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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Writers WorkShop: What made you laugh this week?

5.) What made you laugh this week? 

So, at first I totally thought it was just my mood.  Or this hat.  Or the person that had it on.  Ok.  I am on to something.  This hat was hilarious.  My husband put it on.  It is his after all - I am pretty certain I have never seen him wear it.  I wish I took a photo of him wearing it.  I have no idea why my husband owns a cowboy hat. 

 {Sorry cowboys that read my blog.  Your hats make me laugh out loud.}

I laughed so hard.  I literally cried.  Yes.  It happened.  It was bedtime, sorta late at night, so I thought, maybe I was overtired.  Surely this cowboy hat purely being on a head,  you know right where it is supposed to be, could be this funny.    

Ok - so, cut to three days later... we are driving back through some road construction and I spot a man doing his job standing around chit chatting in a freakin' cowboy hat.  I seriously burst out laughing.  Lucky for him he had no idea that I was laughing, in my little bubble known as a car.  That hat probably brings great joy to him while he wears it & I certainly don't want to take that away from him.

Photo: This hat made me laugh so hard... I cried.

Yes.  Back to this hat.  The one in the photo here.  Why does my husband own this hat?  I got the background story on it y'all.  Mr. L filled me in.   It was a must buy purchase while still in highschool at his hometown fair.  Him & a couple buddies all bought one.  He was sure to tell me, they were similar, not the same.  That makes it better how? 

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