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Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Re Play

What a much needed weekend. Mr. L has been completely bombarded with work all week.  I am pretty sure he put almost 2,000 miles on our already high mileage "new" car!  Too bad we can afford to trade it in. Not sensible when we owe more then double what it is most likely worth.

So. Yes. This weekend was needed.  Not only for Mr. L but for all of us.  Mr. L came home one night and said he had something planned for us all to do as a family on Saturday morning.  Hello.  I hate surprises.  It's like he doesn't even know me. Aren't we married?

Saturday morning finally came.  I was not able to get out of him what he had planned.  And he wouldn't tell me what to wear.  Which came to be an issue.  Lucky for him I didn't wear jeans. 

We pulled up to a nail spa. Yes.  We are married. He does know me.  Though I still don't like surprises & I could of not been wearing shoes, but flip flops.  It was still a great surprise for little Emma & me.  The boys and Dad went off to starbucks for drinks & then to the HUGE golf store.
Emma picked out my polish color. A shiny pink.  Sat down. Had a coke. Soaked our feet. And enjoyed each-other.  Though Emma didn't know if she should look at the man rubbing her toes, the big lady who I can't believe fit in that massage chair or the nail file & buffer she was given to take home.  Everyone thought that she was just the cutest & most well behaved little thing.  Well yeah.  She is a girl.  She wants to soak her feet and be pampered. Duh.

After waiting a super long time to make sure those toenails were dry (Because remember this was a surprise & I wasn't wearing flip flops.) Did I mention I don't like surprises? we were off to our next destination. Emma was as happy as could be in the back seat with her freshly painted pink toe nails & the boys with belly's full of chocolate milk.   At-last we were there.  Adventure Landing.  Mini Golf & Arcade Games.  Daddy knows his kiddies well. 

They were all so excited & I don't think I heard the typical complaining.  "Ugh."  "It's to hot out."  "I am thirsty."  This is either because we are learning as parents & thought to bring waters for each of them.  Maybe because they are getting older.  Or simply because they were so happy to be out of the house & golfing they forgot to complain.

After all that fun.  We were starving.  Time for lunch at Moms favorite.  Hibachi Grill.  Everyone loves a buffet.  Something for everyone.  All the kids ate good.  Emma even had "pink fish" with her mac & cheese, pizza & fruit. 

What a fun day Mr. L.  You are such a great Daddy and Husband.  We LOVE You.

Sunday was our typical library day.  New books for all the kiddies & me returning a couple of those books I should of known better then to get in the first place with the kids tracked out for 3 weeks.
We grilled steaks. Had them with rice & asparagus. Delish.  I did some sewing.  Created these sweet little loafers & these perfect for Autumn Boots for boys or girls. How great are they.  Seriously they are so cute.

Cleaned the bedrooms upstairs Sunday night. Bath-time.  Teeth.  Nails clipped,  fresh smelling kiddies.  Stories from our new library books & off to bed.  Back to school in the morning.  Track back in.

Time to Relax. On the couch with my sleeping pug putting one arm to sleep & a plate of Doritos with melted cheese by the other. How unhealthy of me.  Trust me its been a long time since I have touched a Dorito.

This week I have new fabric on the way & an order for two pairs of  my ruffle pants.  Things have been picking up in my Etsy shop.  Last Tuesdays Giveaway was so much fun.  Thank You all who participated and congrats to the winners.  Hope you all like your items.  For those who have purchased something if you get the chance can you please leave me a review on the "review" tab on my ButterBeans&ChicPeas Facebook Page? Thanks.  And thanks to those of you who already have.

Well what a fun weekend Mr. L planned.  A great way to wrap up our 3 weeks off.  Now back to reality. School & Work.  This means a "vacation" for me & Emma. Hopefully lots of sewing & reading.  


Little Lizard King said...

I'm so glad you were spoiled this weekend. Like you, I hate surprises.

The baby boots and booties are adorable, and your ruffle pants are lovely!

Beverly said...

I love your ruffle pant pattern so much. Emma wears hers all the time! :) They are great. I need to make her more in different fabrics for this autumn.

Surprises. Ick! lol.

Mrs. Southern said...

Thank you SO much for finding me over on my blog even though I goofed on the SS Facebook week ha ha!! ;o). I have tried to find your e-mail and cannot, so I will leave this comment: I am in LOVE with EVERYTHING on your Etsy shop!!! What GREAT stuff!!! I would absolutely love to provide a product review and host a giveaway for you on my blog!! I am currently in the process of restructuring it to be focused on giveaways for babies (& moms too)!! :o) And I would LOVE to feature you!! Please let me know if you are interested!! I have no doubt, people will flock to your site to scope out all of your cute items!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

~ Marlessa Southern
(Southern Reflections)

Beverly said...

We will for sure have to discuss this! :) Sorry for no Email on the blog... guess I should think about adding one of those. My Email is
Thanks so much for the kind words on my creations.
Have a great day!


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