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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend RePlay

Oh long weekends how I love & hate you so. Anyone else with me on this? I think yay an extra day to the weekend, then about five minutes after the kids walk in the door from school I think oh gosh... an extra day of CRAZY. Yep. Crazy. My kids drive me crazy. I said it.

 The whole weekend was a blur - Sunday felt like second Saturday, while Monday felt like second Sunday. Now we are working on second Monday. ha.  At-least its Tuesday or AHH.  Its already Tuesday.  Thats more like how I feel.  Tonight we have our first baseball game for Cody's new fall ball team.  I am counting on a loss.  But I am hoping for a win.

 I did lots of sewing. Trying to play catch up from last weeks craziness of Emmas dental surgery on Tuesday & Mr. L's job change. We did manage to organize the bedroom to have a little nook for him to work from & we got a new printer so we can print remotely to the office. Yes. Success. Sold several big items on craigslist. We still really need to have a yard sale OR better yet just go do a mass donation and write it all off at tax time. Either way the shed has got to be cleaned out, before the holidays get here.

 Candy Corn Skirts, Totes & Large Wallets all went through my machine this weekend.  I can't believe how cute that candy corn skirt is.  The cuteness is killing me.
Saturday morning Cody & I spent a couple hours on this math project.  He is super proud of it. It has parallel roads, perpendicular roads, quadrilateral building & other polygon shaped buildings.  Hoping for a good grade on this one.  Next on my to do list with Cody is a book report.  Didn't realize third grade was so rough.  While I love teaching & creating with my kids - what are they doing at school?  Yeah.  Don't even get me started on that.  I am about to pull my kids and go for homeschool.  ha.  If I thought I could keep my sanity.  Mommy needs quiet time.

Back to the machine. Hope you had a lovely long weekend.


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