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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend RePlay

It was such a busy week.  I got a couple Etsy orders in my ButterBeans&ChicPeas Shop (So exciting!!!!!!) & having the kiddies home all day everyday I was so ready for a relaxing weekend at home.
To which I mainly got.

Starting off with a movie night at home after pizza out at Cici's Buffet.  We watched Death at a Funeral.  Pretty sure I puked in my mouth a little when that one guy had shit on his hands & face!  Not cool.

Saturday morning Mr. L went on a parachute run.  When he got back I made some pancakes for all of us & since it was still only 8:30am we were able to hit the road early to get down to Joann fabrics to find the perfect coordinating fabric for the outfit I was intent on making for my Princess Emma.

I was unable to find anything to go with some pink fabric or any satin brown ribbon.  Off to Walmart we went.  Only to find they too were out of the satin brown ribbon.  Is this all of the sudden a popular ribbon to purchase? hmm
Mr. L took us out to lunch at Chilis were we all got fat and happy!

The rest of our day was spent catching up on dvr. Currently watching Haven, Eureka & Warehouse 13.  Syfy addict? After the kids were in bed Mr. L & I found that on Netflix's instant play now is Zombieland.  I now feel like I need to hunt down some twinkies. (Even though I think they are completely disgusting.)  And I haven't laughed so hard at the word Prospect before, still not sure why that was so funny. (Yeah. I just laughed out loud again.)

Sunday was spent at home, I mowed the lawn, Mr. L whacked the weeds and I got my sewing done.
Since we had already gotten the library out of the way early Saturday morning we really didn't have much to go out for.  Although later in the evening we did end up running out to grab some lunch meat for the week & some creamer so mommy can have coffee this week.  We picked up a rotisserie chicken & the kids couldn't get enough of it.  Delish.

I gave our lovely neighbors this...  Some Cucumbers, Banana Peppers & a bowl of Green Beans. 

And much to my surprise I opened my door to find these great goodies at my feets.

I think we have a second chance at a watermelon making it in our little family garden! Isn't it cute?

My Pug is Being... Himself.

I broke out my clogs! Woot Woot!

And I have these fuzzy things to look at out my kitchen window.

Oh!  Fabulous news!  I reached my 100 fans, actually I have gone above and beyond thanks to you all!  I have posted that I am going to have my Comment Game/Giveaway on this Tuesday, August 17th at 7PM (EST!)   Can't wait guys, I have a few ideas going around in my head.  And also thinking about a few posts that are "just pay shipping" anyone interested in that?  Looking forward to hearing what you all want to see as the TWO big giveaways!  So, if you haven't already click the like button for my facebook page to become a fan & keep informed on all the giveaways, deals & new product listings. Yes. I am hoping this brings some more sales my way.  Last week was a great week for my little ButterBeans&ChicPeas Shop.

So a successful weekend of relaxation spent mainly at home. But best of all with my family!
Now I am off to my freshly made bed to hopefully have a great nights sleep to start the week of right.

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