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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Last Saturday while spending long hours browsing the blogland I came across ..."What I Wore Wednesday"... on The Pleated Poppy's Blog.  Yay.  What excitement.  I am not sure why this attracted me.  Some of the clothing these ladies own are amaaazing.  From this I am realizing that I need to branch out a bit.  Try new colors.  And patterns.  Eek {That scares me!}  Patterned clothing are not hanging in my closet.  I apparently love solids. - Gap, Old Navy & Target.

That said check out what I wore this week... (since Sunday... Atleast!)

Top: Stretch Tee from Gap on top of Tank from Target
Bottoms:  Draw String Lounge pants from Old Navy  
(They didn't do my hips justice!) Glad I didn't go out!


Top:  Tank from Target  layered 
with a Beige "Favorite Tee" from Gap
Sweater from Ralph Lauren (it was a rainy day!)

Bottom:  Jeans from Gap 
Socks from Target with one of my favorite 
pairs of flats from Target! 


Top:  (My comfiest shirt ever!!!) From Target (of Course!!)
Bottoms:  Yoga Pants from Old Navy with Target Socks <3
{It was laundry day.}

Top: Cami from Old Navy layered with a Green Henley from Old Navy (Closest thing to patterns I own!)
Bottoms:  (FAVORITE JEANS), So from Khols Department Store.
Socks from Target.  I {L O V E} the color of this blue. 
With my faithful flats.  Target.

Excited for my first link up with The Pleated Poppy!  Hopefully many more to come... this may or may not make me get out of yoga pants! hehe.


Michele said...

I'm visiting from the Pleated Poppy :) I love those flower flats!

Anonymous said...

I love the flats and your striped shirt. Very cute! Becca :)

Sylvia C. Hall said...

Great pics! I have yet to try my first 'go' but i love checking out everyone else's.
Nice to meet ya!!

Megan said...

Visiting from the Poppy.
This week was my first round of WIWW too
AND those are my go-to flats as well. :)

Things Sent My Way said...

I'm following from the blog hop! Come visit me back!

Michelle @ Things Sent My Way


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