that means 'shopping' a few of the area markets and craft fairs!!! Another idea is to be sure to do some type of 'giveaway', where folks have to enter, that way, you'll add to your list of possible customers!!!

*PS: G-ma just called, all's well, G-pa's premonition didn't happen! lol!--they're just stopping in PA for the night, and yes, they've done a different route, "taking the long way home!" --they would have been almost home already, otherwise!!!
**By the way: ~osishisb~ that is my word verification for today! Thought you'd like to know! {yeah, right~}


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