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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

The kids are back to school. Finally. Five weeks off for winter break. Ugh. But who am I kidding. It was amazing sleeping in. Especially now that the kids actually sleep in too - or fend for themselves. Whatever. So we are back. Its a little rough falling back into the routine. But I am sure it will happen. Soon.

I totally bought new pants last week, that I freakin' love - And I am not wearing them today.  Its crazy cold.  In the 20s out there.  So maybe next week I will put them on.  Eek.  They are PINK-ish!!  Come on SPRING!!!


 Cable Knit Sweater – Eddie Bauer

Slate Thermal - Old Navy
Dark Denim Jeans - Khols {SoHo}
Tall Winter Boots - Rocket Dogs

1 comment:

Franziska said...

ugh, I totally feel you on buying spring stuff and sitting in frigid weather. I just bought a new dress but with it being -5 degrees, I won't get to wear it any time soon! :(


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