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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am Crafty

Did you know that this isn't my first go at being craftyOkay.  So it may be one of those things that all moms are meant to be. Crafty.  And maybe in that aspect I am filling the shoes.  But I have always been this way.  I am Crafty.  Did my mom teach me?  Is it somehow embedded in my DNA passed through genes?  Will Emma get this Craft Gene?  

When I was a teen I used to steal  {You cannot steal FREE CD's} from stores that were offering you AOL on disk just so I could paint them.  Apply glitter & hang them from my ceiling.  I painted packing tape.  The bottom of my shoes.  I took art class.  And I loved it.  

Crafting now is something I do for my kids & you.   For my kids I am able to stay home be here for them and the way I see it, be a good mom.  Perhaps even teaching them my crafty ways.  For you I have my ButterBeans&ChicPeas business.  I love making you all these handmade, with love items.  I love reading how much you {L O V E} your items.  How everywhere you go you get compliments on your lil' ones new shirt, dress etc.  Simply amazing.  The friendships I have created through being Crafty are fabulous.  I could not ask for a better online community of ladies.  I know a lot of you are crafty mommas... is it in your DNA too?


Bekki said...

I'm convinced it's in my DNA too! Aside from crochet, I also paint! I mostly paint still life oil on canvas with fruit. You know, the classic stuff :) I learned from my grandmother who has created quite the gallery of paintings! I guess to some extent at least, it's just in my blood to create :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm a Beverley too (go by Bev or Bevie). There arenit very many of us out there :D Found your blog on the Finding New Friends Weekend Blg Hop -following you on GFC and added Blauzon Sews to my favoite shop on Etsy.

Hop you can follow me back for Buzz By Sunday at

Happy Blogging!


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